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Up and Running with its First Print Release

I have uploaded and proofed Autumn in a Dying City, the book suppressed by Amazon, but amazingly being sold by Amazon as a kindle simultaneous to the print version being banned, through an alternative Print On Demand publisher.

If Amazon does stop suppression of the title I will withdraw the print title from their catalogue. Once they stick it to a book like this I'm not letting them have it back.

For as long as Amazon lets the title stay up as a Kindle you may have it here:

Letters from the Last Whiteman in Baltimore Kindle Edition

Living in America’s most violent city offers lessons for the future for those portions of the U.S. which have not yet fallen to the will of its masters. James LaFond is an unrepentant jerk who lives as poor white trash in the worst possible example of where urban modernity is headed.

Do you want a guide, or will you just wing it?

Otherwise, you may send $24 to me by check or money order for the print version.

To get my mailing address email me at

Thanks for your support.

Fuck the thought police.


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BobNovember 21, 2017 8:37 PM UTC

I tried, unsuccessfully, to buy "The Logic of Steel" - Kindle version - on Amazon as a gift for a friend. Wouldn't allow me.
PRNovember 20, 2017 10:04 PM UTC

You need to find a guy to just rig up a shopping cart system and sell your books directly through this site also. You'd have to take care of shipping which might suck. Monetize your platform like CAptain Capitalism does: sell ad space.
responds:November 21, 2017 1:35 PM UTC

Thanks for the tips.

The POD platforms do the shipping. I just have to include that in the cost, basically 4 bucks a book for single sales.

Now, if we monetized the site, we'd have a problem, namely that I would never go to it, which would make posting problematical.