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Hey, as you're heading towards retirement, I'd like to thank you so much for your writings. I'm a skinny mf ( 5'7.5" and about 140 lbs) who works security in a nice white area down South, and your teaching makes my life a lot easier. I hope you don't end up homeless in your elder years, as your skills would make you good money in a just world.

Your work put me into just how crazy a dystopian future could be in America. It's like the wild west out there in Bmore and getting worse every day! I couldn't make it out there and I don't think most people could. That $hit is insane.

So, as a token of appreciation, here is my two cents:

I know several people (2 young ladies, both black) from there who fled. One went to Texas and married. One went to Alabama, and her family (black middle class) moved to the county. You should follow that idea and get out of there now. As great a goldmine of dystopian writing as it is. You won't be able to defend yourself forever, and as lawlessness spreads and cops get capped in broad daylight, it will become a killzone, with no safety anywhere.

Maryland is shit about gun laws. The south is a much better region. I personally am free to carry my stuff at all times with my permit down here. Lots of fun owners, much safer, lots of good strong rednecks and non pussified whites, and respectable black folks too.

There are other ethnic groups too, and they are slowly growing. But for the most part (there are ghettos but navigating these down here would be cake to you, as you could own guns and use them in self defense), it's pretty safe. Also the cost of living is low and jobs are reasonably plentiful. You could scrape by pretty good, as churches and shelters would help you get established.

I understand your ties to the area, but do you REALLY want to live your twilight years a broken down old fart at the mercy of a bunch of savages with no respect for their elders?

Whatever you do, be safe man. I know this ain't much, but if you want, I'll do a month of research on helping you move down here and get a decent start. I have worked with at least one older black man who moved down from Chicago to reset his life. It's never too late. If you are interested, email me and I'll give more details. Hell, I'd buy you a bus ticket too, if you wanted.

I would hate to see your stories life end on a low note, big brother. I'll send a prayer up for you.

Much love and respect,


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