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Last Whiteman in Baltimore?
Is This a Valid Subtitle for a Book about Violence in Baltimore?

My son recently researched the "suppression" of Autumn in a Dying City, consulted others who had had their books suppressed and informed me that Amazon's guidelines covered copyright infringement in the text [and my quotes were cited] and misleading statements on the cover, for which he said, "The Last Whiteman in Baltimore" was an obvious candidate, being patently and objectively a false statement.

First I informed him that this line was an attempt at humor, referencing another blogger, whose name I forget, who wrote in 2015 something to the effect of, "Would the last white man in Baltimore please turn out the lights."

This is problematical in the sense that humor is steadily being legislated and crowd-hated out of public discourse.

However, there is another aspect to this subtitle, in that I do believe that I might be the last Whiteman in Baltimore, and, like a marooned sailor on the seas of hate, would be thrilled to have my message in a bottle returned by a guy likewise stuck on this desert island. As Glenn checked on the sweet potato casserole he was baking he looked at me with that countenance that bespoke a fear that Dad, might have just stepped off the deep end of night.

I intentionally used the single-word form of the expression white man by spelling it Whiteman. This is even accepted by Word as a correct spelling. When one uses the Term Whiteman or Blackman or Redman he is saying that he is, first and foremost, defined by his race. This term is also used to designate the entire race as a singular entity.

In the world of ideas swimming between my ears I have never wished to be defined as Whiteman, but rather Man, or Fighter or Writer.

Below are four reasons why I am willing to stand behind and debate my assertion that I am the last Whiteman in Baltimore.

Taxonomy of a Whiteman

1. Public Discourse

Due to the fact that I am the only Caucasian male in Baltimore City who has publically and truthfully spoken, ON THE RECORD concerning the very real and accurate fact that for the length of 2015, 2016, and now 2017, the primary aggression dynamic in and around Baltimore is race-based black-on-white violence, this singular assertion may be regarded as accurate.

2. Private Experience

I have been preyed upon, as a working class pedestrian, in Baltimore City, for the past 35 years, primarily based on my racial designation.

Cops have harassed me 27 times now, 19 of these based solely on the fact that I was a white pedestrian, poorly dressed and afoot in majority black areas, which marks me in their pig minds as a drug currency operative.

Young black men have attacked me well over 100 times on a purely racial basis, as easer black targets, old women, children and such, were at hand and could have been more successfully threatened, robbed, beaten or killed than I. This is an observable objective truth concerning a subjective predation framework.

Young white man in automobiles have, over a dozen times, threatened or attacked me when easier black, Asian and Latino targets were available in the vicinity.

Those who hunt me define me as white.

For me to disagree with them and impose my own view on their action, of which I am a mere subject, is to distort reality.

3. Private Discourse

Every single time I have been in a supervisory position in a work environment or boxing gym, I have heard myself being referred to by blacks present, whether fighters, spectators, customers or employees or coworkers as "the white man," with a negative tone rarely employed, rather in the way of a simple labeling.

With the exception of very few older men who stay quietly to themselves [such as Big Ron's father] all of the white people I know in Baltimore will take offense to being described first and foremost as a whietman. By the way, Whiteman is accepted by word and whiteman is not. This word does not work as a compound unless it is capitalized. Seeing yourself as a non-racial person in a setting where people are attacked based primarily on racial selection, is clear delusion.

I have recently been sited as a racist by friends, neighbors and coworkers of color based solely on my unwillingness to apologize for being white, to apologize for police-on-black violence [as if pig activity is for my benefit] and my unwillingness to cover up the race of my attacker. Since I have been attacked over 35 years, mostly based on my race, I know that the race of my attacker is key in understanding the nature of said aggression.

My roommate, Sensei Steve, who has spent 30 years teaching a Japanese art to whites and blacks, believes that he is a karate man who happens to be white, not that he is a Whiteman who is practicing a Japanese art.

Recently, in my son's Baltimore County neighborhood, which is 80% white, the very neighborhood I was raised in as a boy, a group of 100% black youths destroyed the cars of the residents. When interviewed by the news teams, white residents expressed disbelief that such a senseless crime, with no motive, might be committed by people from another neighborhood. Nowhere, does a single person behind or in front of the cameras, point out that the middleclass black youth, who destroyed cars in a majority white area, live in a majority black area [Northwood & Hillendale] where the streets are lined with cars of roughly the same value. In seeking to understand aggression at this level, particularly mob aggression, which is less cerebral and more emotional, the most important question to ask was why these youth chose to expend additional effort to access a white target population, when they could have expended much less effort targeting blacks, by walking a mere mile instead of two miles?

Was it because these black youth hate whites?

Was it because the media has consistently portrayed whites as doing evil to blacks in fiction and nonfiction and that a sense of retribution is in play?

Might the choice to attack whites rather than blacks have something to do with the universal and deeply held conviction among black folk in Baltimore—whom I know better than any other white person I know of other than Big Ron—that blacks are likely to fight back and retaliate and scream the n-word as they counter attack and that whites are likely to, cry, whine, complain, wring their hands and say, "I have no idea what could have motivated this terrible attack?"

In the wake of the 9-11 airline hijackings, one black comedian joked that if black folks had been on those planes the terrorists would have been beaten to death, and the audience laughed, an indication of their agreement.

Or might the cause for systemic black-on-white violence, as well as the dedicated efforts of media and government to obscure the facts that black-on-white violence is between 5 and 40 times more common than white-on-black violence across the country [depending on the crime, with interracial handgun crimes standing at 40-to-1 as of 2013] reflect a confluence of factors. Might media hype, racial hatred and the perceived and actual softness of white citizens converge in the aggressor's mind to drive him to attack whites over blacks? [1]

While nationwide interracial violence between blacks on whites seems to be about 8-1 black-on-white, my own local study has placed this at 40-to-1 black on white, with my personal experience varying from this over certain periods, but usually lower at about 16-to-1, though recently in Baltimore County it has been driven down to around 10-to-1. [2]

This is suggested by the fact that over twice as many killings by police are of white men and not black men, yet we believe the opposite to be true.

4. Free Expression

It is funny! Come on, I would not have used this if not for the chuckle that came to my throat when Mescaline Franklin quoted some other blogger making a humorous statement, that was none-the-less metaphysically true.

If anyone could cite the passage by the blogger Mescaline was quoting, I would be thrilled and honored.


According to some, most notably Vox Day, in a race war your skin is your uniform [I disagree] and according to the statistics below [2] what we have in Baltimore is a one-sided, black-on-white race war. If your skin is your uniform, and the other white men in Baltimore have taken steps, such as avoiding or denying the racial dynamic in public discourse, than I do declare, that though I may not be the last Whiteman in Baltimore, I'm the only cracker in uniform, which makes me the Last Whiteman Standing


1. "This table can be used for a number of interesting calculations. First, we find that during the 2012/2013 period, blacks committed an average of 560,600 violent crimes against whites, whereas whites committed only 99,403 such crimes against blacks. This means blacks were the attackers in 84.9 percent of the violent crimes involving blacks and whites. This figure is consistent with reports from 2008, the last year DOJ released similar statistics. Perhaps not coincidentally, that was the year Mr. Obama was elected president."

2. In my book Rubbing Out Palefaces, on pages 343-349 is a raw breakdown of 37 aggressions against this writer from April 2015 through August 2017.

Of these 37 aggressions, all in white majority areas of Baltimore City and Baltimore county, the aggressors were as follows:

White: 1 or 2.7%

Police: 2 or 5.4%

Canine: 2 or 5.4%

Asian: 0

Latino: 0

Eskimo: 0

Amish: 0

Basque: 0

Berber: 0

!kung: 0

Australian Aborigine: 0

Native American: 0

Pacific Islander: 0

Jewish: 0

Feline: 0

Avian: 0

Crocodilian: 0 Thank God!

Amphibian: 0

Herbivore: 0

Oh, Yes, Black: 32 or 89.5%

My information develop in 2016 placed the overall ratios of violence against all races interviewed in just over 100 incidents at 38-1 by blacks. I forget which Harm City book that information is in. Of course, your risk is very much colored by your race. This is an interactive process, hence the study above, of my unsuccessful quest to be targeted for violence by Amish criminals, is the most accurate for a white man on foot.

Black Friday Baltimore Bonus:

Rubbing Out Palefaces

Moral Minority Survival at the End of Caucasian Time Paperback

Alienation Nation: Surviving Cultural Free Fall

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BobNovember 27, 2017 2:27 AM UTC

@ Shep:

I don't know, with a P/E of over 300 there's a whiff of tulip in the air.
Mescaline FranklinNovember 24, 2017 4:59 PM UTC

Tattoo, scribble or carve that line into your arm:

"Spreading a set of monolithic truths is creepy, but until imprisonment and other state threats come to back the corporate threats PC thought expression, it is just an attempt to buy us off."
responds:November 24, 2017 5:05 PM UTC

In that case, make sure you put "of" in between "threats" and "PC."
ShepNovember 24, 2017 3:47 PM UTC

Powerful essay, James.

As Amazon becomes more and more the Only Corporation, this censorship of thoughts and words becomes either 1. frightening, or 2. antagonizing, depending upon one's attitude.

All these non-mighty whities are conscientious objectors. "They may not be interested in war, but war is very interested in them."
responds:November 24, 2017 4:41 PM UTC

Thanks, Shep

I am of the opinion that this private corporate censorship will only limit income for dissidents, which is not a blow to me, and has actually encouraged me to start another, more meaningful life.

Spreading a set of monolithic truths is creepy, but until imprisonment and other state threats come to back the corporate threats PC thought expression, it is just an attempt to buy us off.