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To the Hinterlands
By the Butthole Surfer

Stefan Molyneux interviews Simon Roche of the Suidlander organization. He notes - as I did after reading Days of the Upright about persecution of Protestants in France - that the Boer is an amalgamation of Dutch Calvnists, later French Huguenot Calvinists fleeing France after the repeal of the edict of Nantes, and German Lutherans escaping the 30 years war. The Boers occupied mostly empty land populated with Khoi-San [1] people who are not related to black Africans. The Boers eventually had to flee the British Empire into the Hinterlands and are again having to flee the destruction of their country by an alliance of the USA and other Western powers and the ANC. This suggests a way forward - the edge of empire is the forge of peoples. It's better to take your chances in marginal, undesirable land than it is to fight it out with an Empire. The Picti were similar in this regard. They went from living in cracks in the Earth outside the grasp of Roman legions to organizing the laws of electromagnetics (Maxwell's equations) in the 19th century.


1. Black Africans, predominantly Bantus in Southern Africa, had, over the previous 2,000 years, driven these cappoid peoples and their cousins to extinction. These physically unique, non-negroid humans ruled most of Africa for 40 to 70,000 years and were only driven from their hunting grounds by black tribes after Malaysian navigators introduced iron working and yam cultivation between 500 B.C. and 500 A.D., via Madagascar.


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