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What if the Eagles had Lost?
By Fred Beare and PC Nakedness by American Psycho

This is a good article which raises the question: what would the diverse, vibrant Eagle’s fans have done if their stupid team had lost the Stupid Bowel, sorry Super Bowl:

“…celebration quickly turned into pandemonium, as fans — or, more accurately, rioters — began to tear things up, start fires, break windows and generally bring chaos to the city of Brotherly Love. Light poles were torn down; cars were ‘accosted.’ People were injured — among them, a police officer. Fights broke out.

One idiot jumped off into a crowd believing he was going to be caught; he wasn’t.

…An awning at a Ritz-Carlton hotel collapsed under the weight of a dozen people who climbed atop it. Windows at Macy’s and a T-Mobile store were smashed. Even the gates at City Hall were breached; one group of people even brought a keg of beer with them.

There was additional looting at multiple convenience stores, and unconfirmed reports of two police horses being stolen (but then recovered).

And yet, amazingly, only three people were arrested.”

Well, it is not amazing, for the police are primarily only interested in arresting whites, for hate crimes. Anyway, the above article raises the good question of, what would the savages have done if their tribal team had lost? Easy: rioting on a grander scale. And, a complete collapse of the economy, with no social welfare, will plunge us back not to the 1900s, but to 10,0000 BC, with the drinking of blood from freshly severed heads. It’s a reasonable extrapolation from the data, especially when the water is turned off, and shit floods into the street, greater than even San Fanny:

PC Nakedness

By American Psycho

Everybody’s favorite madman, American Psycho was excited to see:

Who would not get erect seeing sports girls with politically correct writing all over their #MeToo bodies? Hell, it is such a great idea that when no-one is looking in the asylum, I might burn the same into my long suffering skin, just for something to pass the time.

Might as well, there will never be a wall, and I dread what the Latino owners of the asylum will do with the likes of me:

Turd America

Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization

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