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Rusty And The Crackpot Discuss Da Poleese On Rusty Vignettes
Posted in Blog on Jan 18, 2021 — 229 reads
The Crackpot Offers A Dozen Worm-Holes Into The Collective Souls Past
Posted in Histories on Jan 12, 2021 — 356 reads, 2 comments
A Wide-Ranging Historical Discussion With An Audio-Historian
Posted in Histories on Jan 12, 2021 — 328 reads
The Crackpot Will Be On A History Podcast Soon
Posted in Histories on Jan 6, 2021 — 295 reads
How Can A Listener Get Invited Onto The Crackpot Podcast?
Posted in Blog on Dec 16, 2020 — 376 reads, 1 comment
It Cannot Exist: Crackpot Podcast 085
Posted in Modern Combat on Nov 3, 2020 — 365 reads, 3 comments
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