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~ Modern Agonistics ~
MAY/03/23  Joliet Agonistics  Forming A New Experimental Training Group
JAN/09/23  60 Years Fled On Planet Meathead  Training For My Final Fights On May 20, At Man Wee...
NOV/18/22  Call Of The Wile  Man Weekend Pre-Invitations For 2023: 6/15/2022
NOV/17/22  Post Fight Roster & Awards  Man Weekend 2022: 6/13/2022
NOV/16/22  Dancing With The Brick Mouse  Man Weekend 2022: 6/10-11/2022
NOV/15/22  Masculine Brutalistics  Man Weekend 2022: 6/11/2022
NOV/14/22  Masculine Kinetics  Man Weekend 2022: 6/11/2022
NOV/11/22  Masculine Logistics  Man Weekend 2022: 6/10-12/2022
NOV/10/22  Boxing With Paul Bingham  Man Weekend 2022: 6/11/2022
NOV/09/22  Meeting Andrew Edwards  Man Weekend 2022: 6/10/2022
NOV/08/22  Jersey Moon  Man Weekend 2022: 6/10/2022
NOV/07/22  Riding With Mescaline Franklin  Man Weekend 2022: 6/15/2022
NOV/04/22  Paletopia  East Tennessee: June 10, 2022
SEP/22/22  Man Weekend 2023  Video Highlights And A Message From The Man Weeken...
JUN/30/22  'Warshington'  The Great Man Discussed By A Gutter Gnome
JUN/24/22  Andrew Edwards Interviews The Crackpot  Warhorse Podcast #31: An Affair Of Honor Part Two
APR/09/22  An Affair Of Honor  An Invitation Only Agonistics Meet In June 2022
MAR/24/22  Prepping Portland Joe  Yeti Waters Relief Society HQ: 12/11/21
JAN/10/22  'Do You Still Coach?'  Bradley Is Wondering About Crackpot Combat Trainin...
NOV/16/21  Bob Or A Bag?  JW Cues The Crackpot On Free-standing Striking App...
MAY/08/21  Kali?  CB MacCull Asks The Crackpot About Knife Fighting ...
MAR/17/21  'I Want To Start A Stick Fighting Club'  Baruch Queries The Crackpot On Starting A Stick Fi...
MAR/16/21  The Five Kinds Of Combat Pain  Jason Wonders At The Winter Of A Fighting Life And...
NOV/09/20  ‘The Buckler’  Non-Elastic Mister Ney Wants To Know How To Use Th...
JUN/20/20  Synonymous America  Urban Survival Training In An Eastern Synonymous S...
APR/14/20  ‘Point Deception'  Electric Dan Is Curious About Stick-Fighting With ...
APR/07/20  ‘Two-On-One Stick’  Electric Dan Wants To Know About The Practicality ...
MAR/10/20  Welcome To The Wheelhouse  Practical Defense Video 6
MAR/05/20  Loco Lobo  The Toughest Man I Knew
MAR/05/20  The Knee-Brace  Crackpot Podcast #76
MAR/01/20  How Not To Get Hit  Dennis Documenting Crackpot Combatives
MAR/01/20  How To Make A Snake  Dennis And James Discuss The Training Snake
JAN/01/20  A Shilleagh For Christmas  Crackpot Mailbox: Mars Ultor And Escaped From Balt...
OCT/27/19  'Putting In The Work'  Man Weekend 2019 Stick Fights
SEP/28/19  Twerps, Goons And Meatshields Videos  An Evolution Of Freestyle Stick-Fighting And Blunt...
SEP/09/19  Man Weekend 2019  Highlights From Lancaster Agonistics
SEP/06/19  'To Spawn As Many Of My Kind As I Can'  Crackpot Mailbox: MRT And James Discuss Anarcho-Tr...
MAY/06/19  ‘Would You Guide A Group Of Young Men?’  Crackpot Mailbox: ‘In An Introduction To Com...
OCT/10/18  Does Altitude Training Work?  Comparing Stamina Before And After 3 Months Of Alp...
SEP/29/18  ‘Tomahawk Chop’  Viking Vs Erique Axe Knife Man Weekend 2018
SEP/28/18  Paladin Vs Erique  Steel Duel Man Weekend 2018
SEP/25/18  Paladin Versus Viking  A Modern Agonistics Blunt Steel Duel
JUL/20/18  Practice Slow, Learn Quick  Three Videos On Minimal Contact Coach Sparring Wit...
JUL/14/18  Heavy Fencing  Notes On Slow Sparring With Overweight Weapons
JUN/30/18  Long Stick  Notes On Sparring With Heavy 30 To 36 Inch Sticks
JUN/18/18  Greetings Gentlemen  Sean And James On This Year’s Man Weekend
JUN/12/18  A Masculine Missive  Notes On Re-Forging A Half-Worn Soul
JUN/12/18  James LaFond Final Stick Fight  By Lancaster Agonistics
FEB/24/18  Devil & The Good Sons  T-Ball Bat Training: As An Exercise And A Weapon
OCT/17/17  Horizontal Heritage  Employing Cultural Appropriation As A Masculine Vi...
OCT/05/17  Man Weekend 2017  Footage Of Our July Meet In Out Of Service, PA
OCT/04/17  'Gentlemen?'  Nero The Pict Versus The Khan
SEP/24/17  Training With James LaFond  Modern Agonistics: Boxing, Knife Fighting, Machete...
JUL/24/17  Combative Appropriation  Among The Men Of The Hanged God, Out Of Service, P...
JUL/17/17  Training Heavy Extension Weapons  A Crucifix Post Video
JUL/14/17  The Umbrella Block  Modern Agonistics Training Video
JUL/12/17  Training Like A Gladiator  Notes On A Modern Version Of The Palus
MAY/19/17  'Funny Stories, Vicious Fights'  A Modern Agonistics Q&A With Lynn Lockhart
MAY/05/17  Lancaster Agonistics  Training In Southern Pennsylvania With Sean Glass
MAY/05/17  Goon Surfing  A Time And Measure Drill With Focus Mitts, Not Pun...
MAY/05/17  Block-Head Jab Drill  Learning How To Deal With The KO Puncher In Your B...
MAY/05/17  ‘Why You Don’t Lead With A Power Jab’  A Video Primer On The Jab
MAY/05/17  What Knuckles Do You Punch With?  An Introduction To The Use Of The Fist
MAY/05/17  ‘Football With A Stick’  The Roof Block Drill: Training To Defend Against T...
MAY/05/17  Punishing Foe-Meat  Dehumanizing The Antagonist In A Primal Way, With ...
MAY/05/17  Shanking Aryas  A Demonstration Of Primitive Single-Edged Knife Us...
MAY/05/17  The Spear Drill  Defending Against The Knife Stab With No Weapon: A...
MAY/05/17  Defending Against The Twerp  Realistic Size Relationships Between Antagonists
MAY/05/17  ‘The Meat Of Your Hand’  An Extension Weapon Review For Jeremy Bentham
MAY/05/17  Keeping The Savages At Bay  A Briefing On Weapon Retention
MAY/05/17  Beneath The Stairway To Heaven  Sam Jay’s Training Video: An Instructional O...
MAY/05/17  For Ishmael  Demonstrating Rocky Mountain Black Hawthorn Crafte...
MAY/05/17  Cane Them!  Some Old Fat Guy Who Looks Like He Just Rolled Out...
APR/04/17  Interview With A Literary Vampire  Oliver From The Beat Catches James Training Behind...
JAN/05/17  ‘No Dues, Rituals, Traditions Or Barriers’  Modern Agonistics Kindle Edition
OCT/10/16  Thank You, Jim  The End Of My Coaching Road
OCT/08/16  Man Weekend 2016  Erique, Nick, Sean And James Stick-Fighting In The...
SEP/14/16  ‘Everybody And Their Sister’  A Man Question From Rick Wayne On Selecting A Comb...
AUG/31/16  ‘Charles Versus Lonely Dog?’  A Man Question From Sean About Matching Stick-Figh...
AUG/18/16  With The Dondus  Sparring On The Net-Removed Basketball Court: 8/11...
AUG/01/16  The Range Ladder  Developing Adaptable Time And Measure For Hand-to-...
JUL/16/16  Stoking The Fighter's Fire  Notes On Coach-Sparring
JUN/30/16  Agonistics Update  Baltimore Training Schedule As Of July, 2016
MAY/23/16  ‘The Gangster Shot’  Handling Firearms In Halifax, PA 5/21/16
MAY/23/16  Fighting In The Rain  My Last Stick Fight, Halifax, PA, 5/21/2016
MAY/12/16  ‘Getting On Board’  A Modern Agonistics Fighter Is Writing For An MMA ...
MAY/11/16  Calling Out The Black Jamaican Nazi  A Man Weekend, 2016 Challenge: What About That Ami...
MAY/11/16  Planting Twerps  Calling Out Cory For Man Weekend 2016
MAY/11/16  Calling Out The Afro-Cherokee Viking  A Man Weekend, 2016 Challenge: Erique, Three Round...
MAY/10/16  Peter Pan With A Tazer  Man Weekend 2016: An Open Challenge To Members Of ...
APR/11/16  Agon 2016  Saturday, 4/16 & Sunday, 4/17: 12-1 Each Day
APR/03/16  Seeking Time And Measure  Knife Practice 20 March, 2016
APR/01/16  A Prayer For Ray  Down But Not Out
MAR/16/16  ‘Private Agon’  Saturday, April 16, 2016, 12-1 P.m.
MAR/09/16  ‘What Say You Men?’  The Lancaster Agonistics Man Weekend
FEB/21/16  Going Out On My Shield  Modern Agonistics Fighters Asked To Fight At An Ap...
FEB/19/16  'Practice Slow, Learn Quick’  Combination Sparring
FEB/19/16  Working With A Sparring Partner  Stick Boxing & Uneven Double Stick
FEB/19/16  Navigating The Combat Space  Stick Basics #4 Footwork Steps & Drills
FEB/19/16  Dominating And Vacating The Combat Space  Adapting FMA Counts To Solo Training: Stick Basics...
FEB/18/16  Being A Factor In The Combat Space  Stick Fighting Basics #2 Stroke Fundamentals
FEB/17/16  ‘When The Spartans Checked Out’  Stick Basics #1 Forearm Conditioning Exercises
DEC/18/15  Winter Training, 2015-16  Agonistics And Boxing Update
NOV/08/15  Agonistics: Sunday, 11/22/15, Noon Until 3 P.m.  Boxing, Stick-Fighting And Knife-fighting Drills A...
JUL/23/15  The Beat Down  Cory’s Farewell Agon: Sunday, August 16, 201...
JUL/11/15  Wear A Cup When Stick Fighting!  Charles & James Fight It Out For Gabriel's Leg...
JUL/11/15  Weaponry Footwork Study  Attention Sean, Dave, Alex And Kolya: Four Differe...
JUL/06/15  Dull Steel Knife Duels  Damien And James Attempt To Recreate Roman Scissor...
JUN/30/15  Stick Fighting Terminology  Basic Body Mechanics
JUN/29/15  Fresh Meat Alert! [Confirmations]  Sean's Agon: Tuesday, July 14, 2015, 11:00 A.M., A...
JUN/23/15  Double Blade Versus Blade & Shield  Damien Using Low-line Kicks Versus James From A Se...
JUN/16/15  Erique's Agon Recap  A Contact Record
JUN/14/15  Stick-fighting Footwork Notes  A Stick Work Discussion With Dave
JUN/12/15  Erique's Agon  Sunday, June 14, 1:30-2 P.m., Jim Frederick's Kenp...
JUN/07/15  Stick Takedowns  Two Single Stick Fights That Went To The Ground
JUN/05/15  The Supinated Thrust  Breaking Rhythm In A Machete Duel
MAY/28/15  The Lateral Head Stroke  The Mechanics Of Scoring The Stick-fighting Master...
APR/30/15  Agon 2015  Hosted By Pat & Lou Pierce, 6/14/15, At A Park...
APR/08/15  Dueling With The Cold Steel Gladius  James And Cory Experiment With The Synthetic Blunt...
APR/05/15  Modern Agonistics  Just In Print From DarkEyedGirl Books
APR/02/15  Bag Work  Building Stick Stroke Mechanics: Answering A Video...
MAR/29/15  Footwear & Melee Tactics  A Vintage Machete Duel Between Kestle & LaFond
JAN/30/15  Combat For Men  Empty Hand And Armed Training
NOV/25/14  Roof Block Clinic  Sunday, November 30, 2014, 1:00 P.m. Jim Frederick...
SEP/16/14  Fighting For Dom’s Helmet  Modern Agonistics Event Update
AUG/02/14  ‘Sci-fi Male Solipsism’  Beauties In Beast Mode: Why Are So Many Men Applau...
JUL/27/14  ‘Always Existing By Nature’  The Wars Of The Ancient Greeks By Victor Davis Han...
JUL/18/14  Shadowboxing For Bare Knuckle  A Man Question From Brooklyn Shane
JUL/17/14  Worshipping In The Temple Of Ouch  Achieving Self-evolution Through Combat
JUL/06/14  At The Gates Of Inebriation  A Combat Confessional
JUN/17/14  ‘And Your Mongrel Children Too!’  A Race-mixing Road Trip
JUN/17/14  The Strip  Notes On The Fighter’s Subconscious Eye
JUN/12/14  Staying Fight Fit Past Terminal  Notes On Fight Conditioning Past Fifty Without Hea...
MAY/19/14  Alpha Brawl #1 Video  5/18/14: Charles Versus James
MAY/18/14  Not Training For A Fight?  Why It Happens
MAY/15/14  Gabriel’s Belt #1  The First Modern Agonistics Alpha Brawl
MAY/06/14  Sympathy For The Goon  Combat Arts Pitfalls For The Big Man
MAY/02/14  Team Inebriation Versus Team Sober  An Agonistics Anonymous Update
APR/29/14  Charles Versus James  A Modern Agonistics Challenge
APR/27/14  The Shanking Video  Saturday April 19th 2014
APR/16/14  Slash & Thrust  An Agonistics Guide To Round-Robin Scoring With Bl...
APR/15/14  Ghetto She-beast Versus Boxer-babe  A Real Boxing Self-defense Story From Harm City, M...
MAR/14/14  ‘Something Precious’  A Modern Munera For A Recently Passed Martial Arts...
FEB/24/14  The Shanking  A Blade-based Agon
FEB/20/14  Lightsaber Arnis  FMA Wand Strikes Examined
FEB/15/14  Strong Side Roof Blocks  Set One: The Snake & The Fan
JAN/02/14  Not Breaking Your Hand  The First Step To Surviving A Stick-fight
JAN/02/14  Submission Combat  Baltimore Area Training Schedule As Of 1/5/14
DEC/20/13  2014 Event Schedule  Modern Agonistics Submission Combat Meets
DEC/16/13  Backyard Valhalla  The Worst Combat Idea Since The French Knights Dec...
DEC/11/13  Shanking Svetlana  A Minimal Gear Contact Progression
DEC/08/13  The Sneaky Right  Tony Cygan Training For A Comeback
NOV/04/13  The Straight Eight Diamond  An Agonistics Knife Application Drill
NOV/04/13  The Straight Eight Triangle  An Agonistics Knife Application Drill
OCT/31/13  Stabbing Erique  An Addendum To Winter Of A Fighting Life
Submission Combat Training  Fist Stick Blade
The Sharkee Solution  Handicapping Knife Sparring & Competition
Lana: Evolution #1  Adapting Agonistics Principles For The Female Defe...
The Straight Eight  The 8 Most Effective Knife Strokes
The Crooked Seven  The 7 Most Effective Stick Strokes With Economy Of...
Essential Stick & Blade Seminar  Saturday, November 9, 2013, 2-4 PM
Gabriel's Agon  Saturday, November 2, 2013: 2-4 PM
Combat Drills For Submission Stick Conditioning  Footwork, Coordination, Power & Stamina
Submission Combat Stroke Counts  Six FMA Counts & The Modern Agonistics Count
Breaking The Combat Relaxation Barrier  Five Stick Sparring Methods Adapted From Boxing
FMA & Submission Combat Training  Baltimore Sessions As Of July 6 2013
The Master Without A Mask  A Case Study In Reality-based Esoteric Application...
The Dog Brother  A Case Study In Parochial Miscommunication
Cultivating Contact FMA In The Age Of MMA  A Report For A Baltimore Area JKD Instructor
Training With The Author  For Men Only: Effective May, 31 2015
Cold Steel Kukri Challenge  Five Blunt Machete Duels Scheduled For Agon 2013
Stick & Dagger  Kinetic Photo Diary #1: Late March 2013
Agon 2013 Brief  Specific Procedures For Our May 25th Meet
World Bais Tres Manos Seminar  Jon Bais Instructing
Headgear Brief  Keeping Your Head In Weapon Sparring And Competiti...
Modern Fighter  A Contact Weaponry Video Archive
FMA With Sifu Tom Clark  A Hybrid Jeet Kune Do Oriented Filipino Weaponry C...
Agon 2013  Modern Agonistics Challenge Meet
Gladiatorial Combat Sets  Modern Agonistics Contact Weaponry Selections
American/FMA Combat Sets  Modern Agonistics Contact Weaponry Selections
Kenpo Edged-Weapon Combatives 2013: Control  Countermeasures By Jim Frederick, Behavior & S...
Gear Behaving Badly #1  Notes On Using Fencing Masks With Wooden Blunts
The Agonistics Code  A Modern Code Duello
The Lateral Redondo  Bag Drill For Stick-fighting
The Brutal Salsa  Bag Drill For Stick-fighting
Developing Two And Three Step Weapon Drills  Integrating Strokes And Footwork For Combat
A Freestyle Stick Pipedream  A 2009 Report For PickYourFight Promotions
An FMA Gathering  Bais Tres Manos With Jun Paliangayan: 10/6/2012
Bridging From Weapon To Empty Hand  Tips On Contact Weaponry Evolutions
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