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Gladiators In Print
A Bibliography Of Contemporary Print Resources
What 300 Meatheads Did For Us
Paul Cartledge On Thermopylae
The Blonde Huns
The Desert Of Wheat By Zane Grey
The Language Of Empire
The Professor And The Madman By Simon Winchester
The War That Killed Achilles By Caroline Alexander
Sinking The Atlantis Myth
Lost Continents By L.Sprague De Camp
The Slaves That Conquered A World
Nelson's Trafalgar By Roy Adkins: Stillbirth Of A Nation: End Notes
A Sci-fi Classic From 1971
To Our Scattered Bodies Go By Philip Jose Farmer
Surviving Bad Parents With Grace
The Glass Castle By Jeanette Walls
A Hungarian, A Texan, And Alexander The Great?
Swords Of The Hills By Robert E. Howard
Someone Has Got Our Horses
Research Reflections & Book Review
The Spawn Of Big-Headed Yakub
Research Notes & Book Review
Book Review
Slavery In Maryland, 1838
Frederick Douglas, An American Slave, Appendix 10
A Question Of Mind
The Terminal Experiment By Robert J. Sawyer
Fiction Reviews
Blurbs From Readers
Seriously, Another Apocalypse?
Marketing Doom: A Ph. D. On The Hysteria Prowl
Dictatress Of The World
Studying Imperial Hubris With Michael Scheuer
Blood & Thunder
Mark Finn On Robert E. Howard
J. Christoph Amberger On The Sword
The Best Book Yet On Western Martial Arts
Into The Mind's Eye Of Mythic Hellas
Gene Wolfe's Novels Of Ancient Greece
The Boxing Bookshelf #1
Jake Shannon's Rare Boxing Compilation
Survivor Guilt
Of The Literary Kind
John Warry & Jeff Burn On Ancient Combat
The Indispensable Sourcebook On Greco-Roman Warfare
Slovomir Rawicz, The Long Walk
The True Story Of A Trek To Freedom
Alice B. Sheldon
The Woman Who Was James Tiptree, Junior
400 Years Of Insanity
Paul Kirchner: Dueling With The Sword And Pistol
The Sale Of Pricilla Loosefoot
Half Broke Horses: A Biographical Novel By Jeannette Walls, 2016 Update For America In Chains
The Sleaziest Shipwreck
The Wreck Of The Medusa By Jonathan Miles
The Last Headbangers By Kevin Cook
The Insane Evolution Of America's Football Craze
The Classic Shipwreck
Caliban's Shore By Stephen Taylor
At The War Geek Round Table
Refighting The Pacific War With Jim Bresnahan
The Dead White Dude Who Saved My Mind
J. B. Bury At The Turn Of Two Lost Centuries
A Brief Definition Of American Royalty
Bank Of America: Too Crooked To Fail By Matt Taibbi
The Boxing Bookshelf #2
Billy Edwards' Art Of Boxing
Nobody Else Can Save You
On The Highway To Hell With An Invisible Urban Evangelist
Uncle Sam As A Redneck
The Story Of Our Army: WWII Children's Propaganda
The Man Who Ate Captain Cook's Big Toe
Typee: By Herman Melville
Stairway Of Integrity
Up From Slavery By Booker T. Washington: Appendix 11
2,500 Years Of Murderous Masterminds
Ancient World Commanders By Angus Konstam
An Ocean Of Lost Worlds
The Discovery Of Mankind By David Abulafia
On Safari With A Boy Named Ford
Voodoo Fire In Haiti By Richard A. Loederer
Thirsty Work
Machete Season By Jean Hatzfeld
Into The Mountains Of Madness
Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton By Edward Rice
The Original Rock Stars
The First Poets By Michael Schmidt
Our Pound Of Flesh
Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man By John Perkins
The Man Who Hated Jack Johnson
Gentleman Jim Corbett By Patrick Myler
'Reading Transports Me'
The Guards, A Novel By Ken Bruen
'When God Died He Left Madonna In Charge'
No Man's Land By Jack Donovan
My Darling Donkey Boy
Our Little Egyptian Cousin By Blanche McManus
Who's For Dinner?
Flesh And Blood By Reay Tannahill
American Prophet
The Iron Heel By Jack London
The Boxing Book Shelf #3
Baltimore's Boxing Legacy By Thomas Scharf
Fear, Horror, Hate & Guilt
On Killing By Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman
On The Ocean
The Extraordinary Voyage Of Pytheas The Greek By Barry Cunliffe
Despite A World Of Ironic-detachment
Leonardo By Serge Bramly & The World Of Leonardo By Robert Wallace
Knowing Their Place: A Honcho On Their Bent Back
Born In Blood And Fire By John Charles Chasteen: Appendix 12
...And Something Else
Hunger By V. J. Waks
Worse Than You Can Imagine
No Fear? By J. T. C.
As The Shadows Close In
Black Ajax By George MacDonald Fraser
Overflowing The Cup Of Wrath
The Rising Tide Of Color By Lothrop Stoddard
The Key Of Heaven And Hell
The Book Of The Sword By Richard F. Burton
Looking Glass By VJ Waks
ComicCon Chicago: 8/8-11/2013 & GENCON INDY: 8/15-19/2013
Beyond The Garden Of Ishtar
Gilgamesh: A New English Version By Stephen Mitchell, For The Man Wary Of Emasculation
The Smiling Face Of The Fist Of Power
The Handbook Of Human Ownership: A Manual For New Tax Farmers By Stefan Molyneux
Demonic Ted Nugent Meth-heads With Guns
Crossed By Garth Ennis And Jacen Burrows
Tattoo Rick The Novelist
The Plates By Rick Catalano
A Conspiracy Of Kind
An Author-to-Author Discussion With VJ Waks
The Sarissa's Song
The Virtues Of War By Steven Pressfield
Man Is Born Unto Trouble
Bad Bob! By J.T.C.
A Road With No Signposts
Solomon Kane: The Castle Of The Devil By Scott Allie
From The Pit
Solomon Kane: Death's Black Riders By Scott Allie
Thrown To The Dogs
Hernando De Soto By David Ewing Duncan
Captains Among The Ghosts
Translations From The Chinese By Arthur Waley
White Coral Eyes
If They Could Only Talk By Hannah Bloch
Once That Minimum Is Achieved
1984: A Novel By George Orwell
A Nefarious Rabbit Named Joey
Buzz Bunny Reader Feedback From Akira
Blood And Salt
When Asia Was The World By Stewart Gordon
'You Think Men Are Mean, Just Wait!'
Akira On Organa And The Author's Writing Essays
The Individual School Of Two Swords
The Book Of Five Spheres By Miyamoto Musashi
Against The Green Book
The Abolition Of Man By C.S. Lewis
Against The Tribe
An Untitled Story By Robert E. Howard
The Lady And The Grunt
Her's & His' Reviews With VJ Waks
'On A Placid Island Of Ignorance'
The Call Of Cthulhu By H.P. Lovecraft
The Devil Dresses Like A Fried Chicken Salesman
Wassup? & It's A Deal By J.T.C.
Surfing The Apocalypse In A Wheelchair
Miracles For The Damned By Simon Clark
Beyond The Thieves Pole
The Weight Of The Dead By Brian Hodge
From A Prodigious Coach Driven By Hunger
Looking Back By Edward Bellamy
Under Nine Gods
Lays Of Ancient Rome By T. B. Macaulay
Amid Hymns Of Hate
The Renaissance By Will Durant
Where Could They Go?
Conan: Queen Of The Black Coast From Dark Horse
Where Has The Reader Gone?
Results Of An Interview With A Maryland Librarian
Keep On Truckin’
The Sissy, Last Rites, Why Should I? And Room 301 By J.T.C.!
A Letter From Planet Estrogen
James Is Judged By A Female Reader
We Live In The Future
Viking: The Long Cold Fire By Ivan Brandon & Nic Klein
Strawberries Four Times Bigger And Better
Savage Kingdom By Benjamin Woolley:Appendix 13
That Gaijin Mojo
Shinku By Ron Marz And Lee Moder
‘Drums, Cannon And Human Misery’
Napoleoon Bonaparte By Alan Schom
‘Society As Mutual Masturbation'
The Policeman Is Your Friend And Other Lies By Ned Beaumont
'Down The Grim And Bloody Eons'
The Shadow Kingdom By Robert E. Howard
‘The First Sketch Of The Real God’
That Hideous Strength By C. S. Lewis
Without A Shudder Of Horror
The Revolt Of The Masses By Jose Ortega Y Gasset

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A systematic investigation of the origins of boxing; a biomechanical index of boxing methods; an exploration of sacral prizefighting in Babylon; the methods of the stick-fighting boxers of Egypt; and the secrets of the mysterious boxer kings of Crete. 120 pages, 47 illustrations, 7.8-MB download.
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