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AUG/21/23 Stocking The Hate Locker
Negro 1/23 Triggers Crackpot Thoughts On Prime Crime In 2023: 1/31/2023
FEB/13/23 Priests Of The Lie
A Documentary Exercise In Maintaining The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: 9/4/2022
FEB/10/23 ‘We Are Sold’
Modern Media Reflections Of A Great Deception: Utah, 8/16/2022
MAY/16/22 'Making Reading Cool Again'
The Arkham Podcast #1 - Dave Martel Of The Bizarchives
FEB/14/22 Crux Cross Periscope
Movie Review Postscript
DEC/12/21 'Escape Velocity'
Crux Cross Reviews A Cop Flick And Summons The Crackpot's Pig Stick
SEP/14/21 'I Got Babies Too'
Richard Jewell And Barney Fife Versus Deontay Wilder In Reparations Recovery Bushwhacking
AUG/23/21 Way Of The Gat
Hobo Survival Training Videos
AUG/22/21 The 702 Bridge And Wotanathonics
And Other Discussions With Brian Jewell And Mister Grey
AUG/08/21 Brian's Jewell's
The Crackpot And The Intervening Fist Sifu Brian Jewell On Video
JUN/13/21 Wellness Weeport
Mister Grey, The Brick Mouse, Viking Age Barbarian, Mescaline Franklin, Don Quotays, B Sirius, Richard Barret And More
MAY/21/21 Muva Urff
Notes On The Moral Paradigm Grift With Don Quotays, Mister Grey And Guailo Girl
MAY/10/21 Super Zeroes
Devil Dick Cues The Cracked Pottery On Submissive Postmodern Savior Mythology
MAY/03/21 'To Manipulate The Masses'
The Century Of The Self - Part 1: "Happiness Machines"
APR/24/21 Advice For A Young Man
J J Daring Cues The Crackpot On A Misogyny Talk He Gave When Drunk In February 2018
APR/14/21 Forts Versus Houses
Architecture Of King Phillip's War
APR/09/21 Paramour Of The Quean
Juan Stabone Cues The Crackpot On A Big Bantu Throwdown
APR/03/21 Jives With Tribes
Pelegrin And The Crackpot Discuss The Movie Dances With Wolves
MAR/27/21 Of Battle Fury
News Of An MMA Stud Being Fought To A Draw By A Scrawny Tweaker Baffles Meathead Gods
MAR/26/21 Stalked In Baltimore
The Hunted Crackpot Video Archived On Rumble
MAR/07/21 Goon Down!
Two Small Wrestlers Drum Two Large Football Players
MAR/07/21 Another Dude Who Might End Up In A Trashcan
A Brief Uncaring Crackpot Search For The Ice Age Farmer
FEB/22/21 ‘A Homeless Drifter’
Yeti Waters And The Crackpot Discuss Rambo
JAN/15/21 The Western Hero In Film
The Crackpot Talks Eastwood And Wayne With Rusty On Rusty Vignettes
JAN/10/21 ‘A Frustrated White Man’
Richard Jewell, The Movie By Clint Eastwood
DEC/17/20 ‘Thoroughly Scrubbed’
Yasuke: Story Of The African Samurai In Japan
DEC/17/20 ‘Stalking The Mass Mind’
The Human Mind As A Battlespace
DEC/16/20 ‘A Therapeutic Society’
American Ajax: Victor Davis Hansen On Patton And Savior Generals
DEC/14/20 The Three Servile Wars
Why Do Modern People Reject Ancient Slavery?
NOV/26/20 ‘An Exotic Status Symbol’
Peter The Great’s Chocolate Drop
OCT/03/20 ‘A Gateway’
Brain Muraresku And Graham Hancock On The Joe Rogan Experience # 1543
SEP/24/20 My You Tube Boss Just Got Mugged
Not To Worry—She's Cute...
SEP/21/20 ‘The Expected One’
Khartoum, Starring Charlton Heston:1966
SEP/10/20 ‘Catch Weight Sense’
SEP/08/20 The Middle Sea
Notes On Encrypting Truth In A Gas Lit World: Impressions Of Victor Davis Hansen’s Lectures
SEP/01/20 Bashed And Gashed
Profiles In Kinetic Inclusion, Conservative Delusion And Gash Intrusion
AUG/24/20 ‘Big Jim’
Daniel Boone And The Opening Of The American West By Kent Masterson Brown: 2 Part Documentary, 2014-15
JUL/17/20 Michael Tracey Reporting
Duncan Walnut Breaking Down An Independent Report For The Crackpot And The Editrix From July 4
JUL/16/20 Eustace Mullins
The Crackpot Meets His Grandfather?
MAR/16/20 ‘The Gloves Are Off’
Valor Bare Knuckle (VBK1) - Mighty Mo Vs Mark "The Hands Of" Godbeer HEAVYWEIGHT TOURNAMENT FINAL
MAR/05/20 Rating Fights
From Adam’s Bear Pit Birthday Bash In The Old Dominion: Part 2
FEB/23/20 The Pace Of Navigation
Adam's 35th Birthday Bear Pit (Part 1)
FEB/23/20 Ivory On Ebony Crime
Some Technical Thoughts On Wilder-Fury Two
FEB/18/20 Strawberry Milkshakes
The Confession Killer, The Hoax Of Henry Lee Lucas
JAN/30/20 ‘My Mother’
Impressions Of The Movie Joker Starring Joaquin Phoenix 2019
JAN/26/20 Greater Mexico?
Crackpot Mailbox: Lynn Lockhart Queries The Crackpot
DEC/26/19 ‘The Crucible'
Crackpot Mailbox: Big Ron’s Fight Pick #1: Gatti Vs Ward 1
NOV/26/19 Holding Back The Horde
Crackpot Mailbox: InTheseGoingsDown On Bitchute
NOV/21/19 ‘Words Of Respect’
How Brother Took Vengeance For His Brother
OCT/28/19 ‘An Unfair Fight’
More Media Lies Even As They Report The Truth
OCT/27/19 'Putting In The Work'
Man Weekend 2019 Stick Fights
OCT/20/19 'Distrust The Innocuous Appearance'
Crackpot Mailbox: A Reader With Intact Instincts Wants To Know About The Travel Wrench
OCT/18/19 ‘One Creature At A Time’
Ode To A British American
OCT/14/19 ‘How They Cook The Books’
OCT/11/19 Video Play Testing
Jakob And James Present Aspects Of The Feudal Estates Card Game
SEP/22/19 'The Private Sector'
Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail
SEP/17/19 ‘Nobody Have Control On Them’
SEP/15/19 'An Old Soul'
Was Robert E. Howard Right About Racial Memory Too?
SEP/14/19 Pedestrian Good Samaritan
Useful Tool For Checking Tire Pressure With James LaFond
AUG/31/19 ‘The Dark Side Of Archeology’
New Evidence Of Early Man Suppressed
AUG/30/19 'A New Brand'
Serial Killers And The American Tradition (Myth20c - Ep110)
AUG/25/19 The Tipping Point
Colin Flaherty Does Not Know It, But Just Documented The Fort Sumpter Of The Comming Race War
AUG/13/19 'Til Judgement Day And After'
The Charm Of Harm City With InTheseGoings Down
JUL/03/19 James On The Rebel Yell Podcast
And Identity Dixie Goes Down Under Word Press Oppression
JUL/03/19 Why Students Should Rape Teachers
A Talk In A Manhattan Park With My Friend Pat Dixon
JUN/25/19 ‘Drive Off The Sheep, Keep The Goats’
The Last Hard Men, 1976, James Coburn And Charlton Heston
JUN/15/19 ‘To Hurt People’
Thoughts On Viewing The Confessions Of Iraq And Afghan Veterans Who Killed
JUN/12/19 'That Fixed Position'
Self-Reliance: Can Preppers Really Feed Themselves? – The Modern Survivalist
JUN/09/19 ‘Soldier’s Heart’
Battle Fatigue - Did It Affect Soldiers In The Ancient World? By Lindy Beige
MAY/23/19 ‘In Their House’
Inside A Lost African Tribe Still Living In India Today | Short Film Showcase
MAR/19/19 American Road Show
Some Thoughts On The First-Person Shooter Future: Part 2 Of 2
MAR/19/19 Puppy Piles Of Peace
Some Thoughts On The First-Person Shooter Future: Part 1 Of 2
MAR/14/19 The Beleaguered Hero
Exercises In Narrative Authority In Epic Poetry And Film
MAR/14/19 Disempowered
Three Video Reviews From October
MAR/09/19 The Sacred, And The Therapeutic
Crackpot Mailbox: On Peterson From Teutonic Fist, James And Riley
FEB/16/19 ‘This Absurdity’
The Duelist By Ridley Scott, With Harvey Keitel And Keith Carradine
FEB/13/19 In Our Absence
Notes On The Millennia-Long War On African And European Distinction
JAN/03/19 ‘Renegade’
The Man From The Alamo Starring Glenn Ford
DEC/30/18 The Trickster Deity
Crackpot Mailbox: A Post-Modern Myth Versus The Early Modern Truth
DEC/27/18 ‘The Darkest Mind’
A Wrinkle In Time Starring The Mother Of America
DEC/15/18 Last Movie On The Right
Crackpot Mailbox: CC And James Discuss Sicario
DEC/14/18 ‘To Usurp The Transcendent’
My Favorite Academic Egghead Deconstructs The Postmodern Macrostate
DEC/11/18 Eating Cheap On The Overton Railroad
Enter The Dollar Tree: With Ghetto Gourmet James LaFond
DEC/03/18 ‘This Is The Future’
Sicario With Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin And Benecio Del Toro, 2014
NOV/26/18 ‘A White Man’
Young Mister Lincoln And Guns Along The Mohawk By John Ford With Henry Fonda
NOV/25/18 ‘Yes, Mum’
Bodyguard, A Netflix BBC Series
OCT/28/18 Anti-Man Movies
The Khan Picks His Top Ten Most-Loathed Cuck Flicks
OCT/24/18 'Thinkers And Watchers'
Crackpot Mailbox: Irish Snake Charmer Has A Heroic Podcast Find
OCT/20/18 ‘Agreeable People Don’t Make Much Money’
Joe Rogan Experience #1006 - Jordan Peterson & Bret Weinstein
OCT/17/18 The Shame And The Terror
A Reading From The Psalms
OCT/17/18 The Aztec Factor
The Mexican Mormon War (Drug Cartels Vs. Mormons Full Length) Vice
OCT/16/18 High-T Low-IQ Machete Duel
How To Combat The The High Commitment Vertical Slash
OCT/15/18 ‘My Son’
Cardboard Gangsters A Netflix Selection
OCT/07/18 'Sunday, Sunday! Sunday!!'
Banjo's Natural Folk Remedies For What Ails Ya'
OCT/07/18 ‘Twenty Dollars’
The Magnificent Seven, 1960
OCT/04/18 ‘Wolf’s Oil’
Hold The Dark By Jeremy Saulnier
OCT/01/18 ‘To Make Sense Of This Pattern’
Why Do I Keep Clashing With Authority Figures? By Andy Nowicki
SEP/15/18 Postmodern Sorcery
Achieving Dissident Ascent: In The Box 4
SEP/08/18 'To The Ropes'
Michael Dokes Vs Randal Randy Tex Cobb Tough FIGHT
SEP/08/18 'The Plantation Club'
Sheriff Buford Pusser: What Really Happened?
AUG/11/18 At The End Of Aryan Time
Sam Finlay And James Discuss A 1970s Update On The Classic Caucasian Hero
JUL/08/18 ‘Their High Culture’
FINALLY: DNA Results Of The Paracas Elongated Skulls Of Peru
JUL/07/18 ‘A Group Of Radical Survivalists’
Musings On Media Arrogance
JUL/07/18 ‘Our Bone And Blood’
The Last Kingdom, A Pay TV Miniseries
JUL/03/18 ‘Call A Amblance’
Badd Ass With Johnny Trejo
JUN/30/18 The Tartan Tornado
JohnPaul Barber Wants An Assessment
JUN/21/18 ‘No Human Element’
A Survivor’s Guide To Prison, Notes & Impressions From The 2017 Documentary
MAY/13/18 ‘Mirror Of Our World’
Penny Dreadful, A Victorian Horror TV Series
APR/21/18 ‘Freak’
Jessica Jones A Marvel-Netflix TV Comic Series
APR/19/18 ‘A Nigga Like Me’
Drug Inc. As Urban Comedy
MAR/15/18 ‘One More Quart’
Viewing Two Comedies From 1933
MAR/01/18 ‘What You Got, Whitey’
Muhammad Ali Gets Knocked Down By Chuck Wepner
FEB/24/18 Devil & The Good Sons
T-Ball Bat Training: As An Exercise And A Weapon
FEB/18/18 Refuting PC Archaeology
By William Rapier
FEB/13/18 ‘A Historic Cover Up’
Red Ice Radio - Michael Hoffman - Hour 1 - The Untold History Of The Enslavement Of Whites In Early
FEB/06/18 European Military PR Videos
Reviewed By Teutonic Fist
FEB/04/18 ‘Moving Toward The Sounds Of Chaos’
Lobo Jarhead Comments On The Morphology Of Military Recruitment
FEB/01/18 ‘For Those 5 Minutes I’m Yours’
Drive The 2011 Movie With Ryan Gosling
JAN/26/18 ‘I Am Darkness’
Gray State By Erik Nelson

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