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JUL/19/24 Hardback Projections 2024
Conclusions And Outtakes From The Annual Editor/Crackpot Virtual Meeting: 1/10/24
JUN/28/24 Dear Knuckleheads
A Stick & Blade Sparring Tour: An Open Letter
JUN/10/24 Cozy Mount Scott
The Metaphysical Igloo Office Of A Kept Hoodrat, Portland, Oregon: 11/5/23
MAY/31/24 Baltimore By Day
Offline From 5/31/24 Thru 9/5/24
APR/24/24 Shrouds Of Aryаs Available
Inquiries Into The Trajectory Of War Band Culture
APR/24/24 Plantation America 2024
Three Volumes Of Un-Veiled American History
APR/08/24 Pain And Writing
Pondering The Last Sustainable Work Of A Slavish Life: 8/20/23
APR/05/24 ‘Good Foot In Heaven, Bad Foot In Hell’
Musings Of A Crippled Writer Concerning Post-Modern Mesmerism: 8/10/2023
APR/03/24 Cracker To Crumb
Hubris And The Dissident Writer: 7/13/2023
MAR/29/24 Foreground Noise
Some Thoughts On The Soundtrack Of Our Lives: 7/14/2023
MAR/27/24 At The Well Of Conduction
Gimp Graphomania #1: Pittsburgh, PA, 6/27/2023
MAR/10/24 Authors Of Elder Earth
Series Sketch Updated
FEB/20/24 Flop The Zero Phone Had A Stroke
Crackpot Contact News
FEB/15/24 Shrouds Of Aryаs Complete
Possibly Available As A Site E-Book In April
JAN/21/24 Injury Recovery
Can The Crackpot, Fight, Train, Work Or Walk?
JAN/17/24 ‘Writing For Serenity'
Baltimore, 7/30/2023
JAN/11/24 Sleeping Under Heaven
Notes On Climate From Colorado To Jersey: 5/22/2023
JAN/04/24 "Yappie Metaphysics"
A Dialogue With Achilleas
JAN/03/24 Graphomania
Feeding The Relentless Writing Beast: January 2, 2024, Selek, Washington
DEC/31/23 Crackpot Expenses 2023
How Is Your Reading Money Being Spent?: 12/12/23
DEC/22/23 Gray God Report 5/3/23
Observations Of Weather And Wildlife: San Jose 4/27 To Pittsburgh 5/3
DEC/21/23 Train Tea
Hobo Nutritional Notes: San Jose, CA, 4/26/2023
DEC/20/23 Hobo Logistics
San Jose, California, April 24, 2023
DEC/19/23 ‘Sir, May I Ask…’
The Sending Of Super Soldier Joe: 4/22-23/2023, Coastal Starlight #11
DEC/18/23 ‘A Veteran Of Train Delays’
A Rogues Gallery Of Post Shamdemic Transports: 4/22-23/2023, Coastal Starlight #11
DEC/15/23 ‘Cough Train’
Notes On Post Shamdemic Transportation: 4/22-23/2023, Coastal Starlight #11
DEC/13/23 Crackpot Crimes
How Much Writing Can A Crippled Sped Complete In A Year: 12/13/23
DEC/12/23 Still No Email
Crackpot Activity Accessibility Update: 12/12/23
DEC/10/23 Discarded Novels
10 Novels Scrapped While Writing American Dog
OCT/02/23 Store Overhaul - New Titles!
New Cart, Too
SEP/26/23 Spring Migration Draft
A Hobo Writing Journal: March 20 Thru May 31, 2023
SEP/08/23 Writing Timejacker
Selek Washington, 2/13/2023
SEP/07/23 Ridden By A Nightmare
The Imposed Premise Of Timejacker: Sunday, 6:54 AM, 1/22/23, Selek, Washington
SEP/07/23 Crackpot Publifesto
A Dialogue With The Crackpot Industries Facilitator: 3/16/2023
SEP/03/23 ‘What If You Could Have Saved The World?’
A Timejacker Discussion With Mescaline Franklin: 12/31/2022
SEP/01/23 Crutch Fu
Writing And Travel: 9/1/2023
AUG/04/23 Writing Can
Experimenting With The Interview Novel: 1/20/2023
AUG/03/23 ‘My Friend’
Yeti Waters, Somali Son And A Texan By Night In Portland: 1/14/2023
JUL/30/23 ‘I Am So Sorry!’
Fact And Fiction Behind The Novel Wife—: Portland, 11/30/2022
JUL/25/23 Graphomania Therapy
Literary Autism Maintenance: 2/21/2023
JUL/05/23 We, Jonah
Visions Of America: Texas, Denver, Baltimore City, Baltimore County: 10/16/2022
JUN/22/23 Crutch Mobile
Crackpot Update: 6/22/2023
JUN/18/23 Coils
Notes On Writing Wife—: Portland, Oregon 11/4/2022
JUN/16/23 Wonk Polarity
The Systemic Metaphor Behind Seeker Cain: 12/22/2022
MAY/30/23 ‘What Is Your Advice For A New Writer?’
Portland Joe Asks The Crackpot After Beating Him Up: 12/26/2022
MAY/05/23 Of Winter And Men
Epilogue: Destination Winter: Utah, 10/13/2022
APR/27/23 Ferris Wheel In The Sky
Describing A Nocturnal Anomaly: NW Utah, 9/23-29/2022
APR/24/23 ‘Should Write A Book’
Wake Stories From A Rocky Mountain Memorial Service: 10/1/22
APR/20/23 By Twilight
Most Memorable Sunrises And Sunsets: Part 9 Of 9: 9/10/2022
APR/19/23 Babes
Most Memorable Brood Stock: Part 8 Of 9: 9/10/2022
APR/18/23 By Door
Favorite Dive Bars And Diners: Part 7 Of 9: 9/9/2022
APR/17/23 By Alley
Coolest Tweener Spaces: Part 6 Of 9: 9/9/2022
APR/14/23 By Street
Most Awesome Shithole Hatehoods: Part 5 Of 9: 9/9/2022
APR/13/23 By Foot
Most Impressive Hiking Views: Part 4 Of 9: 9/9/2022
APR/12/23 By Road
Most Impressive Scenic Views: Part 3 Of 9: 9/9/2022
APR/11/23 By Train
Most Impressive Scenic Views: Part 2 Of 9: 9/9/2022
APR/10/23 A Hobo’s View
Notes On America By Rail, Vehicle And Foot: 1 Of 9: 9/9/2022, Utah
APR/07/23 Gutter Gnome In An Empty Nest
Writing In Utah: 9/3/2022
APR/05/23 Artimus Over Apollo
Re-Sculpting The American Mythology In Ancient Imagery: 9/1/2022
MAR/31/23 Mr. And Mrs. Gardener
Reflection On The Ameripocalypse With Bull Hansen And Bob: Utah 8/21/2022
MAR/30/23 Without A Phone
A Serendipitous Experiment In Method Writing: Utah, 8/20/2022
MAR/29/23 Loitering And Vagrancy
Getting Touch With Plantation America As A Low Status Paleface: Utah, 8/18/2022
MAR/28/23 Maintaining The Spark
Notes On Travel Writing And Fiction: 8/17/2022, Utah
MAR/27/23 Overture Awes West
Experimental Novelism In Woetide 2022
MAR/22/23 Doctor Breck & The Crackpot
Video Interviews On Substack
MAR/05/23 Composing Holiday Blue
Switching From Writing Historical Fiction To Science Fiction: Utah, 8/31/2022
FEB/28/23 Martyr And The Shade
Notes On Being Eaten Alive By Drones Of The Murican Hive: Portland, 2/27/2023
FEB/26/23 Vetting Wake Christopher
An Experiment In Self-Publishing: 9/23/2022
FEB/19/23 Vetting Sorcerer!
An Experiment In Self-Publishing: 9/26-30/2022
FEB/12/23 Vetting Seven Moons Deep
Self Editing The 9-Year Novel That Began The Plantation America Project: 10/1/2022
FEB/05/23 Vetting Juan Stabone
An Experiment In Self-Publishing: 9/20/2022
JAN/30/23 Beyond The Fishbowl
An Exercise In Perspective For The Novelist: 9/1/2022
JAN/29/23 Vetting Ghost Snatcher
An Experiment In Self-Publishing: 9/19/2022
JAN/26/23 ‘Cryptotheology’
Engaging The World From The Mechanism Of Functional Insanity: Utah, 8/18/2022
JAN/25/23 ‘Hallucinatiins While Awake’
Allen Wonders Why The Crackpot Does Not Seek Medical Help: Utah, 8/18/2022
JAN/22/23 Vetting Beyond The Pale
An Experiment In Self Publishing:9/24/2022
JAN/15/23 Vetting Confessor
An Experiment In Self-Publishing: 9/21/2022
JAN/14/23 Vetting Writ Hate
An Experiment In Self-Publishing: 9/24/2022
JAN/01/23 Crackpot Expense Report 2022
Where Did Your Donations Go?: 12/31/2022
JAN/01/23 August 2022 Writing Journal
September 2022 Writing Journal, October 2022 Writing Journal
DEC/22/22 Close Of Year Crackpot Report: 2022
November & December 2022 Writing Journal
DEC/20/22 MS. Grumpjowl
A Pale Hobo’s Notes On Gyno-Murican Civics: 6/27/2022
DEC/19/22 The Supreme Court Ruling
Megan And Mom Ask The Crackpot For His Opinion: 6/27/2022
DEC/03/22 Closing The Crackpot Mailbox
Announcing The End Of Self-Help Writing: 11/9/2022
NOV/30/22 The Lair Of Mescaline Franklin
An Awesome Crackpot Pennsylvania Writing Spot: 6/16/2022
NOV/24/22 Stephan Michael Sechi
Honoring A Neglected Mentor: Utah, 10/18/2022
NOV/23/22 Hoboism
Ephretta, Pennsylvania: 6/18/2022
NOV/22/22 Patrimony
Flip Gotz Fans En Planz: Aspirations Of A Flip Phone: 6/17/2022, Denver, PA
NOV/21/22 Visions Of Decay
Overnight Conversations With Working Americans: Lancaster, Pennsylvania 6/19/2022
OCT/28/22 Finding Juju Quartermaine
Trying Not To Travel Write In A World Shadowed By Gaslight: June-July 2022
OCT/24/22 Notice
Musings On The Death Of High Trust Society: 5/22/2022
OCT/23/22 Winter’s Work
A Letter To The Readers: Utah, 10/19/2022
OCT/22/22 Oh Many-Eyed Sphinx
An Open Letter To The Readers: 10/19/2022
OCT/21/22 Of Man And Mask
Impressions Of Transhuman Cultism, Baltimore City & Baltimore County, Maryland, 5/20/2022
OCT/18/22 Covidiocracy
Dying And Writing In The Post-Rational East: 5/20 To 7/31 2022
OCT/17/22 Newslaw Creed
Two Hours At The Window To The Butcher Shop Of Reality: 5/21/2022
OCT/12/22 Songs Of Aryаs
The 5th Of The 7 Volume History Complete
OCT/05/22 Dream Shop
A Survey Of Book Selections From Two Corporate Booksellers: 5/3-4/2022
OCT/03/22 Dave
On The Midnight Meat Train: April 30 Thru May 1: 2022
SEP/27/22 2020 Is Booked
Site Publication Notes: 7/1/2022
SEP/25/22 Equine & Geographical Appendices
Ranger? Back Matter
SEP/24/22 ‘Under The Lake’
Impressions Of The Ozarks: April 2022
SEP/09/22 Spring Writing Journals
April, May, June 2022
SEP/08/22 Death Of A Computer
Saffrono, New Jersey, 6/2/2022
SEP/06/22 Missouri Diggs
Writing In The Transmississippi: Missouri, 4/13/2022
AUG/26/22 Leaving
Notes On Writing On The Overton Railroad: 4/5/2022
AUG/11/22 Rucksack Writing
A Business Hotel: California, 3/27/2022
AUG/04/22 Going Offline
The Crackpot Will Not Be Able To Email: 8/5 Thru 11/1 2022
JUL/25/22 Morpheus Rising
Musings On Libertarianism, Anarcho-Tyranny And Propaganda: 3/4/2022
JUL/22/22 Portland: Garage, Dining Room And Bar
Writing Spot #1: 3/3/2022
JUL/21/22 Writing Spots
Crackpot Scribnerism Methodology: 3/1/22
JUL/18/22 Dialogues At Dusk
A Note To Email Correspondents: Baltimore City, 7/18/2022
JUL/05/22 Modeling Western Fantasy
Paul Bingham And The Crackpot Discuss Sorcerer! The Novel: 4/4/22, Denver
JUL/04/22 Ramshackle Musehouse
Notes On Developing Ideas For Nonfiction: Denver, Co, 4/4/2022

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