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DEC/03/23 Anton Ales #2
The Nighted Adventures Of A Sending & Alienist Duo: Portland 4/20/2023
DEC/01/23 Anton Ales #1
The Sending Of A Large, Litigious, Negro Soul: Portland 4/20/2023
SEP/18/23 Men In The Making
Reflections On Masculine Youth Encounters: Tuesday, February 28, 2023
AUG/29/23 Alpha To Omega
Addendum To A Woman’s Duty: 2/20/2023
AUG/28/23 Old Time Bitches And Babes
Woman’s Duty: Part 3 Of 3: 2/17/2023
AUG/25/23 Ancient Bitches & Babes
Woman’s Duty: Part 2 Of 3: 2/16/2023
AUG/25/23 ‘Unkilling Civilization’
Lynn Lockhart Cues The Crackpot On A Woman’s Duty: Part 1 Of 3: 2/15/2023
AUG/14/23 ‘The Greatest Writer’
Blessed In The Pacific Northwest: 1/31/2023
AUG/11/23 The Lilac
Notes On Maintaining A Lady’s Yard: 1/12/2023
AUG/10/23 ‘That Dog Will Hunt’
Maintaining A Homestead In The Pacific Northwest: #2 1/29/2022
AUG/09/23 Cedar Stead
Maintaining A Homestead In The Pacific Northwest: #1 1/29/2022
AUG/07/23 Knucklehead In An Ether Cave
Remote Coaching Notes: 2/10/2023
AUG/02/23 James Anderson
Profile Of A Young Writer: 2/24/2023, Selek Washington
JUL/28/23 Richard The Eagle Hearted
A Pulp Fiction Renaissance Heads Up
JUL/28/23 ‘Your Next Muscular Issue’
The Brickmouse Discusses Positive Injury Recovery With The Arthritic Louse: 2/24/2023
JUL/18/23 Weights
Coaching A Young Man On Strength: Portland, 11/6/2022
JUL/11/23 Dark Timber
The Tale Of Pete: Trial Lake, Utah, 10/21/22
JUL/04/23 ‘A Beautiful Tree’
Tending To A Wind-Killed Western Red Cedar: Selek, Washington, 1/7/2022
JUN/15/23 ‘When The Wheels Come Off’
Man Weekend Addendum: Portland 11/21/22
JUN/13/23 Taken
Mister Gray Wonders How LaFond Delivers Bad News: 12/14/2022
JUN/09/23 ‘Cleanblood Cross Training’
Part 2: Nugguh Satarn Is Interested In Crackpot Sports Classifications: 12/26/2022
JUN/08/23 ‘Soy-Ciety’s Unending Gaslighting’
Part 1: Nugguh Satarn Is Interested In Crackpot Sports Classifications: 12/26/2022
JUN/01/23 ‘Out Of The Cookie’
Outtakes From A Conversation On Knives And Grappling: 11/13/2022
MAY/31/23 ‘Functional Self-Protection’
Dragan Would Like The Crackpot Opinion On The Optimal Combat Skill Progression: 1/7/2022
MAY/25/23 ‘An Alternative Spiritual Technology’
Fire In The Dark: Men And Gods By Jack Donovan
MAY/03/23 Sword Versus Ax
Bob Wonders Why The Sword Was Even Developed: 10/13/2022
MAY/03/23 Joliet Agonistics
Forming A New Experimental Training Group
MAY/02/23 Johnson & McQuade
Notes From A Potato Negro Of Vinland: Oakley, Utah 10/13/2022
APR/07/23 Gutter Gnome In An Empty Nest
Writing In Utah: 9/3/2022
APR/06/23 Geezer Conditioning
Notes On Maintaining Fight Fitness While Outside The Fight Zone: 9/3/2022
APR/06/23 Pirates
New Fiction From The Man That Worked The Crackpot Over Last Saturday
APR/04/23 Through Eastern Eyes
A Hoodrat’s Eye View Of The American West: Utah, 8/31/2022
APR/03/23 ‘Why Lose More Weight?’
The Colonel Is Wondering At The Logic Behind Crackpot Emaciation: Utah, 8/31/2022
MAR/24/23 May 20th Is FIGHT DAY!
Looking Forward To Another Great Weekend Of Violence!
MAR/21/23 ‘Settling Down?’
The Crackpot’s Brother Inquires As To The Crackpot Future: Ocean City, MD, 7/28/2020
MAR/15/23 Negropolis Rising
A Ride Into Baltimore With The Man In The Hat: 7/14/2021
MAR/02/23 In The Red Corner
Sean's Next Fight: Friday Night March 3rd
JAN/27/23 Ringing
Bob Wonders About The Ringing In The Crackpot Head: Utah, 8/18/2022
JAN/18/23 ‘Starting Boxing And Grappling Together’
MC Revisits On The Road To Knucklehead Damascus: 8/2/2022
JAN/09/23 60 Years Fled On Planet Meathead
Training For My Final Fights On May 20, At Man Weekend 2023: 9/24/22, Utah
DEC/29/22 Hunting Feral Meat-Puppets
Yeti Waters Discusses Surfing The Urban Apocalypse: 7/15/2022: Part 2
DEC/28/22 When The Wrong Thing Feels Right
Yeti Waters Discusses Surfing The Urban Apocalypse: 7/15/2022: Part 1
DEC/27/22 Being Predated
Marius Quizzes James On Knife Use Against Adult Bullies: 8/2/2022
DEC/26/22 Becoming The Inner Dark
Adult Bullying Part 3 Of 3
DEC/23/22 Finding The Inner Dark
Adult Bullying Part 2 Of 3
DEC/22/22 U.S. Gay, Injection Day
Some Thoughts On When Homosex Became The Central Modern Social Value: 6/28/2022
DEC/22/22 The Eaters Bark
Adult Bullying Part 1 Of 3
DEC/21/22 Great Grandpa Kern’s Desk
Writing In Harford County, Maryland: 6/28/2022
DEC/16/22 At Midnight
A Man Recalls A Dog Walk Become A Dawg Squawk: 6/22/2022 Baltimore
DEC/15/22 ‘Upscale Woman With The Clothes?’
Chris Wants To Know What Happened: 6/22/2022
DEC/13/22 ‘What’s That?’
A Suburban Cul-de-Sac Cherub Explores The Harm City DMZ: 6/25/2022
DEC/12/22 ‘Watch The Master’
Emma And Uncle Jim: East Point, Baltimore County, 6/24/2022
DEC/08/22 Into Baltimore
An Early Morning Monologue With The Man In The Hat: 6/21/2022
DEC/07/22 A Soldier’s Bed
A Nighted Reverie: Gun Bunker, Maryland, 6/20/2022
DEC/06/22 The Last Stand
Speaking With Suburban Flight Refugee Family: 6/20/2022 Gun Bunker, Maryland
DEC/02/22 Cuck Adjacent—Buck Adjacent
Observations On Transidenity Psychopathy: Lancaster, PA, 6/19/2020
NOV/24/22 Stephan Michael Sechi
Honoring A Neglected Mentor: Utah, 10/18/2022
NOV/24/22 Guido & Rico
Two Ethnic New Yorkers Recall Public Schooling In The World’s Most Evil City: 6/18/2022
NOV/18/22 Call Of The Wile
Man Weekend Pre-Invitations For 2023: 6/15/2022
NOV/17/22 Post Fight Roster & Awards
Man Weekend 2022: 6/13/2022
NOV/16/22 Dancing With The Brick Mouse
Man Weekend 2022: 6/10-11/2022
NOV/15/22 Masculine Brutalistics
Man Weekend 2022: 6/11/2022
NOV/14/22 Masculine Kinetics
Man Weekend 2022: 6/11/2022
NOV/11/22 Masculine Logistics
Man Weekend 2022: 6/10-12/2022
NOV/10/22 Boxing With Paul Bingham
Man Weekend 2022: 6/11/2022
NOV/09/22 Meeting Andrew Edwards
Man Weekend 2022: 6/10/2022
NOV/08/22 Jersey Moon
Man Weekend 2022: 6/10/2022
NOV/07/22 Riding With Mescaline Franklin
Man Weekend 2022: 6/15/2022
NOV/05/22 Field Level Hazard Assessment
‘Why America Will Never Win Another War Or Build Anything Again’: Lancaster, PA, 6/19/2022
NOV/04/22 Paletopia
East Tennessee: June 10, 2022
OCT/27/22 ‘Out Of State!’
Sin Part 2: Written On Memorial Day 5/30/22, New Jersey
OCT/25/22 ‘How About Some Sin?’
Said The Proprietor Of Safehouse Jersey: 5/29/2022
OCT/20/22 Best Man In A Bad Business
A Memory Of A Grocer: 5/23/22
OCT/11/22 With The Brick Mouse
On Being Rick's Dietary Disciple: Baltimore, 5/11/2022
OCT/03/22 Dave
On The Midnight Meat Train: April 30 Thru May 1: 2022
SEP/29/22 Tom, Jerry, Sylvester
At The Chicago Junction Union Station Ticket Bar With A Babe And Three Characters: Saturday, April 30 2022
SEP/28/22 Young Man
On The Morning Meat Train: April 30 Saint Louis To Chicongo: 5/30/2022
SEP/26/22 'A Hard Floor Is An Honest Friend!’
Self Defence Volume 2 By Jeth Randolph: 6/3/2022
SEP/23/22 Superstitious Bumpkins In An Open Carry Town
A Discussion Of Plantation America Origins And Destination: 5/29/22
SEP/07/22 Three Worlds Speak
Sam Finlay Interviews Lynn Lockhart And The Crackpot: 5/5/2022, Baltimore
AUG/29/22 Queen Of Tats
Into The Gaslight: Falling In Lust With The Enemy: Denver, Wednesday, 4/5/2022
AUG/25/22 Mind’s Eye
Coming Of Spring, Ending Of A Journal And Denying Nirvana: 4/4/2022 Denver
AUG/24/22 Dinner With Jon
Jon Grace Of Midnight Movie Cowboys Hosts The Crackpot: 4/2/2022, Denver
AUG/18/22 Travis From Texas
Being Met By A Young Dynamo On The Rail: 4/1/2022
AUG/17/22 The Thaw
Impressions Of Colorado Wildlife By Rail: 4/1/2022
AUG/12/22 ‘SaySay Say’
A Lady Of The Night Wonders About Dissidents Of The Blight: 3/29/22
JUN/30/22 'Warshington'
The Great Man Discussed By A Gutter Gnome
JUN/29/22 Forgiveness
Mister Grey Wonders About Our Most Lauded Quality: 3/29/22
JUN/24/22 Andrew Edwards Interviews The Crackpot
Warhorse Podcast #31: An Affair Of Honor Part Two
JUN/08/22 Shoes And Spurs
Coasting Towards Crunch Time: Cascadia, 2/12/22
JUN/07/22 The Mushroom Hunters
Notes On Access And Support In Post-Apocalyspic Murica: 2/12/22
JUN/06/22 The Burn
Confessions Of A Late Life Pyromaniac: Cascadia, 2/8/22
MAY/27/22 Colonel’s Orders?
The Cumberland Saloon, Washington State, 1/22/22
MAY/25/22 ‘You Have A Peculiar Habit’
The Colonel Plumbs The Psychosis Of An Ivory Hoodrat: 1/22/22
MAY/24/22 ‘I Burn Fossil Fuel!’
One Man’s War On Hipster Highway: Seattle Area, 1/10/22
MAY/10/22 ‘Man’s Eternal Relationship With Combat’
King Of All Things: A Guide To Man’s Martial Purpose, By Clark Savage: 2/10/22
MAY/06/22 A Stable Of Mares
A Question Fielded From The Pasture Of Yore: 1/24/22
APR/26/22 Biker Abatement
T-Rex Wonders Of The Advantage To A Motorcycle Helmet In Yeti-to-Yeti Combat: 2/15/22
APR/18/22 The Achillean Dilemma
Banjo And The Hobo Discuss The Plight Of The Maimed Hero: 2/13/22
APR/12/22 ‘Fat Ass Strippers’
Taboo Too Wishes Well For The Crackpot: 2/11/22
APR/09/22 An Affair Of Honor
An Invitation Only Agonistics Meet In June 2022
APR/05/22 Aging Runt Handbook
Ivan The Coachable Needs Some Advice On Limping On: 2/11/22
MAR/31/22 ‘This Thing’
A Captain Of Construction Discusses The Unbuilding Of America: Cascadia, 1/1/22
MAR/30/22 Matt
Making A Friend On The Rails: 12/19/21
MAR/17/22 A Head In A Bucket
Jeremy Bentham Cues The Crackpot And Invokes The Khan
MAR/05/22 'Roger'
Musings Of A Fortunate Hobo: 10/27/21
MAR/04/22 Against Expertism
The Saga Of The Brick Mouse And The Ditch House: 10/24/21
FEB/24/22 ‘Your Many Horrible Books’
A Crackpot Crisis Of Dissent: 12/28/21
FEB/15/22 ‘What Is Your Line In The Sand?’
Yeti Waters Inquires Into The Cracked Pottery: 11/17/21
JAN/31/22 Yeti Slurrs!
Mister Grey Cues The Crackpot On Racial Epitaphs For The First Man-Made Mega-Race: 12/8/21
JAN/17/22 Sparring On
A Reader Discusses Combat Performance Goals[12/7/21
JAN/07/22 Curious Mind
Dateline 10/17/21
DEC/14/21 In The Sim
The Crackpot Is Cued By His Skeptic Niece On Shamdemic Simantics
DEC/06/21 My Joyless Lips
Yeti Waters Communes With The Crackpot: Dateline 9/14/21
DEC/02/21 Highland Polo
Morgan, Utah, Thursday, September 9 2021
NOV/30/21 End Of Summer
Monday, September 6, 2021, Oakley, Utah
NOV/24/21 Pulp Fiction Podcast Topics
A Proposed Subject Outline From James LaFond To Richard Barrett: 9/2/21
NOV/20/21 Her Partner And Trainer
The Terminal Arc Of Boxing And A Crackpot Solution
NOV/18/21 Who Am I?
Original Verse By Jack Man August 26 2021
NOV/17/21 The 1, 4, 2 Combo
Enjoying The Work Of Boxing Coach Wilson Pitts

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