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NOV/26/14 A Night Of Cozy Unrest In Harm City
The Author Commutes To Work With Returning Protesters The Night After The Fergusson Affair
DEC/02/14 ‘Keep Your Bounty For Your City-Bred Dogs’
People Of The Black Circle By Robert E. Howard
DEC/03/14 Getting Hammered In The Hood
The Seven Keys To Understanding The Plight Of White America
DEC/05/14 Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation
A Crackpot’s View Of How Eve Inherited It All—and Is Still A Bitch!
DEC/05/14 The Plight Of Men
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 1
DEC/07/14 ‘The Cape Horn Measure’
Moby Dick #2: Chapter III, The Spouter-Inn, The Dusky Entry, A Plaguy Rough Board, The Infernal Head-peddler
DEC/08/14 A Debt Of Honor
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 2
DEC/09/14 The Women We Left Behind
The Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 4
DEC/12/14 Tactical Adam And Eve
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 3
DEC/12/14 Tao Of A Black Cracker
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 5, The Emasculated Black Man
DEC/14/14 The Logic Of Honor
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 6
DEC/15/14 The Altar Of The God Of Things
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Conclusion
DEC/15/14 A Chink In The Machine
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Epilogue
DEC/16/14 A Man Question From Bart
Concerning A Time For Wolves By Jack Donovan
DEC/16/14 Honor Versus Hierarchy?
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 7, Bookmark 1
DEC/17/14 ‘Dat Gay ATV’
Reader Versus Writer: Erique Calls For Superhero Doom
DEC/17/14 ‘Liver-Eatin’ Versus Sam Grant
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 7, Bookmark 2, On The Interplay Of Honor
DEC/17/14 The Silence Of Men
A Talk On Native American War Fighting Methods Of The Eastern Woodlands
DEC/17/14 Honor In The Iliad
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 7, Bookmark 3, Interplay In Epic Poetry
DEC/17/14 Honor In The Odyssey
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 7, Bookmark 4, On The Antiquity Of Honor
DEC/18/14 Defining Tribalism
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Appendix
DEC/19/14 The Logic Of Your Emasculation
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 7, Bookmark 5, On Invalidating White Men
DEC/19/14 Erasure Of Honor—Pacified Past
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 7, Bookmark 6, On Editing The American Soul
DEC/19/14 Classic Emasculation
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 7, Bookmarks 7-9
DEC/21/14 Into The Nutless Void
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 7, Conclusion, A Science-Fiction Perspective
DEC/21/14 ‘Find The Cornerstone’
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 8, A Select Anagogical Impression Of Gilgamesh, Conclusion
DEC/31/14 White Wednesday #2
Discussing White Manly Virtue At The Skank Inn: 12/31/14
JAN/02/15 Bones Jones Versus Crow Killer
A Man Question From David
JAN/04/15 On ‘Escaping The Secular’
Modernity And A View Of The Death Of Art From The Literary Trenches
JAN/10/15 ‘Harm City Russia?’
Documenting Andrew Metzger’s Obsession
JAN/11/15 'To Spite A Cruel Alien World'
The Most Unapologetically Masculine Thing I Have Written
JAN/14/15 Reginald Hardy, ‘Terroristic’ Barber
Our Enemy The State And The American Emasculation Watch
JAN/16/15 ‘The Bitch Of Doom’
Winter #8
JAN/18/15 Breaking Down The Best #1
‘Did Ali Have The Best Jab In Boxing?’: A Man Question From Ritchie
JAN/20/15 The Viking Shield Wall
A Man Question From Adam
JAN/22/15 Superman And The Plight Of Orks
Commercial Heroics As A Force For Emasculation
JAN/25/15 Superheroes: God, Symptom, Villain?
An Anthology Inspired By Metal Head At Heart
JAN/29/15 ‘A Creature Of Mettle’
The Way Of Men, Gods And Runes By Jack Donovan
JAN/30/15 A Gas Station Situation
Dillon, On Being White In Harm County
FEB/13/15 ‘The Virtues Of A Warrior’
Arete By Stephen G. Miller
FEB/13/15 ‘What About Your Fight Record?’
A Man Question From Charles
FEB/15/15 ‘How Can I Write More?’
A Man Question From Oliver
FEB/16/15 ‘What Smokes On God’s Altar’
Reconstructing The Theft Of Western Man’s Stolen Soul
FEB/16/15 ‘Two Slabs Of Painted Meat’
Porn And Football By Paul Waggener
FEB/18/15 Echoes Of Men
The Ghosts That Mould Us #1: Our Fathers
FEB/20/15 In The Onion Field Of The Soul
The Feminine Web Of Rights And The Erosion Of Masculine Virtue
FEB/20/15 Point Of The Family Spear
The Ghosts That Mould Us #2: Uncles
FEB/20/15 Where Men Speak
Confessions Of An Amateur Ethnographer
FEB/24/15 ‘Latina Ass Soup’
The Best Argument For Miscegenation
FEB/27/15 Of Lions And Men #1
Tribalism In The Ancient World: A Meditation On The Hellenic Perspective
MAR/06/15 In A Soft Yet Violent-Minded World
Postmodern Reflections On Of Lions And Men #1
MAR/08/15 ‘He Thinks Groups Are Weak’
The Misfit Author Is Taken To Task By A Man
MAR/10/15 ‘Great Men’ Or 'History As God?’
The Crackpot Author Weighs In On Our Most Influential Primates
MAR/11/15 ‘Seven Pillars Of Emasculation’
How The Goddess Got Your Balls: Or The History Of The Sexes, With Jack And Jill Sprout
MAR/13/15 Manny Versus Money
A Man Question From Bart
MAR/15/15 The Delilah Factor: Part One
Of Lions And Men: Hunks, He-Men And Man-Whores
MAR/16/15 ‘O Great Testicled One’
Of Lions And Men: A Language Specialist From Planet Estrogen Comments On The Delilah Factor
MAR/21/15 The Lion’s Share
The Man Who Would Be Herakles, And Masculine Freewill & Tribal Expression On The Eve Of Empire
MAR/24/15 When He's Big And Mean
Big Versus Small: On The Asphalt With An Offensive Lineman
MAR/24/15 ‘Is This The Best Time To Be Alive?’
A Man Question From Andrew Metzger
MAR/26/15 Start The World Rune Patch
Jack Donovan Has Your ‘Hate The Wussy World’ Patch
MAR/27/15 ‘How Do I Limit My Exposition?’
A Man Question From Melvin, An Aspiring Horror Writer
MAR/27/15 ‘So Feminism Is The Goddess’s Revenge?’
The Mind Of Mescaline Franklin: The Author Is Grilled About His Anthropological Assertions
MAR/27/15 ‘How Can You Write So Much?’
A Man Question From David
MAR/28/15 Bearded Boxing
‘What Are The Rules And The History?’: A Man Question From Oliver
MAR/29/15 ‘My Three Foot World’
No Hero: The Evolution Of A Navy Seal By Mark Owen
MAR/30/15 ‘What Does The Desire To Dominate Feel Like?’
A Man Question About Domination From A Female Reader
MAR/30/15 ‘Into The Sea Of Vampire Sheep’
The Pressure Project With Master Chim, Jack Donovan And Sayoc System Director Tuan Tom Kier
APR/02/15 A Bad Ending On Some Gay Liberal Planet
Cities Of Dust #8: Behind The Sunset Veil, Chapter 3, Bookmark 4
APR/06/15 ‘A Thousand Years In His Soul’
Nine Аrуаn Mystics At The Dawn Of The Atomic Age
APR/06/15 ‘The House Abolished’
Harikiri By Masaki Kobayashi
APR/07/15 ‘The Most Evil Presidents?’
A Man Question From Alan
APR/08/15 Street Boxing?
A Man Question From Sean On Countering 'The Ghetto Boxing Style'
APR/09/15 ‘Books An 18 Year Old Male Should Read’
Answering The Most Import Reader E-mail I Have Received
APR/13/15 ‘That One Percenter Bullshit’
Prison Dorks, Biker Babes & Man-breast Bitches, With Dante Justine
APR/14/15 Death Of The Animal Powers
Of Lions And Men: Aesop, Androcles And The Enslavement Of Man
APR/15/15 ‘You Should Advise Us’
Warriors Of The Steppes
APR/16/15 ‘How Can You Say Soldier’s Are Slaves?’
A Man Question From An Army Reservist
APR/16/15 Your Trojan Whorse
The Masculine Guide To Women: Dust Cover
APR/16/15 Graphomaniac Index: The Man Cave
Books On Masculinity, Emasculation, Servitude, Cultural Resistance, Fractional Autonomy, Alienation And Transcendence
APR/16/15 Getting Laid Is Not The Problem
Your Trojan Whorse: Preface
APR/16/15 ‘What About American Emasculation?’
A Man Question From Mescaline Franklin
APR/17/15 In The Breech
The Great Siege By Ernle Bradford
APR/19/15 Breaking America’s Heart
A Science-Fiction Writer’s Preliminary Notes On Dissolving The United States
APR/22/15 Fantasy In Masculine Culture
No Sex Please, We’re Japanese: A Man Question From Adam
APR/22/15 Happily Ever Under
The History Of The Sexes According To Jack And Jill
APR/22/15 Jackal And Jill
The True Story Of Neanderthal Extinction
APR/22/15 Jack Dynomite And Jillneequa
Happily Ever Under: Chapter 7, Modernity, Under The Man
APR/22/15 RedJacket And JillSong Shooting Bull
Happily Ever Under: Chapter 4, Under The Paleface, Materialism
APR/23/15 Jacam And Jilith
Happily Ever Under: Chapter 1, Under The Goddess: Agriculture
APR/23/15 Jacam And Jileve
Happily Ever Under Chapter 2. Beneath The Temple Of Love: Religion
APR/23/15 Jacob And Jililah
Happily Ever Under: Chapter 3, Looking Up To My Lord Barbarian, Civilization
APR/23/15 Boy Jack And Wench Jill
Happily Ever Under Chapter 5, Under The Lash: Slavery
APR/23/15 Jack And Jill O'Leary
Happily Ever Under: Chapter 6, Under The Gun, Politics
APR/23/15 Jillian And Jack
Happily Ever Under: Chapter 7.5, Under The Man: Feminism
APR/23/15 Jackov And Jilt
Happily Ever Under: Epilogue, Under The System
APR/26/15 ‘More Than Chicken Wings And Malt Liquor’
Heating Up The Cold Race War In Harm City
APR/26/15 ‘Faction Before Blood’
Divergent As A Science-Fiction Film
APR/27/15 ‘Too Much Pussy?’
Or Not The Right Kind Of Pussy?: ‘A Hate Letter To The Norms’
APR/28/15 The Enemy, Of My Enemy, Is Still My Enemy
An Analysis Of The Teenage Thug Victory Over The Baltimore Police Department
APR/30/15 Miss Ezz’s Eye Candy Armageddon
A Prop For You Soldiers Who Thought You Weren’t Appreciated
APR/30/15 How Can The Police Be Strengthened?
A Baltimorean Asks The Wrong Person
MAY/01/15 The Arsenal At Your Feet
Mescaline Franklin Steps Into The Man Cave To Acquire Skull Crushing Wisdom For The Coming Stone Age
MAY/03/15 The Hamilton Tiger Dance
‘Your Favorite Riot Week Memory?’ A Man Question From Ethan
MAY/03/15 ‘Go Tell The Dead’
The Dead Lands, A Movie Set In Primal New Zealand
MAY/04/15 Coming To Harm City
Attending A Baltimore Music Festival In The Wake Of The Riots
MAY/04/15 ‘A Time For Men’
An Epilogue To War Drums: 40 Miles From The Big House: Freddie Ruiz Steps Into The Mangina Breach
MAY/04/15 The Four Types Of Women
Your Trojan Whorse: Introduction, A Scouting Report On The Fair Sex For Men
MAY/05/15 The Return Of Men?
Aftermath: War Drums: Forty Miles From The Big House
MAY/08/15 War Drums
Animosity As Usual, Forty Miles From The Big House: A Primer On The Animals Muzzled Up At The Harm City Watering Hole
MAY/11/15 ‘Under Any And All Trials’
The Soul Of An Indian And Other Writings From Ohiyesa (Charles Alexander Eastman)
MAY/13/15 The Wedge Formation
How Could The Pigs Not Get Their Ass Kicked So Badly The Next Time? A Man Question From Steevo
MAY/13/15 ‘Now Everyone Can Groan’
The Home Team: 1859 A Full Century Of Baseball In Baltimore 1959, By James H. Bready
MAY/14/15 ‘Stepping Off The Hate Train’
Just For A Minute, Before Getting All Righteous Again
MAY/15/15 I Am Death, Destroyer Of Worlds
Gordon Stamos & Candy Cane Shane On Mankind’s Last Day: RetroGenesis, Day 1, Case 5, Conclusion
MAY/15/15 Graphomaniac Index: The Man Cave
Books On Masculinity, Tribalism, Transcendence And Free Will
MAY/19/15 Does The ASP Baton Always Fail?
A Man Question From A Dude Named Massivewax
MAY/22/15 The Conan Character
A Thousand Years In His Soul
MAY/22/15 ‘The Blood Bag’
Mad Max: Fury Road, As A Study In Transformative Masculine Ascendency
MAY/24/15 ‘MEN’ In ‘Our Emasculated Culture’
Notes On Recruiting Aspiring Men For The Traditional Gym Operator

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