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The Sunset Saga Series Sketch
The Story Of Three-Rivers And The Servants Of Burnt Man
He Said I Was Midnight
Sublimating Your Past Into Fiction
Fringe Fiction
Confessions Of A Compulsive Writer
Sunset Character Sketches
23 Personalities From The Sunset Saga (glossary)
This Design Is Called Paisley
The Seduction Of Mister Slickery (novelette)
First Contact
A Working Class Guide To Mankind's Final Hours
Fiction Reviews
Blurbs From Readers
The Sacrifice Of Ethan Roads (Short Story)
The Name Drain
Notes On Aliases And Fictional Name Generation
The Title Mill
One Author's Method For Titling Fiction
A Note To The Reader
An Archived Header
First Contact #2
Nick's Run
First Contact #3
Bighead Tweet
On The Sunset World
Time-travel Fiction, Character Creation & Story Development
The Sunset Saga Series Sketch
The Story Of Three-Rivers And The Servants Of Burnt Man
The Three-Rivers Sunset Saga Hijacking
The Short Story Draft That Became The Novel Thunderboy
The Online Pulp Project
A Note To Serial Readers
Through A Glass Darkly
A Horror Writer's Perspective
A Bus Tale
Weaving Inconvenience Into Fiction
Hurt Stoker [front Matter]
A Colored Confederate Carney At The Iron City Stakes
Candy Cane In The Sky
Hurt Stoker: Chapter 1
First Contact #4
Hot Stuff!
Story Length
How Many Pages Are You Buying?
First Contact #5
Black Mercedes
The Lonely Tree
Hurt Stoker: Chapter 2
First Contact #6
Oldman Jones
Ever Less, Ever More
The Unpardonable Crime Of Edgar Valencia
The Chronological Alien
Notes On Developing Character Perspective
Looking Back At Sodom And Gomorrah
Notes On Cultivating Character Perspective
First Contact #8
Miss Betty
Come To Me Sunrise, With Song
Hurt Stoker: Chapter 3.5
Hemavore: Terra Side, 2572
Dust Cover & Dramatis Personae
The Sad Scientist
Leonardo, A Widow Named Beautiful Flower & A Quixotic Quantum Physicist
Out Of Time
A Sunset Saga Serial
Out Of Time #1
The Man In The Gray Suit
Hemavore #1
Samara Sunrise
Hemavore #2
Samara Sunset
Out Of Time #2
Ruby's Hookup
Summer Moon
Stout, Whiskey And Luther Watts
Front Matter: The Enlightened Fate Of Akbar Qama
The Burner
Poet: Chapter 1
First Contact #9
With Tyler 'Hot Stuff' Gregowski
First Contact #10
Flora 'Chiquita' Hernandez
Geeks And Freaks Plundering The Past
Out Of Time/Sunset Saga Back-story
Out Of Time #3
Ben's Food Lotz
Wrath Of The Thunderbeast
Working Tragedy Into Fiction
First Contact #11
Introducing Little Billy Thomas With His Bee Bee Gun
First Contact #12
Into The Hood: Malcom's Chance For Redemption
Out Of Time #4
Kiss The World Goodbye
A Nefarious Rabbit Named Joey
Buzz Bunny Reader Feedback From Akira
'You Think Men Are Mean, Just Wait!'
Akira On Organa And The Author's Writing Essays
Poet: Chapter 2
Hemavore #3
Samara Midnight
One Dumbass Excuse For A Whiteman
Hurt Stoker: Chapter 4
Out Of Time #5
Cue Ball On The Curb
The Last Man
The Upgrading Of Dwayne Munson
First Contact #13
Nick Against The Creepy Crawlers
First Contact #14
Jube The Lube
Poet: Chapter 3
The Children Of Yakub
A Dark Fantasy: Front Matter
The Jogger
Poet: Chapter 4
Author's Notebook #1
Menthol Rampage
The Knife In Fiction
Fight Scene Tips For A Fellow Writer
Hemavore #4
Savage Samara
Turkeys From Hell
Hurt Stoker: Chapter 5, Segregate Me Please! Bookmark 1
Author’s Notebook #2
Mantid: The Seven Fantastic Heresies Of Heshman Shew Mote
Author’s Notebook #3
Little Feet Going Nowhere: Sam Waterford’s Outrageous Profession And The Fate Of Humanity
Author’s Notebook #4
Dog Of War: The Journey Of Bruco, Last Of The Exiles
Lobotomize Your Fractured Imagination
On The Utility Of Focus Outlines
Out Of Time #6
The Love Police
Fist Contact #15
Who Loves You?: The Epiphany Of Bighead Tweet
Among The White Devils
Poet: Chapter 5
NOV/04/13 Squib Trace
Hemavore #5
NOV/08/13 Final Hour: Spitting Into The Galactic Wind
Author’s Notebook #6: The Sequel To First Contact
NOV/13/13 Rubber Band Man
Author’s Notebook #7: The Saga Of Janitor X, Sequel To Soter’s Way
NOV/15/13 Dying In Your Dreams
On Writing While You Sleep
NOV/21/13 Spaghetti And Eyeballs
Poet: Chapter 6
NOV/22/13 First Contact #16: The Final Episode
Planet Buzzkill: Stoner Joe Is The Last Best Hope For Mankind!
DEC/03/13 Harm City Noir
Crime Fiction From The Author Of When You’re Food
DEC/08/13 Marshal Talbot
Hurt Stoker: Chapter 5, Segregate Me Please! Bookmark 2
DEC/09/13 Deganawida & The One Parted Tree
Crackpot Sci-Fi #1: What If A Shamanistic Savant Merged With A God-device?
DEC/11/13 Out Of Time #7
The King And You
DEC/13/13 Jerome Ronnie Ringgold Thompson
Winter #1: The Shades Of Emeralda Ire: Anno Domini
DEC/15/13 Plight
Poet: Chapter 7
DEC/17/13 Lord Of The Lezbos Or 'Harm City Island'
How Would Regular People Recreate Society?: A Creative Writing Exercise Gone Awry
DEC/28/13 Leviathan Song
Hudson Fiord: Hemavore #6
DEC/30/13 Tackling An Epic Novel
Seven Moons Deep: Pendleton Shaw’s Quest For The Seven Cities Of The Moon
JAN/04/14 Out Of Time #8
Flight Of The Condor
JAN/08/14 Virtius Maniples
Winter #2: The Shades Of Emeralda Ire: Anno Domini
JAN/17/14 Do It Yourself Brain Surgery
Notes On Cannibalizing Your Writing Influences For Fiction
JAN/19/14 ‘Big City’
Poet: Chapter 8
JAN/22/14 Hasti ‘Five Tooth’ Acine
Winter #3: The Shades Of Emeralda Ire: Anno Domini
JAN/29/14 Hung From A Family Tree
Hurt Stoker: Chapter 5, Segregate Me Please! Bookmark 3
JAN/31/14 Managing Your Fiction Output
Author’s Notebook #8
FEB/02/14 My Mamaloi
Hemavore #7
FEB/09/14 Right
Poet: Chapter 9
MAR/05/14 Out Of Time #9
Munch And Me
MAR/09/14 The Cleaner
Being Nimbus Two
MAR/10/14 Editors Of Venus
Darkly: Dystopia In Power, The Science-Fiction Anthology That Died
MAR/16/14 Tirani En Oppresshaun
Out Of Town On Business In Harm City
MAR/17/14 Fruit Of The Deceiver
The Crusader Zombie Apocalypse, Based On The Art Of Jason Lenox
MAR/19/14 Under The Wolf’s Tail
Fruit Of The Deceiver #1
MAR/19/14 The Subtle One
Fruit Of The Deceiver #2
MAR/19/14 A Man Well-travelled
Fruit Of The Deceiver #3
MAR/23/14 Fat Girl
Dancing On The Edge
MAR/24/14 ‘Head In Hand’
Winter-Warrior By Joseph Bellofatto
MAR/24/14 Fountains Of Andromeda
A Cosmic Work By Joseph Bellofatto
MAR/28/14 Imperishable Punks
Immortality In Fiction And The Hemavore Question
MAR/31/14 Your Villain Is My Villain’s Bitch
Using Edgy History To Deepen Your Horror Story
APR/02/14 “Neggg-Ro!”
Hurt Stoker: Chapter 5, Segregate Me Please, Bookmark 4
APR/04/14 Wet Me Dead
Hemavore #8
APR/07/14 Fisherman Of Tennis
Fruit Of The Deceiver #4
APR/13/14 Mick-Mick’s Joint
The Caddy: Part One
APR/14/14 The Hooped Cross
Poet: Chapter 10
APR/21/14 Out Of Time #10
The Splintered Tree
APR/23/14 Shoebox: A Harm City Tale
Author’s Notebook #11

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Dissident author James LaFond makes the case for Barbarism over Civilization, as a guiding masculine principle. If that bothers the perspective reader, then buy a pack of darts alongside the book and be sure of an enjoyable read whether you concur or not.
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