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MMA Gloves And Boxing
How To Save Your Hands When Fighting With Light Gloves
Maryland Cage Brawl, April 2012
Saturday April 14th: 6:00 Thru 11:30 PM, 800-plus In Attendance
Practical MMA With Sifu Tom Clark & Coach Chris Clark
A Review Of The New Baltimore Area JKD Training Center - June 21, 2012
Preface, C1, C2
Inside The Ropes: Ranking The 145 Most Effective Boxers From 1892 To 1999
Last Of The Greats
Inside The Ropes: Ranking The 145 Most Effective Boxers From 1892 To 1999
The Original Heavyweight Rivalry
Inside The Ropes: Ranking The 145 Most Effective Boxers From 1892 To 1999
The Most Accomplished Boxer (Sidebar)
Inside The Ropes: Ranking The 145 Most Effective Boxers From 1892 To 1999
The Clinch (Sidebar)
Inside The Ropes: Ranking The 145 Most Effective Boxers From 1892 To 1999
Kid Sexy
The Show Wrestler As Martial Artist
MMA Versus Self-Defense
The Case For A Consensus
Defense With The Stick
A Quick & Functional Method
The Vicarious Way
Watching Sport Combat For Self-defense Insights
Five Beautiful Deaths
The Biomechanics Of Survival
Guards (Sidebar)
Boxing Stances Or Postures: A Reference
Punches (Sidebar)
A Guide To "Legal" Boxing Blows
The Baddest Man On The Planet (Sidebar)
In The Sports ICU For Boxing's Last Rites
The Seven Eras Of Boxing (Sidebar)
A Brief Outline Of Boxing History
Bridging From Weapon To Empty Hand
Tips On Contact Weaponry Evolutions
An FMA Gathering
Bais Tres Manos With Jun Paliangayan: 10/6/2012
A Freestyle Stick Pipedream
A 2009 Report For PickYourFight Promotions
Speed Skull
The Speed Bag In Boxing Gyms And Martial Arts Schools
The Unforgiven Fighter: A Film Review
Unforgiveable Blackness: The Rise And Fall Of Jack Johnson By Ken Burns
Developing Two And Three Step Weapon Drills
Integrating Strokes And Footwork For Combat
Sifu Arturo Gabriel & Society Of Tao
Hong Kong's Gangster Fist In Baltimore
Frederick's Kenpo Karate
Combat Cross-Training In Baltimore
The One Punch KO
Perspectives From Crime, Boxing & Contact Weaponry
Tale Of The Tape
Why HBO Sports Has It Wrong
Your Article Could Be Here
A Journal For The Modern Martial Artist
The Brutal Salsa
Bag Drill For Stick-fighting
The Lateral Redondo
Bag Drill For Stick-fighting
Coaching Versus Instruction
Notes On Teaching Perspectives
Planet Meathead
Rubbing Shoulders With MMA Dojo Rats
Sweep The Floor
Sifu David Lumsden On Discipline
Shoulder-to-shoulder For Twelve Rounds
A Dirty Boxing Brawl With Andre Berto And Robert Guerrero
The Agonistics Code
A Modern Code Duello
The Fighting Edge
The Scrapped Second Edition Of James' First Book
The Sixth Beautiful Death
The Most Common Suicide Rehearsal In The Dojo
Professor Mike Donovan
The Boxer Who Invented The Punching Bag
Death Of A Hundred Dollar Shield
Notes On Realistic Crudity In Combat
Fighter's Gallery
Who Are You?
Rhee, Ali, Lee And Me
Learning How To Fight In The Surreal Seventies
The Boxing Bookshelf #1
Jake Shannon's Rare Boxing Compilation
Boxing For MMA: Fundamentals
Notes For The Boxing And/or MMA Coach
Gear Behaving Badly #1
Notes On Using Fencing Masks With Wooden Blunts
The Fights Of The Irish Travelers
Real Bare Knuckle Boxing: Volume 1
Kenpo Edged-Weapon Combatives 2013: Control
Countermeasures By Jim Frederick, Behavior & Scenarios By James LaFond
Armored Wand Fighting
Ducking The Postmodern Pillow Fight
A Fresh Old School Approach To Training
Profile Of Online Boxing Coach Jason Van Veldhuysen
American/FMA Combat Sets
Modern Agonistics Contact Weaponry Selections
Gladiatorial Combat Sets
Modern Agonistics Contact Weaponry Selections
Agon 2013
Modern Agonistics Challenge Meet
Old Men Talking, Young Men Fighting
Weight-juking, MMA & The Boxing Sleaze Disease
The Punching Bag
A Brief History Of The Boxer's Toughest Taskmaster
BJJ Champion Daniel Beleza
A Baltimore Area Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Seminar
FMA With Sifu Tom Clark
A Hybrid Jeet Kune Do Oriented Filipino Weaponry Class
Modern Fighter
A Contact Weaponry Video Archive
Headgear Brief
Keeping Your Head In Weapon Sparring And Competition
World Bais Tres Manos Seminar
Jon Bais Instructing
Agon 2013 Brief
Specific Procedures For Our May 25th Meet
Beautifully Brutal
Timothy Bradley Versus Ruslan Provodnikov
Boxing On A Dime
Terrence Crawford Schools Breidis Prescott
George Foreman On Catch Weight Fighting
Can't Wait On The Little Guy, Can't Coast On The Big Guy
UFC: Best Of 2012 Year In Review
A Look At Our Best MMA Fighters
Stick & Dagger
Kinetic Photo Diary #1: Late March 2013
A Traditional Gold Belt Test
Shorin-Ryu Karate With Sensei Steve Jansen
The Boxing Bookshelf #2
Billy Edwards' Art Of Boxing
Tai Wai
By Sifu David Lumsden
Death Master Database
Where Is The Federal Archive Of Registered Black Belts?
Damien Kestle
Instructor Profile
Where Should You Look While Boxing?
Cold Steel Kukri Challenge
Five Blunt Machete Duels Scheduled For Agon 2013
...Hit To Break It
Guro Mike Pana, Expanding FMA And Boxing
Training With The Author
For Men Only: Effective May, 31 2015
Out Of The Ring
The Boxer's Self-Defense Dilemma
The Man Who Hated Jack Johnson
Gentleman Jim Corbett By Patrick Myler
Preparing For Your First Fight?
News Of An Upcoming Book By Jason Van Veldhuysen
Cultivating Contact FMA In The Age Of MMA
A Report For A Baltimore Area JKD Instructor
The Dog Brother
A Case Study In Parochial Miscommunication
The Master Without A Mask
A Case Study In Reality-based Esoteric Applications
The Boxing Book Shelf #3
Baltimore's Boxing Legacy By Thomas Scharf
FMA & Submission Combat Training
Baltimore Sessions As Of July 6 2013
Why I Am Not A Martial Artist
And Why I Am Content To Be An Unrepentant Barbarian
Breaking The Combat Relaxation Barrier
Five Stick Sparring Methods Adapted From Boxing
As The Shadows Close In
Black Ajax By George MacDonald Fraser
No Uke News #1
The Gaijin Ranger
BJJ One Day Sminar
With BJJ Champion Daniel Beleza
Craig's Tune-up Routine
August-October 2013
Submission Combat Stroke Counts
Six FMA Counts & The Modern Agonistics Count
Combat Drills For Submission Stick Conditioning
Footwork, Coordination, Power & Stamina
The Mighty Right
Defining Your Money Punch
How We Fight
Defense And Counterpunching Instructional Video By Jason Van Veldhuysen
No Small Thing
A Message From Dog Brothers Leader Marc Denny
Gabriel's Agon
Saturday, November 2, 2013: 2-4 PM
Focus Mitts, Not Punching Mitts
The Most Misused Tool In The Gym
'Doing The Short Man A Favor'
Shawn Porter Versus Julio Diaz: 9/13/13
‘Trench Warfare’
Badou Jack Versus Marco Antonio Periban: 9/13/13
Essential Stick & Blade Seminar
Saturday, November 9, 2013, 2-4 PM
Tournament Sparring Workshop
Saturday, October 12, 2013
The Man Who Broke Ali’s Jaw
A Tribute To 1970s Heavyweight Contender Ken Norton
Quick Versus Fast
The Crooked Seven
The 7 Most Effective Stick Strokes With Economy Of Motion
Bryan Vera: ‘A Pawn In The Game’
A Heroic Underdog Beats The Beer Suds Out Off Junior Chavez
The Straight Eight
The 8 Most Effective Knife Strokes
‘I Could Not Break’
Ruslan Providnikov Unleashing The Siberian Zombie Boxing Apocalypse In Denver
Lana: Evolution #1
Adapting Agonistics Principles For The Female Defender
The Sharkee Solution
Handicapping Knife Sparring & Competition
In The Hip Hop Testosterone Hot Tub
John Rallo’s Shogun Fights IX October 26th 2013
Training Punch Combinations
A 10 Step Progression For Boxers

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