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APR/16/21 Big Brained Nimbus Hour
Don Quotays Summons The Crackpot From His Rum-Sodden Haze...
APR/14/21 A Founding Father
James Edward Oglethorpe (Founding Father) With Rusty On Vignettes
APR/14/21 Forts Versus Houses
Architecture Of King Phillip's War
APR/13/21 ‘This Alien Essence’
Chapter III. Personality And Style By Alfred Rosenberg #6
APR/11/21 Man Of Clay And Greed
Musings On The Golem In Modern And Ancient Myth
APR/07/21 The Shame Pole
Humiliation And Mutilation
APR/07/21 Under The Lights
Live Stream Hobo History On Facebook Today: 4/7/21, 7:00 PM Eastern CP Time
APR/06/21 'Under The Lie'
Mike The Exhile Cues The Crackpot On Custer And Forest
APR/04/21 'There Was Not A Man'
Pre-Biblical Impressions Of The Bible #5: Genesis 2:1-7
APR/03/21 Hobo On Deck
APR/03/21 Jives With Tribes
Pelegrin And The Crackpot Discuss The Movie Dances With Wolves
MAR/31/21 Vagrancy
The Criminalization Of Misfortune And The Categorization Of Bondage Into Something Less
MAR/30/21 ‘Wrapped In The Anger Of God’
A Warrior Be #21: Impressions Of Beowulf
MAR/27/21 Americanism
Rusty Monologues And Muses Over The Ghosts In The American Temple
MAR/25/21 Primal Hero
Was King Kong: The Last Mythic Western Hero?
MAR/24/21 ‘The Other’
The Devil’s Notebook By Anton Szandor Lavey
MAR/23/21 ‘Over The Grave’
Chapter III. Mysticism And Action By Alfred Rosenberg #3
MAR/19/21 'Desire For A Civil Society'
Devil Dick And The Crackpot Discuss Our Security Instinct
MAR/19/21 A 100,000 Years Of War
More Clues That The Stone Age Was Not An Academic Group Hug
MAR/18/21 ‘Keeping Watch Against Giants’
A Warrior Be #20: Impressions Of Beowulf
MAR/16/21 ‘American’
The Angel And The Sorcerer By Peter Levenda
MAR/07/21 ‘A Winter Of Our Civilization’
Faustian Gamble And The Faustian Spirit By Rusty At Rusty Vignettes
FEB/22/21 Rusty And James As Victor Davis Hanson's Rent Id
Savior Generals Discussion Cuing Off Of The Eminent Historian's Work
FEB/22/21 Is The 13th Tribe Project Going To Be A Book?
Fire Is Interested In The Trajectory If Plantation America
FEB/21/21 ‘Upon The Earth’
Pre-Biblical Impressions Of The Bible #4: Genesis 24-31
FEB/20/21 ‘Laughter Of Heroes’
A Warrior Be #19: Impressions Of Beowulf
FEB/19/21 ‘The Flexible Sword Of Reason’
Chapter II. Love And Honour By Alfred Rosenberg #5
FEB/16/21 Hera’s Wrath
Musings On The Figure Of Herakles
FEB/15/21 "Anti-heroism Is The Core Value Of Puritanism..."
A Plantation America Question Concerning A Patreon Post
FEB/14/21 ‘Above The Earth’
A Pre-Biblical Impression Of The Bible #3: Genesis 1:20-23
FEB/10/21 Orphan Nation Is In Print
Child Bondage In The Anglo- American Experience: A Plantation America Report
FEB/10/21 Earrings
A Brief History Of Body Modification Adornments
FEB/09/21 ‘This Brotherhood Of The Damned’
Bronze Age Mindset An Exhortation By Bronze Age Pervert
FEB/07/21 ‘To Give Light Upon The Earth’
A Pre-Biblical Impression Of The Bible #2: Genesis 1:3 -19
FEB/05/21 Darkness Ancient & Modern
Based On James' Unpublished Report, Orphan Nation
FEB/05/21 ‘A Share Of Divinity’
Book II: Nature Of Germanic Art, Chapter 1. Racial Aesthetics By Alfred Rosenberg #4
FEB/03/21 Rapacious Cracker To Complaisant Boomer
Indented Versus Indentured: The Sinister Semantics Used To Align Crackers With Their Masters
JAN/30/21 The Beaver Dam
Teutonic Fist And The Crackpot Wax Misogynistic On Human Husbandry As The Ageless State Of The Drones Of Cuckmenistan
JAN/29/21 Ancient And Modern Combat Part 2
Rusty And The Crackpot Continue The Discussion On Human Concussion
JAN/28/21 ‘Over The Grave’
Chapter III. Mysticism And Action By Alfred Rosenberg #3
JAN/22/21 Ancient Athletics
Rusty And The Crackpot Discuss Arete And Agonistics
JAN/22/21 ‘A Fragment Of Antiquity’
Chapter II. Love And Honour By Alfred Rosenberg #2
JAN/20/21 ‘Face Of The Deep’
A Pre-Biblical Impression Of The Bible #1
JAN/18/21 Hostage Language & Future Slave Semantics
Sorrows Of Childhood No. 10: A Survey Of Child Bondage Imbedded In Our Mother Tongue And Slavery To Come
JAN/15/21 The Western Hero In Film
The Crackpot Talks Eastwood And Wayne With Rusty On Rusty Vignettes
JAN/13/21 ‘The Best Age’
Sorrows Of Childhood #3. Anne Of Green Gables
JAN/12/21 Rusty Vignettes Outlines
The Crackpot Offers A Dozen Worm-Holes Into The Collective Souls Past
JAN/12/21 Rusty And James
A Wide-Ranging Historical Discussion With An Audio-Historian
JAN/11/21 Blue Eyed Daughter Of Zeus
A Counterculture Exposition Of An Unforgiven Book Paperback, January 11, 2021
JAN/07/21 Half-Freight To Halfling
Child Bondage In Fiction And Biography: Sorrows Of Childhood #2
JAN/06/21 Rusty Vignettes
The Crackpot Will Be On A History Podcast Soon
DEC/31/20 Sorrows Of Childhood Complete
Child Slavery In America: A Historical Report
DEC/25/20 Sorrows Of Childhood
A Plantation America Series On Child Slavery From 1617 Through 2021
DEC/24/20 ‘What An Abominable Day’
I Am A Barbarian By Edgar Rice Burroughs
DEC/23/20 ‘A Kind Of Externalized Conscience’
Psychic Dictatorship In The U. S. A. By Alex Constantine, Feral House, 1995, 221 Pages
DEC/21/20 White Boy?
White Boy By Nazareth Homo Rockers In Service To Delusion And Slavery Denial
DEC/17/20 ‘Thoroughly Scrubbed’
Yasuke: Story Of The African Samurai In Japan
DEC/16/20 ‘A Therapeutic Society’
American Ajax: Victor Davis Hansen On Patton And Savior Generals
DEC/15/20 ‘Why The King James Version?’
A Church Lady Asks Why The Crackpot Eschews The Latest Greatest Translations Of The World’s Most Read Book
DEC/14/20 The Three Servile Wars
Why Do Modern People Reject Ancient Slavery?
DEC/12/20 Philopoemen
Training For Combat Vs Training For Combat Sports With New Ledord
DEC/11/20 ‘Alcatraces’
Pirate Narratives #5: Chapter 3
DEC/08/20 Branding
A Legacy Of Plantation America
DEC/07/20 ‘A Community Of Interest’
None Dare Call It Conspiracy By Gary Allen With Larry Abraham
DEC/04/20 ‘Given To Impure Copulations’
Pirate Narratives #4: Chapter 2
DEC/02/20 ‘Colonies Of Agriculture Economy’
The State Of Rhode Island And Providence Plantation
DEC/02/20 ‘In His Deepening Twilight’
The Conflict Of Values By Alfred Rosenberg #1 0f 11
NOV/26/20 Angela's Crack Pipe Ashes
On Being Waste People Compost: A Dialogue With Teutonic Fist
NOV/26/20 ‘An Exotic Status Symbol’
Peter The Great’s Chocolate Drop
NOV/25/20 My Dad
A Remembering
NOV/24/20 Slave
How Extensive Was Viking Pimping?
NOV/23/20 ‘A Demonic System’
Michael Wann On The Magic Of The Lie
NOV/20/20 ‘Free Male Inhabitants’
Notes On The Northwest Ordinances Of 1784 And 1787
NOV/18/20 Duty Boy To Squaw
Words From Colonial New England And Greater Plantation America, Lost And Found
NOV/13/20 We The Evil...
Devil Dick And The Crackpot Discuss Standards Of Human Decline
NOV/10/20 ‘Amongst The Ancient Seamen’
Pirate Narratives #3: Chapter 1
NOV/09/20 ‘Expedition’
The Red-Face-Island War #13
NOV/08/20 Nailed Uncle Sam To His Own Cross
Completed Search For An American Spartacus On 11/7/20 Almost Midnight
NOV/06/20 High Irish
And An Off-the-Cuff Crackpot History Of Greater Ireland
NOV/06/20 Nailing American Spartacus To The Cross
The Weekend Of 11/7-8/2020
NOV/06/20 ‘Low Irish’
Channeling Richard Francis Burton With T-Rex
NOV/05/20 ‘Crushed Underfoot’
The Warwolf: A Peasant Chronicle Of The Thirty Years War By Hermann Lons
NOV/03/20 ‘That Grand Rebel'
How Deeply Are Planted The Seeds Of American Dispossession And Are We The Crop Or The Weed?
OCT/29/20 ‘Wyrd Often Preserves’
A Warrior Be 18: Impressions Of Beowulf
OCT/28/20 Bondage Trajectory
Notes On The Difficulty Of Tracking Bondage Behind The Veil Of Lie-Filled Years
OCT/28/20 The Shifting Duel Of Doomed Races
James LaFond Will Blow Your Mind… At A Gents Rapier
OCT/28/20 Cunt Of Scales
The Symbology Of Justice In The Hysterical States Of Avarice
OCT/26/20 ‘Half Orphans’
Bill Carlisle, Lone Bandit An Autobiography
OCT/24/20 On Mythology
Richard Barrett And The Crackpot Mythropologist Discuss Our Collective Narrative Depth
OCT/24/20 ‘Of Your Wanderings’
The Aeneid Of Virgil, Book 1, Part 23
OCT/22/20 ‘The Weather Was Unusually Bad’
The Red-Face-Island War #12
OCT/17/20 Katrina
A Hobo History Video From A Viewer Question Out Of The Crackpot Abyss
OCT/16/20 Hate History
Larry La Marca Wants To Know When The Only Hated Folk First Came To America
OCT/16/20 ‘Bird Signs?’
Durango Wants To Know If The Crackpot Believes In Bird Signs
OCT/08/20 ‘Red’
Irish-African Ancestry In Plantation America
OCT/08/20 ‘Cupid’
The Aeneid Of Virgil, Book 1, Part 22
OCT/08/20 ‘Dare The Deep’
A Warrior Be #17: Impressions Of Beowulf
OCT/08/20 ‘The Number Of The Dead’
The Red-Face-Island War #11
OCT/07/20 'Rangers And Scouts'
Marius Is Wondering About Tolkien's Reality Reflections
OCT/04/20 Hoeing
Experimental Agricultural Archeology
OCT/03/20 ‘A Gateway’
Brain Muraresku And Graham Hancock On The Joe Rogan Experience # 1543
SEP/29/20 'Their Received Chronology'
Dialogue On Dark Age Dimensions With A Gentleman With A Keen Rapier
SEP/27/20 ‘A Better Man Than I!’
A Warrior Be #16: Impressions Of Beowulf
SEP/24/20 ‘Words Had To Change Their Ordinary Meaning’
Red-Face-Island War #10
SEP/22/20 Medicine To Poison
Banjo And The Hobo Discuss Our Combative Soul
SEP/22/20 Wage Slavery
Stages In Transitional Servitude
SEP/21/20 ‘The Expected One’
Khartoum, Starring Charlton Heston:1966
SEP/19/20 Climate Change Chicanery
A Brief Survey Of Cataclysmic Weather Events
SEP/17/20 ‘Her Unhallowed Marriage Bed’
The Aeneid Of Virgil, Book 1, Part 21
SEP/16/20 A Buried Past
Banjo And James Discuss Unrecorded America
SEP/15/20 ‘Old World Behaviorism’
Historical Account Of The Mollie Maguires By A. Monroe Aurand, Jr.
SEP/10/20 ‘To The List Of Their Enemies’
Red-Face-Island War #9
SEP/09/20 A Request From The Gaslit East
Seneca On God As The Father
SEP/08/20 The Middle Sea
Notes On Encrypting Truth In A Gas Lit World: Impressions Of Victor Davis Hansen’s Lectures
SEP/08/20 ‘The Mighty Geat’
A Warrior Be #15: Impressions Of Beowulf
SEP/02/20 The Inn
A Muse Of Matrons In Manly Times Past
AUG/31/20 Only Fit To Rule Over Ruins
The Dream: A Critique Of Winston Churchill’s Foreign Policy By Marcus Casca: Part 2
AUG/30/20 Of The British Bulldog’s Many Failings
The Dream: A Critique Of Winston Churchill’s Foreign Policy By Marcus Casca: Part 1
AUG/30/20 ‘Fear’
The Lessons Of History By Will And Ariel Durant: Summation 7
AUG/28/20 ‘What Is Wrong In Itself’
Red-Face-Island War #8

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