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I developed this website for my friend James. He was a coach of mine in the past, and continues to be my greatest muse. This site started as a hard-typed HTML website featuring a few dozen of Jim's articles, but quickly blossomed into a behemoth. In an effort to hedge the tidal wave of content, I put together a very simple content-management-system where he could post on his own. It started there in 2010. A year later we sold our first PDF.

Why this weird website and not Wordpress or Blogspot, etc? I thought building a CMS from the ground-up would be a good opportunity to ply some computer skills I had, and a create a sandbox to learn new technologies. Also, Jim preferred the ultra-simplicity of the backend I created. It's worked to fulfill these two needs since the beginning, and despite some hiccups along the way, the project still stands.

I wanted this website to reflect what I appreciate about the old[er] web: no Cookies, no Ads, no Banners, no Social Media junk. I wanted it to have a little personality - thats why I've efforted to make custom graphics as much as possible. I wanted it to be a place of free speech - which is why I moderate the comments and allow everything thru as long as it's not promoting violence.

Hopefully [we] can continue to produce and moderate this website. One day, it may be hosted on a toaster oven. If you'd like to help, continue visiting the site and consider:
  • Buying a PDF (goes to James, no one else)
  • Report a bug (webmaster @

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Harm City
Modern Combat

A historical focus on Аrуаn relationships with domesticated animals and monsters, the Bronze Age Collapse and Thucydides, with a mythic focus on Genesis and Beowulf. 2021, 346 pages.
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Gibbons' Summations
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