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Short Novel Collection #5
7 Novels of Heroic & Savage Conviction: Skulker Jones, Poet, Reverent Chandler, Malediction Song, Nightsong of the Nords, The Filthy Few, Can
Skulker Jones
A Tale of Dark Deviltry at the End of Caucasian Time
Tom Jones, born in 1972 to a woman who threw her brassiere at the British singer she would name him after—the boy that would be fathered by a roadie that intercepted her backstage during her quest to meet the celebrity she worshiped—looked in the mirror, on the evening of Thursday, September 26, 2046, as the moon rose in the sky above Harm City and came to the conclusion that he was expendable. Broke, maimed for life by a bad hip, having failed as a boxer, and having only one pro prospect in his small gym, Tom Jones decided to brave the evil pit of sin that was his hellish home town and limp out into the night to find “Slippy” Braxton. Slippy had gone missing on the eve of the fight that might keep Slippy from a return to prison and keep the doors to the Charm City Gym open for another year.
Written in real time, Skulker Jones is an urban horror tale of a failed man looking for a final saving grace. Skulker Jones is the sequel to A Hoodrat Halloween.
Akbar Qama, retired boxer and former Black Muslim assassin, who fought The Man in Detroit and Oakland back in the day, has retired to the life of a boxing coach for a boy's outreach program sponsored by the same evil man that recruited him more than four decades ago. In Baltimore he lives on the top floor of a vacant house and is known as The Street Light Man and Black Superman by the local youth. The Whites who know him call him Poet. Past sixty years, with his mental powers and extreme physicality fading, Akbar is finally faced with a test worthy of the man who once wasted his gifts on prize-fighting and vengeance, when he meets a frightening White Devil who draws him into a dance with Death and Damnation.
Reverent Chandler
The Saga of Fend
The last warband of the Nord Clans has descended the Mud River for the Final Cull. But they alone gather at the Place Reverent. The Sark Clans have failed to glide downriver from the rocky west. The Cumber Clans have not come stalking out of the forested east. Only the enemy, foul, arrogant and teeming, have arrived at the Place Reverent, leaving not a man, woman or child alive. Only Reverent Chandler survives, maimed and staked by the Papas, the last seer of the Nords south of Broodhome, to where he must be conveyed in haste to speak with Reverent Arbor, last of his pondering line. As winter falls, and the remorseless ice-choked current bedevils them, the last warriors of their kind must ascend the accursed river of their foes, one final time, where once, in the time of their fathers, the first warriors of their kind had descended in triumph.
Malediction Song
More than 500 years after an attempt to counter global warming via the deployment of solar shield satellites plunged Earth into a precipitous Ice Age, the rapid cooling of mankind’s habitat is no longer a subject for debate, but rather a question of faith. As the crusading order of the Maledictine Creed seek to cleanse Mankind of its voluminous guilt and wash the world of sin, those men who have heard the call of the Old Gods sung by the North Wind seek a savage reckoning.
This is the brutal prequel to Reverent Chandler: The Saga of Fend, told in three parts:
  • Malediction Song: Rise of the Nords
  • Hammer of the Cumber Clans: The Patrimony of Est
  • The First Cull: The Patrimony of Fend
Nightsong of the Nords
In this sequel to Reverent Chandler, the forces of the Universal Church which extinguished the Cumber Clans, Sark Clans and Nord Clans in a post-apocalyptic North America, set their sights on the Night Clans, the last indigenous survivors of a post-national ice age to avoid the pious scythe of globalism.
The Filthy Few
Samuel Finlay comes home from working at the Dollar Store, wondering why his college education had fitted him for nothing more than pointless military service and now customer service for the rude. Then, on the dilapidated porch of his Little Rock, Arkansas rental, waiting for him with what seemed infinite patience, was a man in a gray suit, silver sunglasses and silver hair with the following message from the last Pro-American President of The United States.
The people that run the world through the media have an annual meeting in a place known to the Sitting President, wherein all first term politicians, all media and social media executives and the deans of the 100 most prestigious universities in the nation rape abducted children as part of a satanic pact, to be documented by state agents and employed to keep these people in line with the will of the 15 bankers who rule the world.
The President will pardon six vicious criminals, serving life or on death row, if they agree to form a death squad to wipe out the pedophiles running the nation from behind closed doors and rescue the doomed children from their deep state fate.

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