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Beasts of Aryas
An Inquiry into Аrуаn Culture, Domestication and the Monstrous
A historical focus on Аrуаn relationships with domesticated animals and monsters, the Bronze Age Collapse and Thucydides, with a mythic focus on Genesis and Beowulf. 2021, 346 pages.
Six years or so ago I began this inquiry into the origins, actions and plight of the most successful family of races in known human Time. This has been driven by the wonder that those peoples who have so dominated their fellows and done more to alter the shape of life on this planet than all of the Emperors of China, Peru or Mexico or the Pharaohs of Egypt, have come to hate ourselves as a body with such virulence. And further, this study has been undertaken in two dueling lights:
That honest and unbiased inquiry into the human past has become taboo, and,
That as we turn against ourselves as a society, that more people of our kind have adopted pets as fur-babies than have bothered to have children.
It occurs here, at this strange nexus, that the Indo-European legacy of pioneering animal domestication and of inventing the machines that have largely replaced beasts of burden, that we as, in our generations down through Time, have unleashed forces that have in turn leashed us.
I find that spending these last weeks in the Rocky Mountains, with a man who has spent more time hunting and tracking wild animals and managing domesticated animals for longer than I have been alive, is a fitting place to try and wrap up the second phase of this ponderous investigation of the wandering warrior races that have somehow found their destination to be upon a couch, before an oracle of gods that traffic most often in lies, and sometimes in truth, just as Hesiod long ago sung of the Heliconian Muses.
-James LaFond, Oakley, Utah, September 1 2021
“I KNOW it—that the first dogs were cubs, taken by man after we killed their parents. That is how you domesticate a wild thing, to get it to imprint on you in infancy. Even then it doesn't always work. It's how the government turns our children against us, just like we turned dogs against wolves. But, unlike the wolves, we are complicit. We let them take our young into those schools—kennels you might as well call them—and work on their minds. I suppose its no less then we deserve. It's our way to try and reshape what God has made.”
-A Hunter at Dawn, as a dog howls in the near distance, Oakley, Utah, August 30 2021
1. Rise of Man ~ A Discussion of Human Lifeways in the Context of War
2. Sons of Aryas ~ Initial Investigation into Animal Domestication and War
3. In Olden Times ~ Inquiries and Impressions of Ancient Civics, War and Metaphysics
4. Upon the Earth ~ An Impression of Genesis from an Pre-Biblical Perspective
5. A Warrior Be ~ Impressions of Beowulf
6. Fallen Times ~ Considering the Bronze Age Collapse and Possible Prehistoric Civilizations
7. Red-Face-Island War ~ An Impressionistic Investigation into Thucydides History
8. Of Ichor and War ~ Metaphysics, Heroism and the Monstrous in Аrуаn Time
9. Europa's Song ~ Modern and Post-Modern Echoes of the Аrуаn Legacy
Series Books
1. Sons of Aryas: Soul of the West: Volume 1
2. Beasts of Aryas: An Inquiry into Аrуаn Culture, Domestication and the Monstrous
3. Blue Eyed Daughter of Zeus
4. Songs of Aryas: Considering the Strands of Аrуаn Tradition
5. Shrouds of Aryas: Inquiries Into the Trajectory of War Band Culture
6. Norns of Aryas: A Heroic View of Ancient Thought
7. Of Fey and Fury: Practicing Pulp History

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