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Search for an American Spartacus
A Survey of the Conditions, Revolts, Uprisings, Runaways, Resistance, Conspiracies, Rebellions and the Extant Legacy of Plantation America
Search for an American Spartacus

An attempt to identify servile American unrest in Early America by contrasting its massive institutions of forced labor against the human bondage of Antiquity and the sinister enhancements of Post-modernity. 2020, 768 pages.
Dust Cover
Search for an American Spartacus is an attempt to identify servile American unrest in the lurid light of that age, rather than in the bright, blinding, utopian light of our own dystopian age. The root concept is the use of the chronological mirror of historical inquiry in multi-dimensions, in which the author attempts to triangulate the massive and centuries-long institutions of forced labor in Early Modern Plantation America, with the ancient institutions of human bondage of Biblical and Greco-Roman Antiquity and the Modern and Post-Modern institutions of state propaganda, NGO ideology, Deep State mind control, social media orthodoxy and corporate media manipulation.
Includes summations of over 300 American Revolts.
The Fix is In! 8
The Heathen: Part 1 10
‘That Grand Rebel' 10
Sorrow and Affliction 21
Warr Against the Heathen 128
The Troubles with the Indians 325
2 Prequel Bondage 350
‘Fiercely Contested by Experts’ 350
'Their Received Chronology' 352
The Three Servile Wars 357
Regarding White Slavery Under Canute 362
‘Their Concubines’ 364
By Way of Indenture 370
‘Crushed Underfoot’ 373
New Orleans 377
‘A New and Accurate Map of the World’ 378
Mar Del Zur 382
Unknowne Land 384
A Buried Past 387
The Middle Sea 395
‘What an Abominable Day’ 400
Peril Out of the Northwest 403
'Rangers and Scouts' 408
‘Low Irish’ 412
High Irish 416
‘Big Jim’ 421
‘Whiskers’ 428
Hate History 430
‘Red’ 436
‘Old World Behaviorism’ 440
Bondage Trajectory 446
‘Colonies of Agriculture Economy’ 451
3 Conditions 453
Duty Boy to Squaw 453
‘Collection of the Duties’ 459
'Master-Servant Rule' 462
‘Mrs. Grimes’ 469
‘The First Man’ 473
‘Shanghaied’ 475
‘Free Male Inhabitants’ 476
Hoeing 480
'The Capital Crime of Larceny' 484
The Shifting Duel of Doomed Races 488
‘Half Orphans’ 497
‘My Man’ 504
‘The Expected One’ 508
4 Doom, Damnation and Domination 512
Plots, Holdouts, and Uprisings: 512
‘The Sword of the Law’ 648
Pirate Narratives 1 651
‘Amongst the Ancient Seamen’ 653
‘Given to Impure Copulations’ 655
‘Alcatraces’ 659
Random Rebels 664
‘A Heart Full of Grief’ 664
‘The Half-King’ 670
‘Ye Scum of the Country’ 677
‘A Demonic System’ 684
Billy with the Hair Colored Yellow 689
Necrophobia in the Land of the Lie 697
‘Captain Jack’ 706
5 Sequel Bondage 710
The Personal Slaves of Technocrats 712
Worlds of Negation 715
Notes on Slavery in the 21st Century 717
‘Cecil’s Riddle’ 727
Wage Slavery 729
Weakass Nation 739
Summons to Supplication 746
Nailing American Spartacus to the Cross 752
‘A Kind of Externalized Conscience’ 760
Who Was the American Spartacus? 767

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