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Pillagers Of Time
Book Two of The Sunset Saga (Novels & Shorts)
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Pillagers Of Time
A diverse team of time-travelers are tasked with recovering lost genes and genius’ from the deep past. 16th Century Seneca Child Savant Three-Rivers, the first person recovered from the past, and the time-traveler that originally contacted him, become suspicious of their sponsors’ motives and begin a chronological insurrection.

Dust Cover
The Neanderthal & Bottleneck Events, and the Transmogrification of Three-Rivers
The Pillagers of Time chronicles the efforts of a team of time-travelers operating out of the 21st Century on behalf of their 29th Century sponsor. They are tasked with recovering lost genes and genius' from the deep past and are opposed by a cult of 24th Century fanatics.
In the novel Beyond the Ember Star Jay Bracken, 20th Century orphan, 21st Century barbarian, and 16th Century war-hero, is transported 35,000 years into the past. Jay must bring a Neanderthal child back to the 21st Century and, in return, help that child's people survive Earth's deadliest predators...
In the novella Comes the Six Winter Night Three-Rivers, 16th Century Iroquois prophet, journeys 75,000 years into the past, to the eve of the of the Sumatran Super Eruption in search of the doomed Dawn People.
In the stories Independence Day and Cave Boy Jay Bracken has found that 21st Century employment prospects are bleak for a stone-age warlord. He drifts across the now alien landscape of modern America losing his grip on the sanity that others take for granted as he waits to be summoned back to the past.
In the novel Thunder-Boy Three-Rivers now lives in 21st Century America, the world he knows as Sunset. He works as a translator for a genetic reclamation or "time-hunting" unit managed by his adopted mother, a genetically engineered 24th Century assassin who he knows as the Sunset Lady. The "ADHD" and "epilepsy" medication fed to him on Sunset clouds his visions and prevents him from talking with the animals and walking with the dead.
In order to regain his lost medicine Three-Rivers tricks Burnt Man [Doctor Charles Robinson, inventor of the time-travel hoops known as capacitators] and the Sunset Lady and steals the Secret of the Thunderbirds. With Thunderer's Dream-Catcher in his possession he embarks on a medicine-quest: to 2844 in search of the unseen Masters of Furthest Sunset; and to 1628 to save the Civilized People of Mother Earth Past from the savage White invaders.
Also included are the short stories Inception and Under the Crooked Tree.
The following stories are based on operative interviews. The list below is arranged in roughly chronological order according to the protagonist's description of the event, The Service's interpretation of the event, story length and primary operative viewpoint.
  • Inception: Mister Shuei's Sacrifice short, Charlie Robinson
  • Beyond the Ember Star: The Neanderthal Event novel, Jay Bracken
  • Comes the Six Winter Night: The Bottleneck Event novella, Three-Rivers
  • Under The Crooked Tree: A Branch One Intervention short, Daniel London
  • Independence Day short, Jay Bracken
  • Cave Boy short, Tavon Price
  • Thunder-Boy: the Transmogrification of Three Rivers novel, Three-Rivers
  • The Service: A 2012 Staff Profile compiled by Trent Drudge Glossary

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