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Buzz Bunny
The Transmigration of Joey Watkins (Novelette)
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Buzz Bunny
Tamar Jackson is the 11-year old subject of extreme bullying who is befriended by a 'mad-planning' rabbit. The rabbit offers his assistance as a survival expert in return for two favors that will forever put Tamar at odds with the world of grownups.

Tamar Jackson is the 11-year old subject of extreme bullying. One day after school, while fleeing through Stoner Park to escape the notorious Simpson Boys, he ends up hiding in the very same place where the body of Joey Watkins, the teenage pothead, was found just two weeks ago. While hiding from the bullies Tamar finds himself hunched down next to a rabbit. The rabbit has the ability to communicate with Tamar—and only Tamar—telepathically, and claims to be the reincarnation of Joey Watkins.
The telepathic rabbit offers to help Tamar deal with the bullies. And, making the case that he is a handicapped individual, the nefarious rabbit elicits Tamar’s promise to help him smoke one last joint, and then exact revenge from the drug-dealers that left him to die in Stoner Park.
Based on actual events.
Parental Warning: Not endorsed by the SPCA, approved by MENSA, or optioned by the Disney Channel. Contains sympathetic depictions of gratuitous criminal acts.

Donnell Preston
“This is Watership Down meets The Wire—off the hook.”
"I finished Buzz Bunny. I think you were smoking pot when you wrote the story. It was both intriguing and tragic. Why did Joey have to show up again and tempt him? Tamar was almost free to start his life. Yes, I'm glad he helped the girl but I wished it could have happened another way.
"The story also makes me parents not recognize when their child is being bullied? Do they not care because they can't handle their child looking weak? Were they bullied themselves and it brings back bad memories? Do they think boys/girls should learn how to defend themselves without their help? Maybe martial art centers need to promote anti-bullying classes to schools since the school system seems to turn a blind eye until something tragic happens.
"I like it better as a fantasy with a telepathic rabbit than as the story of a boy who thinks he has an animal helper."

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