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The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
The Foundation of Our Misbegotten Nation
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The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
Volume 9 of the Plantation America Project: The Companion Volume to Cracker-Boy

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold makes the case that the land which became the United States of America was not known as “The Colonies” but “The Plantations,” that these lands were not transformed from pristine forest to labor camps by African men but by European boys, that the root of the American nation was not a place of liberty and freedom but a place of servitude and exploitation—in short, an economic zone fueled by human trafficking in its most savage forms.
Discover the truth of Plantation America and wonder no more why the media financed by your consumption and the academia funded by your taxation call for race retribution in one shrill voice. The toxic mythology of race-based chronological guilt and reparation springs from the foundational lie necessary to keep exploited peoples from joining against the system that erased their past and thereby stole their future.

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