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Book of Nightmares
Being a Chronicle of Select Nightmares
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Book of Nightmares
Fantastic Voyage Revisited
The dreams James LaFond has allowed his readers access to are markedly energetic, vivid, and adventuresome in large part. While many of the dreams do contain violence, the violence rarely involves real bloodshed and murder, although there is one that comes close, as I recall. And a few of them are just simply downright childlike, fit as a fairy tale, touching, and charming.

James LaFond’s Book of Nightmares is a short collection of the author’s dreams, largely from March 2019. LaFond’s dreams are violent, sexual, whimsical, sometimes long and sometimes short. They provide a glimpse into the subconscious mind of a man who is uncommonly candid with his conscious mind, which he has shared with readers in many memoirs of his life as a grocer in one of the world’s most dangerous cities.
“I’ll dare say, James, from what you write here, an astute reader can only infer that you don’t understand why your dreams are violent and why they really exist. This is the general nature of dreams: they humiliate and torture. The Czech novelist and philosopher, Ladislav Klima, said, ‘Dreams are masochistic.’ Also, more a student of Carl Jung than of Sigmund Freud, psychiatrist Maurice Nicoll, once a student of G.I. Gurdjieff, wrote in the last chapter on responsibility in his book, Dream Psychology: ‘No one must expect to live in contact with the unconscious without being constantly humiliated. The honest man dreams of theft. The pious man dreams lascivious dreams. The shadow and undeveloped parts of the self dwell in the unconscious and show themselves in dreams.’”-Charles Steiner, Editor
About the author: James LaFond is the most well-read and well-fought man alive today, and the most prolific writer, having over 150 books in print. He is a historian, diarist, biographer, tabletop game designer, stick fighter, machete duelist, boxing coach and train riding traveling prophet.

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