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America the Brutal
Short Novel Collection #1
Four Short Novels with Law Enforcement Themes: Ghost Snatcher, The Last Good Cop, Wake Christopher aka Whack the Blue, and Writ Hate
Ghost Snatcher
In the Company of Heroes in the Shadow of America
Dust Cover
A novel of 2048
Principal Warrant Officer Bersten Dessalines has graduated top of his class from the Portland Social Justice Academy just in time for the final act in the War against Privilege. He has been assigned as crew for Justice Server #42 four of the most decorated Social Justice Servants for the drive against The Last Redoubt of hateful fanaticism in the Uinta Mountains of Utah. As a Civil Server, however, Dessalines is disturbed, for his crew flagrantly demonstrate uncompassioned behavior, have renamed their vehicle “Ghost Snatcher” and, most disturbing of all, stridently insist that they are that which is fundamentally incompatible with both Social Justice and Civil Service: heroes.

The Last Good Cop
The Tao of Juan Stabone
Juan Stabone, decorated Portland Police Officer, discovers that his drive to arrest Bad Guys has put him on the social justice enemies list and accepts a unique assignment to help clean-up the streets of Baltimore, Maryland during the pandemic of 2020.

Wake Christopher (or Whack the Blue)
Wake Christopher is a transmigrant recluse, cast into the future by The Christ, as a mercy of Salvation, to bring a benediction upon mankind. This is his unlikely tale, told some years before 2050, the year of his awakening.
That's right, Jesus Christ looks down from the cross at the kindest of the three Roman soldiers dicing for his things and casts him into the future as a cop killer!

Writ Hate
Land Whaling Among the Eaters
A heathen cop killer rises from the soul of a frustrated American man...
In 2020, rationality died and the hallowed Lie became the clarion guide of the sloe-eyed in their American Sty. Here, a young man is cast adrift by circumstances among the teaming herds of eaters, land whales and oxygen thieves. As ennui rings in the hero’s inner ear, God sheds an elder tear. The Old Ones are awakened from Norning, the Veil is rent, and into the feedlot of civilization a savior of barbarism is vengeance sent.
Written in Love and Hate at a view to an affront upon Fate.
Dedicated to every man who dreams of breaking his mammy chains: may he have many adventures, crush sissy hopes into ruin, blast complaisant dreams into oblivion, and trod the leisure civics of the Eaters into the muddy stairs of Time.

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