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Under the God of Things
The Masculine Condition within the Belly of the Soul-Eating Beast Known as Civilization
Under the God of Things

This Masculinity Omnibus contains 10,000 words of select essays from 2013-16 and the books: The Third Eye, Incubus of Your Sacred Emasculation, and At the End of Masculine Time
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Copyright 2016 James LaFond
Incubus of Your Sacred Emasculation
Incubus of Your Sacred Emasculation makes the case that Modern Man was psychologically neutered and denatured beyond his dimmest dreams, and that his grandson, the Postmodern First World Man has been reduced to the social status of the eunuch of old, and possibly prefigures a drone-like future.
This politically incorrect screed describes the process by which men have been invalidated through conquest, civics, and literature. The author makes the case that as long as civilizations have risen men have been systematically emasculated, and goes onto interpretations of Gilgamesh, The Iliad, The Odyssey and Beowulf that reflect on the authors of these ancient works as having been cognizant of this process.
The Third Eye
James LaFond, a science-fiction writer who has authored such counter-culture self help books as When You’re Food and Taboo You, uses the tools of the writer of speculative system to explore the subtext of the postmodern American life.
This series of 12 insightfully humorous essays includes:
The Extinction of Men
To Step On God’s Toe
Welcome to Manginastan
The Fall of the Garden of Ishtar
And the GQ Mugging Inquest
The Third Eye is an examination of alienated engagement and emasculation in postmodern America, and is the immediate prequel to Incubus of Your Sacred Emasculation.
At The End of Masculine Time
A Case for Cultural Resistance
At The End of Masculine Time makes the case that modern liberal society is a Faustian matrix whereby the collective and individual souls of men are incinerated on The Altar, of what the author names ‘the God of Things’.
This apostolic manifesto makes the case against the ever pervasive violence of civilization in favor of the serenity of barbarity.
This counter culture meditation on being a man in an emasculated society names the cause, enumerates the symptoms, and offers a cure for what ails men.
Includes the essays:
Echoes of Men
What Smokes on God’s Altar
Superman and the Plight of Orks
Let the Weak Fall
In The Onion Field of the Soul
and, Where Life is Scarce

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