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Short Novel Collection #3
7 Novels About Protagonists Tossed on the Uncaring Seas of Fate: Sold, Cox & Swain, American Dreamboat, Little Feet Going Nowhere, Flood, Haft, Uprising, and bonus children's story Tamarno!
Three Tragic Lives: Vain, Prodigal & Penitent
On August 5th, 1678, at the gallows on Westover, in Charles City, in the Country of Virginia, “neer the Plantation called Hard Labour,” according to the Law established by the House of Burgesses at Jamestown, and in no way contradictory to the Law of England, was executed a servant, named Thomas Hellier, for the brutal killings of his “Master, Mistress and Maid.”
On the night before his torment, Thomas confessed his sins and regrets to a shipmate, who, like himself, had been kidnapped and sold as a slave on the pretext of being hired as a school teacher in the rapidly rebuilding Plantations of Virginia, lately rescued from the clutches of vile vagabonds and rogues intent on feloniously forming an absurdly free Country in “that naked land,” [1]; they were bought to toil in a post-apocalyptic 1678, at the edge of God’s very world.
This is their cautionary tale.
Note: 1. As spoken by Charles II, regarding the conclusion of the recent war in his colony of Virginia.
Cox & Swain
Sons of an Udderless Whore
“Cox and Swain,
lived a song of sorrowed yore.
One with dash, his fellow with half a brain,
two bastard urchins napped from gaggled Poor.
Rude-made pox boys who made a pact of pain,
as half-freight bound for an orphan shore.
Bound over in roguish twain,
rather whipped than buggered they swore.
Bought by the Captain did coin their name;
Two rudderless sons of an utterless whore.”
-George Alsop, PROVINCE of MARYLAND, January 17, 1659, Baltimore Towne
American Dreamboat
A Tale of the America of 2048
Although this novelette might best be described as the horrific fantasy of a xenophobe, I have attempted to render it as realistic, near-future science-fiction. Hopefully my fictional predictions shall prove terribly wrong.
Little Feet Going Nowhere
Sam Waterford's Outrageous Profession and the Fate of Humanity
Sam Waterford, a male prostitute, and his pimp wife, Marie, find themselves uniquely aware of a fundamental change in human nature which begins spiraling frighteningly out of control.The most politically incorrect last day on earth story ever written is in print.
A Life in Deed
In 1956 little Israel inherited his Daddy’s sharecrop. But, as he purchased feed for his chickens down in Georgia, to his ears came tales of opportunity, easy living and fine women up north in them cities. He sold his chickens and his hog and headed north at age 12. Flood is the episodic account of this man’s struggle in Baltimore, Maryland, his struggle to become and remain a man.
A Tale of Middle Earth High Fantasy
Elfbane was the greatest of his race, Warder against the Elves who came with their lies swaddled in grace, Raider of Men in their slave dens, Driver of the Dwarfs back to their hoarding place, Shield of the Root of All Fens. On the first night of Spring, to the Holy Fen Elfbane brought her, to sire a son who would bear the might of his ax-wielding hand cou-pled with the scheming mind of men. The muddy minds of the race he was born to save would call him Haft.
Haft is a high fantasy set in an authentic mytho-logical place, Middle Earth, where mortals suffer dooms between ice and sands, mountains and sea—Overworld and Underworld.
In 2031, as winter roars down out of Canada into the Lower 48, three hunters of “Olden Stripe,” Major Wolf, Ishmael Boone, and Punk City Coon, all join forces in one final attempt to grasp the vibrant threads of their violent youths amidst the stormy events gathering in the winter of their misbegotten lives.
Can three senior shithole citizens, a retired warfighter, a retired big game hunter and a retired ghetto assassin, fathom, let alone defeat, the savage uprising of primeval forces gathering in the backwoods of Southwestern Montana as the world turns on its human defilers?
A five year old girl, an only child who is also rather short of the full complement of parents and grandparents, ventures out with her trusty hound to fight an old adversary.

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