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~ History of the Future ~
Mescaline Franklin Asks The Crackpot The VQ: 8/10/21
Posted in Blog on Oct 26, 2021 — 82 reads
The Indo-Chinese & Sino-African Wars—Crux Cross & The Crackpot On The History Of The Future: 8/8/21
Posted in Harm City on Oct 15, 2021 — 802 reads
The Social Control Clinic Down Under Hints At A Cuckmerican Future: 8/8/21
Posted in Blog on Oct 13, 2021 — 922 reads
Impressions Of The Counterfeit Olympics: 7/31/21
Posted in Blog on Oct 12, 2021 — 839 reads
Musings On The Mechanics Of The Holy Lie
Posted in Blog on Oct 9, 2021 — 1057 reads
The Crackpot Answers Charges Of Prophetic Malpractice And The History Of The Future
Posted in Histories on Aug 13, 2021 — 2611 reads
Don Quotays Cues The Crackpot On The Future Of The American Police State
Posted in Harm City on Aug 10, 2021 — 2838 reads
The Brick Mouse Wants To Know Their Place In The History Of The Future
Posted in Histories on Aug 7, 2021 — 2802 reads
Why The Future History Of America Will See The Return Of Chattel Bondage
Posted in Histories on Aug 3, 2021 — 2997 reads
Why Predicting The Future Is So Easy
Posted in Histories on Jul 30, 2021 — 2500 reads
The Care And Kneading Of Your Pet Graphomaniac
Posted in Blog on Jul 20, 2021 — 2612 reads
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Modern Combat

This myopic adventure blends military science-fiction and mythic fantasy as Yule First Warrior of the Eternal Hall and God of War over Men is cast down from Heaven to wander 21st Century America in a brutal quest for a much coveted head that remains maddeningly attached to the body of a meddlesome prophet.

Parental Warning: Explicit sexual situations, extreme violence and brutality.
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