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Ho Jacking
12:30 P.M. Friday, Aril 21. 2018
© 2018 James LaFond
At the Villa Crest elementary school, not far from where I moved to in Towson, MD, right in the path of the hoodrat invasion financed by Baltimore County by order of the Federal Housing Authority, for hood hos staged a daylight carjacking at peak hours.
Against school policy, staff permitted four “teenage girls” to enter the school. Although a “description” was supposedly taken, the only thing broadcast about them on the news was their age.
After pretending to be inquiring as to the enrollment of a student, the apparently Amish teens left, followed a pregnant ghost teacher to her car and attacked her. When the ghost breeder attempted to call 911, one righteous girl grabbed her while another took the phone. Pushing the ghost breeder down on the lot, the four martyr hos then piled into the car, achieving reparations recovery and making off towards the city.
At the time of this news nothing is known of the car, the phone, the potential horse and buggy hidden in bushes, or even the race of the Reparation Recovery Agents, just their age and gender. However, as the ghost breeder is in the early stages of gestation it is suspected that another misbegotten child of privilege will be born to her dying race.
Note from a Correspondent
I just came across this article of a pregnant teacher being attacked Friday morning. While leaving the school, she was approached by a group who knocked her down took her car keys from her and stole her car Two of the suspects fled on her black Kia and the other two drove off in a silver sedan with VA plates.
Vehicle 1
Color: silver
Type: sedan
License: VA
Other News
In other news, the Baltimore City States Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, was slapped around by her thug boyfriend and campaign organizer and filed a peace order in response and then rescinded it. There is no word on why Harm City’s light-skinned gangster bitch backed off charging her manz…
With 85 killings to date, The Harm City Hoodrats are hitting the Grit Arn hard to make up for a cold-weather imposed slow start to the hood year. The eastside has 3 stabbing deaths and the south side 1, with none on the West Side. The trend of older victims is still on, with most over 30 and a handful over 60.
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