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Cobra Kai in Your Eye
By Fred Beare
© 2018 James LaFond
I went onto YouTube to see a LaFond contribution, and was hit by the “Cobra Kai” series, which carries on “The Karate Kid Saga,” now that the main opponents are grown men, middle aged:
The original bs story had the new kid on the block, a swarthy ethnic, being beaten up by bad blond karate dudes. Kindly Asian old super-guy helps ethnic kid beat bad blonds and makes America less blond, or something like that. See, if you are an ethnic, backed by an Asian sorcerer, you can master karate in just a few weeks, and stop Trump building a wall, as if that required any effort.
The new series is a little more balanced, basically showing both characters, ethnic guy and blond guy, as flawed. Ethnic guy though, in my opinion, is a pretty repulsive prick, rich from selling cars and pushing the karate doggy do mythos. He has a bitch wife and is blessed by two repulsive kids. The blond guy just slums his way through life; in one scene I saw, eating a droopy piece of dirty pizza for dinner. Way to go!
Anyway, a good deconstruction of “The Karate Kid” is given here:
In the modern day, we have the Alt Right basically following the same path with their “Asian fetish.” A discussion is here:
Beyond that though, we have the narrative at all the race realist sites, that East Asian have a superior IQ to Euro-whites, and a superior culture. This uncritical empiricism does not extend to considering IQ studies that contradict this, let alone criticisms of their sacred measure, IQ:
We can also find articles desperately attempting to explain civilizational differences between East Asian and Europe, given their assumption of vast IQ differences. For a counter, of sorts:
Fuck, $1,255:22 for a hard cover book. Somebody must really want that to be read.
Nevertheless, even given the race realist assumptions, the small differences are between population means, and say nothing about the distribution at the top end of the bell curve. Who care who has the smartest grunters? And, how can these race realists be taken in any way as friends of our race? I could not imagine the Chinese championing us if the roles were reversed.
Nor does the consideration of dysgenic declines in IQ of Euro-whites, it seems merit much study by the race realists:
Maybe those who want to be part of Asian could consider the future that China is bringing, with mass Chinese indoctrination camps coming our way:
Homework reading for this week’s tutorial for Racial Harmony 101:
Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization
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Shep     May 21, 2018

I'm kinda likin' Cobra Kai—at least the two free episodes I've seen. Bad blonde Johnny hilariously berates his sub-omega students for their wimpiness and steadfastly refuses to talk in 2018 social justice-speak. I'm sure the writers will ruin it in the future, but the Johnny character, like Archie Bunker, will prove to be surprisingly popular with the audience, rather than the evil character he's "supposed" to be.
Bob     May 22, 2018

The end of Victorian eugenics saw the universal adoption of socialism, from the currency down. Nothing will stop dysgenics while socialism stands (NS doesn't convince me as eugenic, notwithstanding the posturing). Idiocracy (2006) wasn't a comedy, it was a tragedy.
Shep     May 22, 2018

Good review of Cobra Kai in Counter-Currents:
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