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The Shape of Cracked Pottery to Come
Podcasting and Publishing News from the Ancient Crockery Itself
© 2018 James LaFond
As my sanity and faculty spiral onward into oblivion and my matronly angel on the Left Coast, along with Tony Cox and other volunteers, wrestle with their own substantial earthly concerns, a fleeting picture of what remains of my dubious mission to counter our corrupt culture has taken shape in my faltering mind.
What follows is something akin to Humpty Dumpty chartering his futures as the King's men rush to save his head.
This is what it looks like.
Based on the passion that these folks have devoted to making sure my hate speech is properly spelled and pleasingly arranged in uniform fonts, and in consideration of our various limitations, this most unique readership and listenership may expect:
-A monthly Crackpot Podcast
-A monthly Crackpot Books release in print and then, perhaps a week later, in kindle
-An annual Dark-Eyed Girl book [Check out Of Lions and Men and Man Gearing]
-An annual Taboo Books release from Bart Maney [Mani], being that Аrуаn warrior's selected works by James LaFond culled from my online publishing for the previous year
-A Seasonal Tribes Yarn, released in print and kindle, being my pulp fiction novelette series, proofread by a pro, but with no editor, with covers built by my darling, dark-eyed niece from the 1980s art of Richard Thomas and Joseph Bellofatto and my sister's current art [see Drink Deep of Night below]
-Tony Cox is editing The Sunset Saga, which I am giving to him as a literary property to re issue in print and kindle as second editions. As Tony brings this series into print I will pull my originals [which had no editor or proof reader other than myself]. The two Dark-Eyed Girl volumes, Den of the Ender and God's Picture Maker [with art by J.B.] will remain in print as first editions. The remaining 10 volumes will only be available in Tony's second edition.
-Coauthored books, such as those I am working on with Samuel Finlay and Young Bentley, will be published by the coauthor, not myself.
-My agent Erique Watson, is still trying to license Buzz Bunny and Poet as comics.
Drink Deep of Night: Song of the Secret Gardener
God's Picture Maker: Dark Eyed Girl Edition
Little Feet Going Nowhere
the author on kindle
Shelters for the Self
by this axe!
honor among men
when you're food
the gods of boxing
let the world fend for itself
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