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White Slavery (Myth20c - Ep77)
Slavery - the ‘original sin’ of America. Considering how the United States was founded on a frontier and worked for its immense agricultural and material wea…
Hi James - hope you’re doing alright after all the Amazon, etc. drama. Here’s a link to our last show in MP3 format: . This is where our audio-only shows will be located going forward. As mentioned before here’s the link to our show on YouTube:
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Here is my brainchild for setting precedent holding intelligence agencies and their political enablers responsible for war crimes. This is a true copy of my filing with the International Criminal Court, also online at:
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Sam J.Jul 7, 2018

It was a good show. You probably know more about this than most anyone.
responds:Jul 8, 2018

Thanks, Sam, and it's a shame that my relative knowledge is so great, part of my gaping defection that I am curious about it.
JRJul 7, 2018

at about 2:10:44 your metaphor of goals/county jails, hope I don't have this bass ackwards, but gaol is the old-fashioned British spelling of jail...and 'goal' has a different derivation from Latin than 'gaol'. Only pointing it out because I've read some of your stuff where you used 'goal' in place of (presumably) gaol, which I just figured was a typo, but maybe not.

My first semester at a US high school an english assignment was to write a poem, where in I used 'gaol' and the English teacher returned it with the comment 'did you mean goal?' um, no, really the rhyme goes better with gaol.

Any great stuff—great is the wrong word—I really feel smacked in the head with a two by four when I hear you talk about it. Your talking of British/Yankee sailors being the worst job since working in the Roman salt mines...there is a move afoot by a 'British' Ghanaian/Jew (born in Norway) to demolish Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square (London) because he may have been slightly demeaning to certain black people in the late 1700s...gathering steam but a foregone conclusion amongst the British elite. They are just whipping the populace into accepting the fait accompli.

So, the anglo-celts are being forced to atone for their crimes—for that's what the destruction of their history amounts to—by the very people who press-ganged them into servitude.

Well, nothing you don't know already, having written about it a lot. And I'm not a good enough writer to wring out the anger of the irony of the real slaves being the bag-holders for the real criminals.

Pray you are able to mine this vein for all the gold it's got in it.
responds:Jul 8, 2018

I understand these derivation, and I thank you for reminding me. however, goal and gaol are used interchangeably as far back as 1680 in Thomas Hellier's account. the spelling in the 160s and 1700s was totally inconsistent.

Gaol obviously becomes in American English.

However, the consistent inconsistency of spelling in primary sources and the emergence of ball capture sports using goals the generation after gaolors no longer hunted streets and roadsides for undocumented people to round up leads me to suspect that there is some semantic connection here.

Yes, the men who one at Traffalger, 60 to 8%of whom were dragged aboard ship were discharged after the war and largely starved to death in one of the coldest winters in recorded history, 1816, even in the days of their recent glory discarded like rubbish by their masters.

We must be prepared to understand that the second worst thing that probably happened to anyone who had been unfortunate to be abducted into military slavery in the high seas was to be released, penniless, maimed, homeless and jobless, for at least his masters had housed and fed him. Now, used up, he was cast aside to die.
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