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To the Parallel Universe of Tikkun Olam
Ron West's Queer Chicken Dinner pages 55-58
© 2018 James LaFond
I could get fifty suppositions wrong and still accurately nail the gist of these characters criminality. Not even a full page into chapter 2 and BINGO! My assessment in the preceding chapter had nailed it. I’d written (patting myself on the back here) “Unless, of course, he has actually acquired the new car through financing and now will be running off with the car without paying for it, stiffing the bank.” Kerouac states: “It was a brand new car bought five days ago, and already it was broken. There was only one installment paid on it, too.” So the ‘paid cash’ claim for the car has suddenly died.
There cannot be any question now, despite Kerouac’s Benzedrine induced writing psychosis, he’d been aware he is embarking on an adventure underwritten by fraud.
And then, there is this INCREDIBLY INTERESTING quote from this book (Penquin Modern Classics 2000 [British] edition, page 106) written sixty years ago ..
Kerouac attributes to Cassady:
“Dean [Neal Cassady] had a sweater wrapped around his ears to keep warm. He said we were a band of Arabs coming in to blow up New York.”
Now, I understand amphetamine freaks live in a state of paranoid psychosis, but I think this is incredibly prescient. Without question, in the coming chapters the Henderson chick will morph into former FBI Agent Colleen Rowley who’d passed information on the 9/11 hijackers via official channels and the information was suppressed in the weeks prior to the Twin Towers being hit, Cassady will turn out to be Rudy Guiliani whose command central was obliterated in a professional, controlled implosion [demolition] as clearly documented by, Kerouac is in actuality Godfather George H.W. Bush of the “Family” Harper’s Magazine investigative reporter Jeff Sharlet has written about, and Ginsberg will turn out to be Bibi Netanyahu converted to life of crime by the paranoid-fascistMOSSAD-penetrated-CIA-founded-Christian evangelical/oxymoron organization ‘Jews for Jesus’, all working behind the scene to open every possible avenue for a crew of duped Arabs who resembled nothing so much as Disney’s ‘The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight’, framing the Muslim world for 9/11 via a double false flag event meant to consolidate a police state, have the USA fight Israel’s wars by proxy (MOSSAD) and in the process initiate a Biblical Armageddon prophecy based new era of Christian Crusades (CIA.) Kerouac is writing MAD Magazine’s comic strip ‘Spy versus Spy’, on steroids.
Uh, let’s forget this immediately preceding, it is the characters in ‘On the Road’, are actual paranoidpsychosis amphetamine freaks, and I digress:
George Carlin: Hey Lenny, have you seen Jesus? I've got a question for him.
Lenny Bruce: He’s never here on weekends, he ALWAYS goes to the Parallel Universe of Tikkun Olam
George: Why is that?
Lenny: Quantum Mechanics and Communion, every Sunday he’d get all sorts of afflictions if he stuck around, you know, the ‘creating reality’ thing.
George: There has to be a joke in this, right?
Lenny: It’s actually worse than you’d want to think, since the evangelists put words in his mouth to eat Jesus' body and drink his blood, the liberal Christians give him hives and if that weren’t bad enough, then you’ve got the rightwing pinheads coming down with this cannibal smack, oops, I meant snack .. all taking a bite out of him, the ultra-right parasite Catholics give him ringworm, the fascist parasitic Protestants give him scabies.
George: Rosicrucians?
Lenny: Rosacia!
George: Holy fuck, no wonder he bails out of the heavens on weekends..
Lenny: Yeah, it’s like why I left Brooklyn, Hasidics and little boy butt-fuckery .. all these guys looking like Bavarians in bowler hats with pig-tails in the wrong places, I mean c’mon, wherever you see anything like that, you know something is perverted.
George: Well, I was going to ask him a question, maybe you can help me out. What is up with this ‘Jews for Jesus’ thing?
Lenny: You mean Jews for Jewdas? I mean, here are right-wing evangelical Jews praying like Pentecostals for the Jews to be destroyed so they can rebuild the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, call it Christian and get Jesus back .. where’s the sense in that?
George: Well, I was wondering about the ‘makes sense’ part .. I mean, here are Jews trying to covert people into right-wing Christians, and it was right-wing Christians had stamped out six million Jews already .. I’d run across this blog “These Jews need Jesus” .. there’s a joke in there somewhere, right?
Lenny: Oh yeah, imagine sending a bunch of homosexual-pedophile Hasidic Jews to a straight Puritan chapter of Heaven where no kids are allowed, there’d be a serious riot. As if the fascist Puritans wanted to be outed as well, the schumks!
George: Actually, that’s a GREAT idea.. uh.. Lenny, how many times were you arrested?
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