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Help Me Determine if a PDF Platform is Defrauding Me
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This is very simple, if you have read even one page in a Kindle book by James LaFond between 9/19/18 and 10/14/18, please email me at ϳаmeslа at gmа and let me know what book you read from.
I'm not looking for recovery of payment but seeking to determine if I want to sell PDFs in the Kindle format in the future. This is an interactive system which tracks every page of every Kindle book you read and reports the aggregate reads to the publisher/author.
I might wish to discontinue Kindle publishing for the sake of reader privacy and other reasons.
Thanks you for your support.
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'A Starting Point?'
menthol rampage
the first boxers
honor among men
pillagers of time
Don     Oct 18, 2018

I genuinely can't recall reading in that window of time.

But my 2 cents is to avoid Amazon/Kindle for anything except purely fighting arts books, and/or pure fiction, if that. Too much turmoil around anything political, or masculine views.
James     Oct 17, 2018

Thanks, Don.
Barry Bliss     Sep 21, 2022

I appreciate direct pdfs and printed works being available.

I do not use kindle or other such devices, nor would I know how.
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