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Street Theater
WellRead Ed and James Discuss Routine Clown Activity
© 2018 James LaFond
I guess I have different definitions of 'massive', 'bloody', and 'brawl.' Taken together, I have images of blades, bats, brain matter and bowels. This? This amounted to a school yard fight. Some bloody noses and black eyes, lots of yelling, and everyone relieved when the police show up before the real violence begins.
Antifa reminds me of the Dindus of my youth in North Dindustan; they're brave and violent in a group, but catch one alone and they fold like a cheap suit.
The Proud Boys are like high school jocks; they like the IDEA of fighting, but they don't have the stomach to mete out real damage. If they wanted to gain the respect that they seem to long for, they would leave antifa thugs spitting teeth and blood, or wallowing in a pile of their own entrails.
Ultimately, this is street theater; entertaining but not really serious.
Take Care,
WellRead Ed
One thing I have noticed about fighting men who work in Hospital Emergency Rooms is that their idea of hurting someone is based on broken heads and lost parts rather than bloody noses and bruised egos.
The worst aspects of civilization are on display in these mass political date rapes, like two lovers phoned ahead to arrange a sexual assault to satisfy the woman's need to be dominated and the man playing the rapist holds back and fails to fully fuck her stupid. These Antifa-Meathead "battles" really strike me as S&M on a bland scale.
As a man of average physicality and below average size I have, in some 20 videos, yet to see an application of force that would have slowed me down in a survival situation.
Ed, your take on the Antifa twerps as whiggers is perfect as is your observation that the Proud Boys are largely posers—who, in every encounter I have seen them involved in—have had moderators assigned to limit damage to the enemy!
We are literally seeing Pro Wrestling as the model for political street violence—no need for Ernst Junger and a machine gun crew. Nothing is more indicative of the sissydom that Western Man has fallen into as he wallows in this syrupy well of degenerate social soup. As I said during and interview for The Mind of Mescaline Franklin some years ago, which was a collaboration with a White Nationalist, if one wanted to destroy the enemy he would waylay them individually, use women for bait, setup ambushes near their haunts, in other words, he would behave like a predator.
On display here we do not see pack behavior but herd behavior, with one side actually depending on the other side for its contrast-based identity. Ed, you have noted the propensity in America for people of bantu, African stock to skirmish indecisively and then fold under proximate individual pressure.
Shaka Zulu noticed this, as the tribal levies of his masters tossed spears at each other. He invented a short stabbing spear and developed tactics for close range disembowelment of the spear chucking enemy, and would declare after ripping the guts out of an enemy, "I have drunk!"
I'd love to see an Impi of Zulus wipe out the Portland PD and then wash their spears in the sissy seepage of street "brawlers."
The clip below features an excellent leading man but 1980s TV level violence. Even so, the level of nastiness between real combat and posing rituals is exactly the contrast Ed brought up.
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Shep     Oct 17, 2018

I recall your writings on group tactics from a couple years back. I think that the Nationalists will get better and better at organized violence as they gain experience. These first few street "brawls" will look like the Wright Brothers' plane compared to an F-16, or "leatherheads" compared to modern college football.
Don     Oct 18, 2018

I suspect that both sides are still playing the "gain control of the system" game. Nobody in the USA has any real experience with violent revolution or systemic collapse.

Real bloodshed will be the key indicator that things have dialed up.
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