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Riley has been kind enough to update me on the next population replacement chapter in the post-nationalist NGO campaign to erase national borders.
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Riley, a number of readers—four—contacted me about this and the three I spoke to in person, about Trump declaring a National Emergency and putting real military units on the Mexican border said something like, "or course, actually shooting them is out of the question." Three people, two women and one man, articulated this sentiment and it is important because they were articulating the national subtext, the American subconscious morality, that lethal force cannot be used to defend a mere violation of our body, our property, our home. This is reflected in our Blue City municipal laws and Blue State annotated codes and believed by over half the population.
Riley, if over half of Americans believe that it is wrong to slaughter invaders than the nation has already dissolved inside. The sentiment goes back to classic western movies in which white invaders of Indian territories were sentimentalized, their wagon borne deaths as unasked invaders come to destroy an existing people and their environment, colored with sacrificial sentiment and then ruthlessly avenged by military invaders.
Yes, The Master Gamer Trump might find a way to foil this invasion, but so long as most Americans believe that people do not have the right to defend the space they occupy, its a done deal.
The only rational solution is to declare Mexico an enemy state, militarize the border and permit zero ingress or egress and launch military operations regularly into the Mexican interior, with the stated aim fighting the drug war, but the real aim readiness and intelligence gathering. I would make it a joint special command, using coastguard, navy, army, marine and air force units, including an armored division and infantry division with a total committed strength in excess of corp size.
Once sea lifts begin the ships could be easily towed back to their nation of origin, or sunk and the people returned. Eventually massive sea lifts out of Africa will target the eastern U.S., so operational protocols should be developed.
That said, so long as the majority of Americans do not support sinking shipboard invasion forces once they breach U.S. national waters, than there is nothing left to defend.
Thought Crimes: Capital
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ShepOct 26, 2018

James, I echo your sentiments, but for purposes of discussion, there are at least two levels of force that could be used before we resort to The Final Argument of Kings.

1. If The Company actually worked FOR America, rather than against us, this horde of immivaders could have either been nipped in the bud, or would have eroded with a quickness along the way. G. Gordon Liddy would have jumped at the opportunity.

2. We have spent untold dollars on non-lethal force options, and we've got everything from LRADs and Area Denial Systems to good ole-fashioned tear gas in the inventory. No Mayans would be harmed in the filming of this story, but at the same time, "They shall not pass".

3. I'd rather do it your way.
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