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28 Hours in Harm City
Thanks Owed Back in the Mutant Node
© 2018 James LaFond
Over the past 4 months a writing life has been made possible by Riley in his high Colorado castle, Ishmael in his white Indian reservation, Tony Cox, Cryptic City and Smart City under the big skies, Garland by his brook-side fire, The Leveller, Nero the Pict and Miss Blake in their Pennsylvania hills, Banjo and Mescaline Franklin in Gotham and Liberty City and Manny Soprano and Mary Biscotti in the Interstate State, and to Lynn Lockhart for drone shipments of beef jerky.
The thanks is due not just for training, food, shelter and crackpot transport but for some 70 conversations that spawned as many chapters in a book I had not yet thought to complete.
With 28-hours before my alien abduction, just over a day to select the new batch of road books from the Harm City branch of the crackpot library, I had to formally think you all for aiding and abetting thought crimes in these interesting times.
-James LaFond 10/29/18
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