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Crackpot Mailbox: Bserius, Bryce Sharper, John Random, Carbone Mike and Banjo Resisting the POZ
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Here are my favorite most recent e-mailings which I did not have time to write about, followed by an article by Bryce Sharper.
Tweet from John Random (@JohnRandom1234)
Lynn Lockhart
Mon, Dec 31, 2018, 7:17 PM (22 hours ago)
Sam working on marketing your fragrance
John Random (@JohnRandom1234) tweeted at 4:05 PM on Mon, Dec 31, 2018:
Lynn, here's a quick riff. Figure James would get a kick out of it:
opioid babies in baltimore
b Sirius
Mon, Dec 31, 2018, 6:35 PM (22 hours ago)
hey bro,
this article says 1 in 4 babies born in Baltimore are opioid addicts. shit, when I was a kid I had to steal my parents Schlitz..........
this is appalling.
have a happy
Carbon Mike has been teaching his daughter with the aid of C.S. Lewis
C S Lewis
Carbon Mike
Mon, Dec 31, 2018, 4:39 PM (1 day ago)
In reference to our discussion on The Abolition of Man
Check this out: "An Address of Molly Maguire To Her Children"—the closest thing the Maguires had to a manifesto. This was published in an Irish nationalist newspaper called Freeman's Journal.
•Keep strictly to the land question, by allowing no landlord more than fair value for his tenure.
•No Rent to be paid until harvest.
•Not even then without an abatement, where the land is too high.
•No undermining of tenants, nor bailiff's fees to be paid.
•No turning out of tenants, unless two years rent due before ejectment served.
•Assist to the utmost of your power the good landlord, in getting his rents.
•Cherish and respect the good landlord, and good agent.
•Keep from travelling by night.
•Take no arms by day, or by night, from any man, as from such acts a deal of misfortune springs, having, I trust you have, more arms than you ever will have need for.
•Avoid coming in contact with either the military, or police; they are only doing what they cannot help.
•For my sake, then, no distinction to any man, on account of his religion; his acts alone you are to look to.
•Let bygones be bygones, unless in a very glaring case; but watch for the time to come.
I think that especially given what was happening in Ireland at the time, the political sophistication on display here is absolutely off the charts.
This document isn't revolutionary and it certainly isn't socialist—it's a profoundly conservative statement
from working people who aren't going to take any shit from Big Capital. This is the kind of activism we need more of.
All the best to you in 2019, brother. Watch for the time to come.
Hollywood Trifecta
Sat, Dec 29, 2018, 11:55 AM (3 days ago)
If you haven't seen a movie titled "The Rider" I highly recommend you check it out. I saw the trailer when it was in theaters and was pulled in simple because there were beautiful shots from South Dakota and I needed something besides the hard angles of a city (even if it was only a mirage on screen.)
I don't want to ruin it but suffice to say that it is based on a true story with an element that causes it to far surpass most acting in movies like this. You will notice what I'm referencing quickly I am sure. Just don't read about the movie before seeing it.
Additionally, have you seen Killing of a Sacred Deer? The director also made The Lobster. It is a supernatural eye for an eye movie.
Finally, Force Manure is a case study of an emasculated male. I quite like it and a more appropriate title could not be found.
Maybe any of these movies can potentially make good reviews for your site.
May this New Year usher in new adventure and inspiration.
January 1, 2019
The Death of Western Christianity
The theme of this blog is “faith, family, survival” because man requires such things in that order to thrive rather than merely exist until untimely death. I write about faith because the decline of the West has correlated almost perfectly with the decline of Christianity in the West. Without faith, there can be no family. We see this already: divorce rates are over 50% and half our children are bastards. Without family, there can be no survival, even on a local level. Family is the basic building block of society.
Culture therefore ultimately depends on the cult, which is why the word “culture” contains the word “cult”.
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Bob     Jan 12, 2019

@ Banjo:

"Force majeure" is the film, ha ha, but I'm going to watch it just the same. Thanks for the tips, "The Rider" looks magnificent. And "Killing of a Sacred Deer" I can't say I'll ever forget. Creepy.
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