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‘Truth or Loyalty’
Adam G Swinder and James Discuss the Truth and Loyalty in the Context of Tribalism: Part 2
© 2019 James LaFond
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9:33 PM UTC
Also, what do you consider more important: truth or loyalty? As it pertains to the tribe, versus those outside of the tribe. It is more important to be truthful to everyone, whether or not they are part of my group? Or do those who exist outside of the group not qualify to receive the truth?
Adam our relationship to the truth is a search, that is if we are still human, still men and not chattel. I have spoken to some men on the culturally traditional side of our social divide who have confided that lying by omission or exaggeration or exclusion is good if it is done for the good. I disagree with this. For instance, since the cultural erasing aspect of our society has decaled that men of our race have invented nothing and only stolen, some reactions from men of our race declare the opposite which is also untrue.
As to the truth of the past, I believe in being totally honest.
As to the search for the truth ahead, I believe in being totally honest.
As for the truth in your mind, that is yours alone and you should be suspicious of anyone who quests for its contents, including:
-all women
-most politically active associates
-all sissies
-all assassins
-all betrayers
-and all enemies
This cornerstone of our feminist mind-fuck, that we must bare our souls to whoever asks, that we must cry before our darling, whine under the heel of our oppressor, wince at the insult of our slanderer, all of this is female behavior ushered in by universal suffrage, which seeks to make of us all sufferers in the same demeaning, castigating, deconstructing pecking order. This has atheist roots and goes back to Puritan New England, which is one of the sources of guilt-based secular-humanism in America. The cleaner, more brutal atheism seems to come from secular non-Christian thinkers while the whining, feminized worship of the human organism as a collective god which more clearly defines our current morality comes directly from Congregationalist New England, where it was enshrined in law that a person’s thoughts were not their own. In my recent rereading of the minutes of the Salem Witch Trials, one woman is executed for her assertion before the court that her thoughts were her own.
We ought to be careful, that the current social norm which asserts that there is no transcendent mystery and that God is “the greatest good for the greatest number” and other such universalistic kumbayah bullshit, and recall that these guilting systems are in fact militant religious strands of the most bloody-handed and savage mind-control institutions of early modern times with origins in the weaponization of Christianity from a vehicle for individual salvation into a tool for mass mind control. Such mechanisms, as the psychoanalyst’s insistence that a condition of our humanity is the baring of our souls and of our innermost thoughts, are simple, blatant adaptations of Catholic and protestant protocols for the torment of the individual soul in service to the mechanism of state power. The mind-fuck doctors and media and academia have simply replaced the priests, ministers and witch-finders of old.
Innermost loyalty and its relationship to truth, such persons as women and children and drug addicts and sissies who cannot handle the truth should not be burdened with it. If you tell your woman that the enemies are coming to rape and kill you both she will first argue that you have enemies and then, once you convince her that you do, she will panic and freeze and you will both die. So you just tell the dumb bitch to move and shove her along. Bitches, idiots, pussies, children, in the short term must not be burdened with the truth.
In terms of enemies, the tactical lie should be used as much as effective.
I would never lie to an ebon warrior that his people have no martial heritage.
However, if he puts a gun to my head and asks me if my daughter is home, you can bet my ass I’m, lying to him about that.
In the puritan future, indeed now, lies by omission are necessary. For instance, I have discovered various things through historical research that I will not reveal online, as these truths would get me shut down on all platforms. I don’t lie about them, just decline to enumerate or discuss them.
Most of all, Adam, never try to enlighten the damned fools of the world of hate with the shreds of truth you find. The truth in this world will get you killed and it is only meant for those with the ability to look into hell without flinching, which eliminates almost everyone you know. Most people are so weak they need deeply to believe in the alternating lies of bliss and hate. Less than one in ten men can even consider the truth once it has found him so he must reject it or let it slip through is fingers lest it melt his gossamer mind. Above all, when you find shards of the truth, you must be prepared to lie to both the ignorant, the intolerant and the powerful by way of saying you possess no such thing, lest the mind hunters eat you.
Adam, evil does not deserve to bask in the light of truth but to remain in its forever dark.
Attempt to comfort the damned at your utmost peril.
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Bryce Sharper     Jan 29, 2019


You are not far from the kingdom.

Jesus remained silent when various accusers among the Sanhedrin questioned him. Silence is not lying by omission. It is the 5th amendment based on the 9th commandment.
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