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Knuckleheads and Wonderboys
Creative Gamming for Men and Boys
© 2019 James LaFond
One of my very best friends has asked that I write a booklet of rules for developing the tactical sense that he has observed seems to be shared by Vox Day, Varg Vilkernes and James LaFond, despite the very little all of these dissident minds have in common, pointing out that the common thread that seems to power our non-emotional evaluations of postmodern society is our gaming history.
I have written and published Triumph, which features a realistic and hard-to-play combat system, with a playability feature so low that it probably serves best as a supplement to other Role Playing Games for advanced adult players, who might be bests served by cannibalizing aspects of it.
For an RPG for father and sons, playability and interactive creation of the rules system is most desirable.
For knuckleheads wishing to sit up drinking and rolling dice and having a laugh, playability is also optimal.
In terms of a father and son war game, toys and the absence of tedious painting and assembly are needed.
Knuckleheads and Wonderboys begins with The Street Scene RPG for men, then the Grog RPG for men and boys and finally the toy-based war game, Army Men for three alternatives for creative play, one a drinking, storytelling game of youth street life circa 1990 and the other two ideal for fathers and sons in the home and yard.
Once these basic games are learned-created those basic game design concepts may be used to use dice, paper, pen, toys and imagination to construct a recreational world of interactive story telling or competitive play.
The entire content will be posted at on the gaming page and then published as a print pamphlet for those who would like a handy play guide.
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