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Puppy Piles of Peace
Some Thoughts on the First-Person Shooter Future: Part 1 of 2
© 2019 James LaFond
Note: A person of Oregon told me that the common understanding of puppy piles out here is dog poop. I use the term below to denote piles of cuddling baby dogs, not their solid waste.
“Mate the NZ shit has really put a bob cat among the pigeons and the system is going ape shit. No way of getting the books out here any more. I will look for your phone number that you gave me and give you a ring.”
-Eirik Bloodaxe
Most Americans I know think of Muslims as more violent than other people, though this is not the case. Baltimore, for instance, is not Islamic, but atheistic and look how violent that is. The fact is that The House of Submission to God has brought a massive portion of humanity to Civilization, not High Western Civilization, dedicated to the prospect that Men can outwit God and the Cosmos, reliably, at every step of our ascension to ultimate godhood. These ideals are put forth—and I do say brilliantly, and mean it—by such pop-culture centrist icons as Stefan Molyneux, Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan. Islam though, does bestow the basic notion of Civilization, which is the idea that slavery is intrinsically good.
Civilization is submission to an abstract notion of a greater good.
Islam serves this need as well as Christianity and has provided such a vast swath of submissive humanity—for people ruled by semi-competent, non-heroic, Arabic elites must be submissive—for the Corporate Hunger of the Post-Christian West to feast upon, that the myth of the militant, ever-violent Muslim has been cultivated with great zeal, up and to the point of providing flight school training in 2001. If the U.S. tax paper is going to feel served by tens of thousands of slaughtered Yemeni, Libyan, Pakistani and Iraqi civilians he needs to believe that they are mostly clamoring for an AK-47 and a U.S. passport. [Yes, I left Afghanistan out of my grotesque generalization because it is dominated by Aryаn Pashtuns who have not been subdued since the Mongols.]
I was asked by Lynn on a podcast recording this morning if I knew about the mass-shooting in Christ Church New Zealand at two Mosques by a single gunman. My first reaction, was, “Mosques, in Christ Church?”
I had heard of it briefly, cared little and moved on to another subject. Then, as I took the morning vitamins and drank my fluoridated water, Yeti Waters, my host, said, “Bro, look at this shit,” and placed his infernal device before me and I could swear I was watching my teen age son’s old WWII video game from 2003, Medal of Honor, I think.
About a single boxing round worth of footage showed a man shooting at piles of vaguely human forms huddled in utter passivity in the corners of various prayer areas.
Only two targets acted.
One ran deeper into the facility and may or may not have been shot down.
One man—significantly smaller than the shooter—ran at and past the shooter, knocking him about, and then got shot only because he was alone. If 1, 2, 10, 20 or more men had been merely stampeding passed the shooter like so much cattle, he might have been trampled. Never mind if all 40 or so men in this complex of low open areas simply charged this guy. Amongst a bar full of a similar number of drunken Irishmen, this man might have killed a half dozen and then been beaten to a pulp. But no, when one embraces the idea of passive slavery to an abstraction, the tendency is to behave far less nobly than milk cows and steers, but like sheep, who will crowd together in a puppy pile in a corner of their pen and shiver and bleat as the wolves feast unopposed.
I see this event in many lights, and will return to its futuristic implication in part 2. But on a human level, the implication is that Islam, as a civilizing institution—and like all such entities being judged by the pure power players as to its functionality as a social control mechanism—has, perhaps unexpectedly, shined as a candidate for replacing the remaining strands of frayed Christianity that hang like gossamer shreds about the bier of Western Civilization.
The links below are courtesy of a Veteran of the Forever War who does not wish to be identified.
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