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Defeated Peoples
Crackpot Mailbox: Dennis Dale Wants to Know about Historical Comebacks of Beaten Folk
© 2019 James LaFond
Dennis Dale
May 7, 2019, 2:46 PM (2 days ago)
Do you know of any histories or studies of various defeated peoples?
I was thinking of this
First, I disagree with Sailer on one thing, the fall of the Soviet Union was not a defeat for the Russian People but one of the three triumphant comebacks of a people who have suffered more than most.
Dennis, thanks for this great question and the link to your thoughtful article.
Before I start naming resurrected peoples off the top of my head, let’s keep in mind that many of the fiercest folk in human history because conquerors because of the fact that they got their asses kicked and then moved on until they found asses soft enough for them to kick.
Below is a brief litany of nine racial rises from the verge of ethno-cultural [1] extinction:
-The Proto-Greek tribes who became the five major ethnicities we know as the Greeks, including the Attic Athenians and the Dorian Spartans, got their asses handed to them by someone in the interior of southern Russia and moved down into the Aegean Basin to spawn conquerors for 2,000 years and even now remain as diner operators around the world and the canary in the coal mine of European economics.
-The Trojan survivors of the Greek sack of their city are said to have migrated to Italy, where they became the Romans, and thence the Italians, a people who after many defeats are among the few national populations in fading Europe to contest their ethnic replacement.
-Most of the nations of Modern Western Europe were founded by the aristocracy of ancient Germanic tribes, such as Franks, Goths, Angels and Saxons who were defeated and driven like chaff on the wind by Asiatic nomads such as the Huns, only to kick in the doors of the rotting House of Rome and set up almost 2,000 years of ethnic freedom. Who knows if they or their waste people expelled to colonize America and Australia might rise again from the ashes of the current ethno-cultural suicide attempt?
-The Mongols were beaten to the verge of extinction with barely a few women and boys to carry on and rose to rule the greatest land empire in history and yet retain a sovereign nation.
-The Aztecs were defeated by some unknown tribe in what is now the southern U.S., migrated to Mexico, were enslaved by the Toltecs, rose up and overthrew them, then got nearly wiped out and colonized by the Spanish, and now, are taking over the U.S. drug, food, landscaping and construction business and reoccupying the territory that they were driven from by [my guess is Apaches] almost a thousand years ago.
-The Crow people, Sacred Ravens, were driven from their homeland around the Great Lakes in the early modern period, perhaps the early 1700s and eventually migrated to the Rocky Mountains, allied with the U.S., fucked over their ancestral enemies as the bloodhounds of the Great Satan, and yet remain in their second home, albeit as a client people. Who knows if they will emerge distinct when the U.S. collapses?
-The Japanese were humiliated by the filthy, jabbering Gajin and forced to join the modern world, then took revenge on it by rising to be the fourth greatest military power in the world, surpassing Great Britain by every measure, maiming Imperial Russia and Nationalistic China, only to be done dirtier than any warring nation as the only people to be nuked. And where are they now? The Japs have one of the only sovereign cultures on the planet and I predict them to be the last remaining nation when the Ice Age sweeps civilization before it.
-The Russians were crushed by the Mongols, toiled under the Yoke for hundreds of years before turning on their masters and conquering half of Asia, were then nearly murdered by the Germans in WWI, decapitated in their collective hospital bed by the Soviets and have now remerged to be the third greatest power in the world.
-The Hebrews were the slaves of the Egyptians and got out of that, the slaves of the Babylonians, and got out of that, the slaves of the Romans and—oops, they only got out of that with 1 in 10 left, losing their home for the third time—only to become the bean counters for Christ and the pimps and slavers for the Prophet and eventually rising as the financiers, educators, doctors and narrative crafters of the post Christian world. The Jews stand as a testament to the fact that defeat is not the end—necessarily—but possibly the seedbed for a rebirth, literally confirming the biological fact that getting fucked sometimes bears wonderful fruit.
1. I refuse to consider race as a purely biological state. Without culture we are just meat.
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Ruben Chandler     May 10, 2019

The German people lost the war but the Nazis won.
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