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13 Signs of Suburban Blight
Crackpot Mailbox: Jase-Man wants to Know—Part 2 of 2: Micro Signs
© 2019 James LaFond
Jase-Man, the first signs are the macro signs, the media and political announcements declaring who are the targets of criminal and state attention. For instance, the government is not fully in sync while its police are preying upon the very criminals and immigrants it subsidizes. This is a necessary step in the evolution. There must be a period when the recipients of welfare and dependent class status of immigrants is common and accepted by the taxed citizen. This is a double-pillage system, where the lower class is criminalized at citizen expense on one hand and then the criminal class is policed at citizen expense on the other hand. This inculcates tolerance for police on the part of those that police exist to oppress—being tax paying citizens—and builds seething resentment among the criminal class against the police and those who support them.
For instance, in Baltimore, even though most police are African Americans, since citizens and criminals [those who consume tax dollars in excess of their contribution are not citizens in an objective sense, but members of the elite or their minions] have wrongly thought through social conditioning that police exist to protect European Americans. Thus police have traditionally been characterized as “white” and when police protection was overtly, by mayoral order, withdrawn from citizens it was perceived as a license for criminals to hunt citizens, with the result that crime against non-criminals increased 4-fold in Baltimore City and 10-fold in Baltimore County, the latter of which was the traditional urban flight zone. The hunt was on and has continued into 2019.
Some additional macro-signs, or media signals that the government is informally allying with criminals against the citizens are:
-1. Violent crimes such as home invasions will be re-characterized as burglaries or other non-violent crimes.
-2. News reports will withhold the ethnic identity of the violent actor, but only if that actor is of the ethnicity that commits most violent crimes.
-3. Police blotters will be removed from newspapers.
-4. Authority figures will blame violence on poverty, when almost all violent crimes, have been, throughout history and today, committed against an individual with less material wealth or income redistribution leverage than the attacker—with motorists attacking pedestrians, gun owners attacking the unarmed, receivers of tax money attacking tax payers, etc.
The micro-signs are conditions observable to you as you leave and enter your neighborhood. I will give them below in the usual order of their appearance.
Main Streets
-1. Table cloth restaurants close. When a neighborhood has no commercial sit down dining other than fast food joints it has been entirely ghettoized.
-2. Businesses—predominantly liquor stores—change hands from ethnic groups with smaller families and less facility with violence, for instance from Jewish, to Korean to Muslim, as happened in Baltimore.
-3. Retailers and other service- or installation-oriented businesses close or move. These include martial arts schools.
-4. Vacancies are taken over by storefront churches and personal grooming centers such as nail parlors, hair stylists and barber shops.
-5. The most ominous singe sign that your neighborhood is entirely ghettoized is that the local McDonalds can’t serve milk shakes. That is right, once the talent pool of fast food workers has been reduced to the point where the shift supervisor cannot bring himself to ready the milk shake machine [which requires cleaning] then you’re fucked.
Back Streets
-1. Corner stores and shops disappear from neighborhood side streets.
-2. Missing dog signs appear regularly on light poles and telephone poles.
-3. Trash, mostly scattered soft drink bottles and snack bags, litter the area, usually at the mouth of alleys.
-4. After dark the people seen walking on the streets are predominantly the sons of recent neighbors, who do not behave in a neighborly fashion.
-5. Parks and green spaces become places where adult men drink and loiter.
-6. Pit bulls become the most common local dog breed.
-7. Two or more young men can often be seen sitting in a parked car in the neighborhood, most often near the mouth of an alley.
Look particularly for communication between young teens on bicycles and young men either on foot or in cars. At whatever point that the primary pedestrians in your neighborhood are military age males of the ethnicity that commit most crimes in the area [like Moroccans in Holland] you have been marked as a target. At whatever point police presence diminishes, then the hunt is on and you’re the prey.
Policing Note
Below is an example of official media pronouncements which indicate that Anarcho-Tyranny lockdown has been acieved.
Police announcements that laws have been enforced, such as the Baltimore City Media Campaign of August 1, 2019, will claim to be striking back at crime, but the details of the report will make it clear that:
-federal leadership was key to success
-drug gangs were targeted [benefitting only rival drug gangs]
-gun confiscations will be stressed, reinforcing the narrative that guns cause crime.
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