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‘A Specific Paradigm’
Exegesis of Phillip K. Dick 4:16, Reading from Pages 16-18
Letter to Claudia Bush, July 13, 1974
Dick dreams repeatedly also of a sibyl, a cyclops and a friend named Paul and of the Blissful Groves from Vergil’s Aeneid, gets caught up on the hidden significance of the Latin cubit, a unit of measurement based on the forearm. Finally satisfying himself as to this reference in his dream, Dick muses about his 1969 novel Mazes of Death, in which he mentions that religious leader Jim “Bishop” Pike [who was assassinated at the time of the Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King killings, being friends to both and also to Dick] had given him certain papers and that he was under the impression that his house—specifically his personal papers—had been burglarized three times due to his having admitted in the forward of that novel to be in possession of some of Pike’s papers. Pike followers were suggested as culprits but this sounds very Deep State to this reader, in that Dick’s house was searched three times in his absence.
“I met a lawyer and told him at length about the hits on my house. His theory after careful thought was that it was most likely that they were after papers concerning Jim Pike, religious material Jim had given me or told me before his death.”
Pike cited Dick as a researcher in his book The Other Side about the dead contacting the living. Dick claimed Pike’s true love was Latin studies.
Son of a Lesser God
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