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Crackpot Mailbox: Tactics of the Troubles Part 3 – American Lessons – The American Sun
Sat, Sep 7, 10:42 PM (15 hours ago)
Don’t mention me. Thanks brother.
In an effort not to Dox you bro, and keep in my brain the providence of this apollonian boon, I have a name for you.
Henceforth, I will refer to you, my Wyoming friend as—JClew.
The article linked above is an excellent piece of dissident work. However, it is hamstrung by the author crediting the great lie of American History, that America was not a plantation effort, when it was. Aside from citing Tactics of the Troubles Part 3 as a worthy read and a responsible effort, I must take aim at the author's typically American naivety in believing the utterly preposterous and improbable lies trafficked as American History.
"A fight between who?
"The Northern Irish experience is unique in many ways – the Loyalist’s history as a people ‘planted’ in Ireland to subdue the locals doesn’t have a true parallel in the US. Nor do we see the kind of sectarian strife and hatred between communities here. It is both faith and ethnicity being interwoven in Northern Ireland’s conflict that we do not see in the US. America has too many denominations of Christian that one can turn to and there seems to be little social cost at doing so."
"...a people ‘planted’ in Ireland to subdue the locals doesn’t have a true parallel in the US."
From 1585 to 1891 the stewards of America, from Lord Grenville and his butcher Lane in 1585 Virginia, to settlement and resource extraction in Lakota Nez Perce and Apache territory, the very foundation of America was the "planting" at first of slaves and in the final western phase of willing immigrants given latitude to invade tribal lands. This was all about trafficking and later encouraging the settlement of virgin European-American economic zones under Anglo-American stewardship, for the explicit purpose of replacing Amerindian tribes, flora and fauna with European-American tax payers and Eurasian ecology. What happened in early modern Irish history was the exact same thing as happened in America. The strife between Anglo-Irish and Scotch-Irish protestant loyalists has never been as intense as the endemic Indian Wars of Plantation America.
The overall problem with using Christian feuds amongst "whites" as a basis for understanding plantation-style population displacement and replacement is founded in the incongruence of the terms Christian and "White." "White" is a term that I and two other researchers have tracked as a racial designation, which did not exist in the European consciousness until the mass bondage of Europeans under Islamic states in North Africa, Europe and the Middle East. "White" is an indistinct and malleable racial designation which entered into English, via Spanish authors of Non-Christian lineage and Dutch slave traders of Non-Christian lineage, as an implicit and explicit attempt to replace Christian religious Identity with a "White" economic identity.
The utility, from a Non-Christian European perspective, emerges in the study of primary sources from the fall of Constantinople in 1453 to the fall of the Confederacy and opening of The American West in 1865. This utility was openly discussed by scholars under Queen Elizabeth and Cromwell the Protector, both monarchs with a great lust for the slave trade, Elizabeth preferring the African trade and Cromwell the mass sale of indigenous, Irish, English, Welsh and Scottish to the Americas, thus replacing these folk at home with "planted" population replacements loyal to Cromwell, and using them to displace the alien races of the Americas in the creation of an economic exploitation zone.
These utilities were:
#1 A ship captained and/or owned by a single Non-Christian European placed that captain in an ownership position over 200 to 400 Africans below decks. That captain had 5 to 15 sailors, some of whom where slave sailors and all of whom were Christian. In case of an uprising it was absolutely imperative to the survival of the captain that the Christian European sailors make common racial cause with the Non-Christian European captain/slave owner. Keep in mind that the great age of piracy from the 1680s to 1730, involved alliances of Heathen Africans and Christian Europeans, most of whom were escaped or liberated slaves. The vast majority of slave ship owners in the African slave trade were Non-Christian Europeans, predominantly out of Holland, which was where the term "White" as a racial designation first appeared in Northern Europe. Indeed the captains of the slave raiding ships out of North Africa who directed slave raids on Ireland, England and Iceland tended to be Non-Christian Dutchmen, mostly converted to Islam.
#2 Depending on the Plantation or Province in English North America, [what we have been falsely taught were colonies] Non-Christian European slave owners could number as high as 40%. In Plantation Virginia in the mid-1600s, a law was actually drafted to prevent Indians, Muslims, Mulattos and Negros from owning Christians, as they previously had owned and trafficked in Christians in Virginia, from 1609 onward! There was one Non-Christian European group that was not targeted by this ordinance, people who where now politely called "white" along with the Christians they depended upon for protection in this savage land. I am not at liberty to name this group out of fear for my life and the well-being of my estranged family. Indeed, these Non-Christians were well-placed in the Confederate States of America and were the only Americans who defied Ulysses S. Grant by continuing to traffic in slaves in the Union Military Department of Tennessee, while many Christian slave owners in Tennessee released their people from bondage before the conquest. It is no accident that none of the settlers of Roanoke, Jamestown or Plymouth referred to themselves as "white" but Christian, and that by the time that 20,000 Christian Germans a year were shipped out of their homeland as slaves [voluntary, duped and blatantly trafficked] by way of Holland, that they came to Philadelphia self-identified as "whites" and not Christian. White power politics and European Christianity go together like cowboys and Indians, with "white" identity gradually replacing Christian identity from that point in the late 1600s and early 1700s when most Africans were shipped by Non-Christian Europeans into North America and in 1727 the first shipments of German and Irish Catholics by these agents of bondage began to worry the Quaker rulers of Pennsylvania that good Christians might be replaced by papists.
#3: After the defeat of King Charles, Cromwell specifically invited Non-Christian Europeans from other nations, to immigrate into the British Isles for the explicit purpose of boosting the money system, and for the implicit purpose of providing soul driving agents to traffic undesirable Christian populations from the British isles to North America and the West Indies. Those agents would have their ships of Christian cargo manned by Christian sailors. It was therefore imperative that "white" identity be embraced over Christian identity. This was particularly easy in England, where specific racial identity had been extinguished in 1066 and submerged in a pure class system. The Magna Carta even noted that debts owed to Non-Christians were of more gravity than the survival of the top 5% of Christian families. See The Lies That Bind Us for this. Those same agents later used "white" identity over Christian identity to introduce mass negro slavery into the Carolinas and drive Oglethorpe from Georgia and end his mission to from a free soil plantation. Oglethorpe's mission was doomed, partially due to his embrasure of "white" over Christian identity, and the West Indian-based soul drivers drove his noble cause into oblivion.
#4 The above cited mass importation of Africans into English North America, was specifically calibrated to push European Americans who had survived the lethal plantation system to found homesteads on marginal lands outside the ring of great coastal plantations into hostile Indian lands. As Africans were converted to Christianity so that they might imbibe the many scriptural and gospel statements justifying their perpetual bondage, including the Old Testament indictment of The Sons of Ham specifically marking them as a slave race, then encouraging "white" identity became paramount for the survival of the 14% of landed elite who owned slaves. The mature plantation system then came into being with "white" economic-meta-racial identity over specific racial identity [Irish, English, Welsh, etc.] and faith, thus enforcing common cause as a mandate, with poor, non-slave owning whites charged with containing African American runaways and criminals by force of law, while the grandees slave owners did not have to go on slave patrol. This system propelled the mass exodus of poor whites westward from the earliest times and also served to keep up the manpower of Indian tribes, where more escaped "white" slaves found liberty than among pirates, highwaymen and frontiersmen, until about 1783 when the victory of American arms over British opened up the Ohio Country and the Mississippi watershed to non-tribal expansion. If anything resembles the Plantation of English loyalists into Ireland, it was the practice of planting Africans to displace, replace and menace poor European Americans and insulate elite European Americans from the possibility of competition from the ranks of their own racial refuse.
Every day, I would wager, that more European Americans in this nation are robbed, beaten, raped and murdered by African Americans [who almost never get attacked by European Americans] than the total casualties of Northern Ireland's sectarian violence over the course of a given year. Let's keep in mind, that the plantation system is not dead, that real estate speculators, NGOs, three of the world's largest religions and most American politicians are constantly moving Africans, African Americans, Middle Eastern Caucasians, Mestizos and Southwest Asians into "white" working class and middle class areas specifically to conduct labor replacement and criminal violence in order to move real estate.
Further more, the author misses the point of the plantation system as a geopolitical ideal by focusing only on brother-races separated only be faith and political ideology. Planting population for the purpose of displacement has generally involved the importation of alien or rival ethnic groups under economic conditions calibrated to drive the nativist population to remove themselves from the state-sanctioned threat.
To return to the racial question, "Whiteman" is a 17th Century invention, a cartoonish meta-zoological racial ideal designed to secure English and Dutch Elites from Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Indian and African uprisings, by shackling the enslaved members of lesser European races to an ideal of Post-Christian, economic-based macro-racial identity, too large to permit authentic ethnic distinction and ensure military and paramilitary cooperation of lower class and conquered race Europeans in service to their vile masters. I doubt if this was ever a master plan, but rather a practical elitist survival impulse, and that this evolved ideal held within its homogenizing "melting pot" bowels the seed for the elimination of the atomized agents of empire. For as soon as the ideal of national racial identity as a good was final obliterated in 1945, the "Whiteman" once the militant angel of right made by might, who was used to conquer the British Empire, conquer North America, colonize Africa, terrorize Asia and keep the Mestizo hordes of Latin America in check, has become the face of evil in the postmodern consciousness.
I predict that the next phase of plantation economics will no longer be the replacement of one race by another, but the replacement of all races by the nihilistic ideal of pure human domestication. To accomplish a post-racial world, just as the masters of Plantation America and the British Empire accomplished a post-Christian world, requires one thing above all else, for us to believe the monolithic web of lies that is American History.
Despite my corrections, here, this is an excellent series of articles, which can be very useful given the authentic American backdrop for comparison.
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EsotericTradSep 8, 2019

Some excellent points, am happy to be corrected and learned a bunch reading this.

Hope you enjoyed the other articles and got some value from them.
responds:Sep 9, 2019

It's a great article and a like the whole series.

We all have the same problem here in America that we are trying to mine social patterns across a veiled past and a disingenuous present.

Keep up the good work.
Adam SmithSep 9, 2019

I made a note to the guys of your useful thoughts on this topic.
responds:Sep 9, 2019

It really is an excellent effort and if standard US history is taken as fact it is perfect.

I felt really bad about doing this article because I didn't want to discourage anybody who was honestly seeking. But, it made me stop beating around the bush, drew me out. I was trying to save those points I made for the last Plantation America book and this article, especially as it is part of a good series, drew me out of my hermit's hut.

A cited treatment of this material will be in the last volume. This summation will appear in American Spartacus next year.
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