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‘Barbaric Madness’
Disagreeing with the Sharpest Tool in the Dissident Shed
© 2019 James LaFond
Thoughts On Sportsball
Posted on September 1, 2019 by thezman
The clearest thinking mind on the side of cultural resistance has written an up-to-date sportsball article, splicing in the degeneracy of female MMA and how beta males orbit these events like emasculated drones, screaming for their dykesh heroines, in combats that almost always are won by the female who looks more like a male.
Below are two paragraphs that demonstrate that anger, dismay and shock at such social aberrations are felt but not grasped for what they are, because people, even the brightest among us, do not know what barbarism or civilization is. Just because we are civilized we claim all good for civilization and all evil for barbarism. Yet civilization is domestication and what beast is more savage and ill-suited for anything but combat than the pitbull, a domesticated thing, inferior to a wolf but subject to senseless fits of sadistic violence above any other animal. The pitbull, is, in many way, the perfect analogy to the female lesbian prize-fighter and would have no more chance against a wolf in combat than a post-modern dyke would against and ancient warrior.
“I’ll take it further and say I vehemently oppose adding girls to sportsball. In fact, I’m OK with ending girls sports entirely. Girls should not be playing sports. They should be learning how to be proper women. Exercise is fine, but teaching girls to compete like men is as dumb as trying to teach a fish to ride a bicycle. Sure, a bear playing piano, a monkey drinking a beer and girls playing basketball can be amusing. Building a society around freak show attractions, however, is barbaric madness.
“Probably the most vulgar example of this barbaric nonsense is female fighting, like UFC or boxing. Reportedly, a Chinese lesbian beat up a white lesbian to win a trophy and become the first Asian lesbian to do so. The sick bastards that stage this stuff would be torn to pieces and fed to the dogs. The beta perverts enjoying these displays should be sent to the camps. Only a degenerate wants to see women beat one another to a pulp in a fighting ring. This is not how civilized people treat their women.”
This is a really good article, despite my criticism, and should be read by any right-thinking man.
The fact is, this is how civilization treats women at its low-ebb, when it has become ultra-civilized, furthest removed morally from barbarism. And what is barbarism? Barbarism is a traditional way of life with strictly defined gender roles in which men are primarily warriors.
Only in civilizations, which are built by conquering and emasculating and enslaving the minds and bodies of men, do we see such aberrations as female warriors. Even Spartan women—the Spartans being a half-barbarian people, who refused prosperity, traded in iron and maintained tribal identity—did not fight. They ran races and danced in public to encourage fitness, but they did not go to war.
Barbaric has become a catch-all pejorative for any aspect of Civilization which horrifies our remaining barbarian sensibilities and are often practices which are rare or unfound in barbarism, such as in-group violence. Only African and Australasian primitives normally killed their own or beat their children and women, so to call murder and child beating and wife beating barbaric is a diametric falsehood, for the truth is such things among the higher races only came about under the economic pressures of Civilization.
In terms of the end time, I like the idea that some perversions will cancel others out. For it seems certain that over time, transgender male-to-female athletes will destroy female athletics. Which, as Aristotle would say, will be “to the good.”
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