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‘How Do You Know They’re Not Government?’
Overton Railroad Travel Question from Aretha Jackson
The lady reader who put me up in a cabin with a fireplace in Henrico County, Virginia, the fireplace in front of which I sit as this is written, is worried about the two men I am preparing to meet. In the way of her race, she wanted to know how I knew they were not “government.” As I prepare to meet with two local readers and listeners I just said to her, “I assume every person that contacts me and sets up a meeting is a federal agent and treat them accordingly.”
Of course, I realize that few to none of these folks are State goons, but how am I to know? By the time this piece is published I will be many states away so I suppose I should qualify what my tour guides might parse as a slight upon their honor. My operational procedure is to make the following assumptions and live by them as the Overton window I am jammed into tumbles into the abyss along with the crumbling norms of society.
-1. I am a Deep State listening post, monitored by bored, cubicle-bound government employees working for at least one evil agency, who can’t wait to hear me intellectually chimp-out on the crackpot podcast rather than monitoring American Renaissance Racial IQ Reports.
-2. That these are people who see themselves as serving Good, rather than the leviathan Evil that stands upon all our necks with its billion boots and that they’d rather fight evil with me than against me.
-3. That their boss is a dick, bitch or cunt and their coworkers are shitheads and they’d rather hang out with me!
-4. That they’d like to be a more able hand-to-hand combatant than they are, especially if they really are PIGs and that they’d rather train with me!
-5. That they know that I am not doing anything to challenge the New World Order, but rather preaching its Inevitability and offering dismay on one nonfiction hand and escapist fiction on the other hand and they are secretly hoping to be the good guy in my next novelette!
-6. That my real value to them is to use me as bait, to get some hateful actor to seek me out for training or advice to further his dreams of hateoroics.
This last item is the only thing of concern for me. I always advise non-violence to angry young men and have driven off two hate-posters who once tried to use my platform as a hate funnel. So, the men I continue to associate with just want to read, sometimes write and be left alone. For this reason, I suggest that any man contacting me not use his real identity. I don’t want to know your “government name,” because the government is using me to keep an eye on potential enemies. I am hoping that the Government men who do read, and listen and even meet with the crackpot, realize that my associates just want to be better at obsolete forms of combat and that I’m a harmless, broke-ass, snow-nigga praying to Enkidu for the next Ice Age…
More coffee please, Miss Jackson…
Here is an article on Goboment Goons which I had nothing at all to do with!
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Ruben ChandlerDec 11, 2019

I, also, have to take that into consideration with everyone I meet. More so than a lot of people, and of which I will apprise you when we meet in person. They used to look for people against the system and deal with you like the piece of shit that they are and the people they represent. Now, it appears to be the opposite. To find anyone that will believe, or appear to believe, whatever flavor of bullshit they happen to be dispensing this week. That said, it is a lonely life with no one in it. No one new at least. Just compromise those mofos in any dealings and your home, scot free. Now what the hell is scot free.

From Middle English scotfre, from Old English scotfrēo (“scot-free; exempt from royal tax or imposts”), equivalent to scot (“payment; contribution; fine”) +‎ -free.
KoanicDec 12, 2019

It's as foolish to ignore the FBI when planning Reconquista as it is to ignore the race traitor whites whose support permits that institution to exist. To do otherwise is to be no more intelligent than the bull who charges the matador's cape. A serious opponent will not give battle until he is prepared to destroy both simultaneously. Only one who despairs of winning or taking more effective action will throw away his life or freedom on symbolic gestures.

It can seem hopeless to take the long view, given the way the deck is stacked against wealth building, masculine cohesion and familial integrity. That is merely focusing on one's own problems, forgetting those of one's opponent. Men of my generation can expect to outlive both Boomers and the USA. Surviving to the start of the real war is a victory in itself.

Textmind permits a larger portion of the bell curve to use geo-arbitrage and marketable technical skills to first evade anti-white oppression, then counterattack from a secure logistical base. A distributed defense is superior to a static one. Of course, the difference between fleeing and distributed defense is that in the latter, one aims to die where one was born.

Self-sufficiency is the first step to cadre de-atomization. North American whites must use technology to synthetically retribalize, as the alternative is a dark age and Han invasion. As your previous post on warfare mentioned, the losing side turns in desperation to skunkworks. Nazi Germany had jets, but unfortunately wasted much of its hi-tech capacity on useless missile attacks against civilians. Terror attacks against immivaders are comparable. My challenge will be to ensure the same failure does not induce demographic catastrophe on our continent.
responds:Dec 12, 2019

This is a fascinating point

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