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The Third Rail
The Crackpot will be Hosted by Borzoi Boskovic and another Worthy 10 AM EST, Saturday, 12/21/19
© 2019 James LaFond
When I did the now defunct Fatherland podcast with four nice young men a year or so ago, I recall that these very serious and uptight fellows had an engineer who I saw off to the left on my skype feed, sitting in what looked like Joan Collin's walk-in closet, after he had conveniently duct-taped her in the basement and sold off her gaudy trinkets, a short, big-headed fellow with a highly developed sense of humor.
Discovering that this fellow had a podcast and was in touch with my editor on twitter, I suggested we do a podcast, I think my first blatant act of self-promotion. And now, on the eve of the podcast, like some retard, I have tried to discover a link and have failed.
Hopefully the readers interested in The Third Rail while discover it before 10 AM tomorrow, as I think this is going to be a live discussion.
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