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How Crazy is Baltimore?
Notes from the Heart of the Dark Kangdom
© 2019 James LaFond
From October 13 through today, December 22 I have lived 4 out of every 7 days in the Mid-Atlantic region in Baltimore County, Harford County and Baltimore City, Maryland, in 5 locations.
My various history projects almost halted as I was deluged with "Harm City" material.
This material will all be collected in the book Dark Kangdom, for which I have hopefully written my last entry, permitting the completion of Sons of Aryas before the end of the year.
I currently have 67 articles written and posted for Dark Kangdom under the Dark Age tag.
I also have 39 articles written and not yet posted over this period, which I will parcel out at about one a day as I wend my way west to fiction-writing solitude.
Additionally, during this same period, I have written 15 "Harm City" type articles for my crypto site which posts 1 time every Thursday and is not controlled by this techtard.
That is how crazy Baltimore AKA Harm City is, even when you are just standing on the rim of the toilet bowl hoping that the economic Gods of Man do not flush until you get clear.
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