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Last Week in Harm County
Postmortem Hate Training December 15-22 2019
© 2019 James LaFond
Sunday 15
12:30 PM: 6 slices bacon, 1 tablespoon vinegar, 4 eggs
2:18-3:40 PM: gave boxing lessons
7:00 PM: a pint of beef broth and grease, 4 slices roast beef, two tablespoons yellow corn
Monday 16
12:30 PM: 2 cups sausage and bacon
Realized I had bronchitis, the annual draining of the perpetual ear infection into my lungs, and began taking steroids and antibiotics
7:30 PM: half cup almonds, half cup cashews, ¼ ounce butter
Tuesday 17
8:31-9:28 AM: walked 3 miles in the rain with full pack
Weighed 183.8 pounds
11:00 AM: a bowl of ground beef and onions
12:30-1:15 PM: floor exercises
4:30 PM: chicken breast and leg from roast chicken, 1 cocoa butter drop, ¼ ounce butter, 2 tablespoons horseradish
6:30 PM: pint of hot bone broth
Wednesday 18
7:45 AM: cup blueberries, cup coconut cream
8:00-8:25: 1.5 miles with full pack
12:00 PM: cup of bone broth
2:15 PM: meatball, ½ cup sauce, ½ cup dressing, salad with slices of cheese and salami
6:00 PM: chicken breast and leg, 3 tablespoons crushed olives, handful pork rinds, pint of bone broth
Thursday 19
10:00-10:20 AM: floor exercises
11:00 AM: pint bone broth, 2-ounces pork rinds
12:30 PM: 2 cups chicken soup
1:30 PM: teaspoon marmite
1:30-3:38 PM: walked 5 miles
Rest of day drinking coffee with cinnamon and coconut milk while writing Ghost Snatcher.
6:30 PM: handful of sunflower seeds, pint of bone broth
Friday 20
12:15-1:08 PM: 3-mile walk
2:30-3:30 PM: Asian buffet, cup shrimp, ¼ cup mussels, ¼ cup clams, ½ cup pork, ¼ cup chicken, 3 cups broccoli, 2 cups mushrooms
Saturday 21
1:00-10:10: walked a mile
12:00 PM: 2 miller lite beers, 2 eggs, 1 piece scrapple
7:00 PM: 1 cup ground beef, ½ cup onion, 1 cup olives with olive oil, 4 teaspoons vinegar, ½ cup farmers cheese
Sunday 22
Blew it at Mom’s house: 5 beers, 4 cookies and a plate of salami, cheese and pickled tomatoes, with a bowl of cashews and peanuts.
Tomorrow, I need to find that will power button and push it.
'Point or Edge Dominant?'
modern combat
let the world fend for itself
the first boxers
den of the ender
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