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Dark Agnes and Red Sonja
Crackpot Mailbox: The Sardinian Matrilineal Question
© 2020 James LaFond
Somehow, it seems instinctively, pulp author Robert E. Howard's obsession with Gaelic and archaic European races, that the women were predominantly dark-haired and dark-eyed, as stressed in Frank Frazzetta's Howard-inspired artwork, is being supported by 21st century genetics. It makes this knucklehead feel better about his attraction to Italian, Dominican and Porto Rican babes and more importantly reminds us that Aryаns are people of many races and that these many races came from roots sunk in three main wells:
-the Old Stone age, dark-haired blue eyed races of hunters, represented by the Kull, Conan, Black Vulmea and Mak Morn characters, represented by Enkidu in ancient myth
-the New Stone Age Anatolian races of farmers, represented by the women of sexual interest in Howard's work, and his two psychobitch heroines, Dark Agnes and Red Sonja, represented by Shamahat, seducer of Enkidu, in ancient myth
-the blond Bronze Age Aryаn races of nomads, who invaded Europe, India and the Near East, represented by some of Howard's lesser heroes of the medieval and ancient eras and by Gilgamesh in ancient myth
If the postmodern man wants to know what the ancient Aryаn invaders, pushed into Europe by God-made climate change around 4,000 years ago, liked their women to look like, try a video of most any belly dancer or check out the bond girl in the article linked below.

The European Eve—Is She A Sardinian Woman? | Articles |
The Autumnal Son
Sun, Jan 5, 4:17 PM (5 days ago)

In Jon Milus' Conan the Barbarian movie, he internalizes this general attraction to the dark-eyed bitch of antiquity among European men in the witch scene. On a lighter note, the link below gives us a better idea of why Enkidu fell for Shamahat and what kind of work the Sardinian Mother Earth engaged in among the wagons of her blond abductors. The dancer is from the very place the Aryаns who invaded Europe four great ages ago came from, the Ukraine, which is also the imagined homeland of the Kurgan character in the Highlander movie.
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